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  1. I have had an account since 2009 (and I know the monthly raffle started in 2017) but I have never won a raffle. Until today!! I got a bronze Shimmer and I am happy. I am glad TJ improved the raffle because I don't think I would have won if he hadn't of haha. I would also like to mention that I thought I would never win. Life isn't fair and the internet is no different. There are always going to be people who have something better than you. I finally have a male and female gold. And one of them was gifted. There are people who have pages of golds. I don't let that ruin my fun and you shouldn't either ❤️
  2. Thank you very much TJ for fixing the cursor. I now finished decorating. I hope you enjoyed your holidays with family and friends!
  3. Anyone else having trouble placing down items? I keep trying to put stuff and I have to click a bunch of times for it to freaking place. And sometimes it doesn't want to place at all so I can't do the majority of my building.
  4. Another Halloween with DC ❤️
  5. TJ's post and the Easter Banner are just top notch. 10/10
  6. I don't have fiberoptic. I use a hotspot from my phone so I can get on my laptop. I also don't have a subscription and I use adblock plus. I have had no trouble with loading times besides during Holiday's or when the site gets busy from people coming home from work/school. I also can refresh many times and there not be delay. You might want to look at your own internet and see if you are being slowed down by them?
  7. Oh that is true, didn't think of the worth dropping. If you have a CB Prize/Shimmer you can really ask for anything which I think is ridiculous. I promised myself if I ever won you would see my dragon's offspring in the AP. Everyone gets a 2nd Gen haha! I like the anniversary idea, give me a reminder of how old I am.
  8. I can see the store also being 'exploited' like how the Win A 2G Holly Raffle went if it's being based on raising dragons. Certain people were hoarding olive hatchlings for others because they would get a 2G Shimmer/Prize from the person in return.
  9. I have a CB Green Fire Gem Egg that I can trade to anyone who needs it for their Secret Santa. Please PM me! Traded!
  10. "Once you win, you cannot win again until everyone entered in the raffle has already won-similar to the above" So then wouldn't that be never? If you take into account every new person who joins and enters? Or am I just not awake enough to read properly ._. Also, I would like to say my only problem with the Prize Raffle (Even though it does suck when people win more than once but that's RNG for you) is the fact we can no longer put our own 'codes' as names. Kinda miffed about that. Why was that changed anyways?
  11. I meant when you click on the egg in the cave, you don't know what it's going to look like as a new person until it takes you to it's view/code page. Obviously what the egg looks like and what the adult turns into are different. ( Off topic but I wish we could freeze eggs, as I love certain egg sprites)
  12. I agree with you 100% Also when I first joined DC I didn't know a thing about what the descriptions meant. Showing the sprite for the eggs will kill the mystery and surprise for any new person.
  13. IVIandy

    3rd Mistletoe CB

    I received a CB Ribbon from a trade and grabbed two other Ribbons and I didn't get a 2 limit page so I had assumed one was bred. Then I had to run too the store and completely forgot about it. It wasn't until after they had become Adults when I realized I was missing one. They were there when they gendered as hatchlings. Checked my actions log and it said one was released due to breed limits. All 3 of the Ribbons I had (The traded one, and the two I grabbed were CB) I was kinda glad, didn't want to get into trouble anyways!
  14. Just caught a CB Solstice with the code SNEEk and CB Holly with the code 5LO0k Pretty happy right now!
  15. Clicked 20 times (I know this because it opens another tab for me to check out the egg) trying to grab an egg and each page told me it was already taken. Wow.
  16. So if I want a blue colored Solstice I would need to grab one around 6am EST right? So right now it's rose colored correct?
  17. I love this! Thank you TJ! I am glad there is a limit still, so everyone has a chance to grab the Holiday dragons they missed!
  18. Oh thank you very much! IOU's are very important to me especially since this IOU was for my first CB Silver and CB Gold so I was stressing about making sure I don't sleep too long while recovering. And thank you! It's been a rough day but Ice Cream really does help. I hope you have a wonderful night!
  19. Tiny question and I feel so silly asking this considering I have been on this site since 2009. You would think I would remember by now but I am currently on medication for my migraines that causes memory loss and I just got my tonsils removed two days ago and the pain meds are making the memory problems worse. But my question is, when does the Holiday Breeding Season for Christmas dragons begin? I have it in my head that it's the 19th but that could be because I have a post-op appointment then haha. I have an IOU and I want to make sure I do not miss the breeding period while I am recovering from my surgery. Also, getting your Tonsils out as an Adult is rough. Thank you for answering my question!
  20. Hmm..I don't know. ND are already incredibly rare enough as it is. Want to trade for a ND well you better have a 2G Spriters Alt you can trade for or are able to make your own. Now throw in offspring, oh man. I don't even have a Neglected. But aside from that, I just don't see a frail and sickly dragon able to produce eggs that are not dead when the female lays them. Or maybe even wanting to have offspring due to the trauma but that's getting into psychology and would be pretty silly to apply that to pixels. I would imagine the chance of the female actually producing an egg to be very low. Like, summoning a Guardians of Nature low.
  21. I keep rooting for you too! If I ever win I just plan on dumping the 2Gs out into the AP like all my other eggs.
  22. Haha I didn't even realize there was a raffle you could enter. I just assumed the winners were the really active gifters/posters on the forums. It wasn't until last month when I checked 'account' and noticed the raffle. I blame my migraine medication it really messes with your mind.
  23. Yeah but Halloween was a good chance. I killed the hatchling and clicked revived a few minutes past 12am and I forgot oh hey, midnight means a new day so it's no longer Halloween haha. I plan on trying again even though the thought of killing dragons on purpose tears at my heart (Ugh, that kill message) but the Zombie dragons look so freaking amazing.
  24. I love the color on the eggs and the hatchlings. I can't wait to see what the Adult dragons look like. Became egg-locked really quick when they were released and grabbed two z codes. Tried my first zombie attempt before I realized it was now November 1st and not Halloween anymore so I felt stupid haha.
  25. I know it used to be, I've been around awhile lol.