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  1. Found a small glitch thing with the event (and possibly a second one as I was fiddling around with the first one). I threw a sheet over my little Grave dragon, since it's the only costume available on short notice, and I decided that I liked seeing the un-sheeted dragons, the art is super cute! If I remove all of the three pieces, however, it won't save. The save thing just keeps spinning. If I add something, it saves in 0.3 seconds as it normally would. I normally play in Edge but pulled up Chrome and the same thing happens on both. The second little issue, I see that we can see the users who are watching the hatchlings that visit us/we visit. I hover the mouse over the hatchling and yeah, link shows and clicking takes me to the viewing page. However, there's one little hatchling that I either met early on or maybe the user had the same idea I ended up with. It doesn't have a sheet over it's head and, oh, such cute art! But I can't see who's caring for it! No clickability at all. Maybe it ran off and got into a candy stash and that's why it looks so happy and cute. I really do love the art, all I can manage to say is that they all look so cute, lol. It looks like the linkage is connected to the costume or something? I'm super excited to see more costumes soon, I'm eagerly waiting for the server time to hit midnight.
  2. Powered through three glitches today. Dog glitch, cat glitch, and a maze glitch, which I haven't seen anyone talk about. I reached the center and then the starting text box appeared when I tried to move. I had to wear it out. I also had to create my own way to get through the dog glitch: violently smashing my refresh key because this is ridiculous and none of the suggestions I saw worked. I'd probably be okay with powering through these things if I could actually decorate with the items. It acts like my keys stick and it's ridiculously difficult to place things because I'll start flying through the list or the piece I'm trying to place flies across the room.
  3. Alright, I'm INCREDIBLY aggravated and confused. I didn't see any icons when I played yesterday and thought that there would be SOME KIND OF PROMPT if there were anything beyond delivering something to someone. There wasn't so I explored a smidgen and stopped, thinking I was done. Last year, other areas opened up as the days progressed. It wasn't easy to explore anything, still isn't, because everything is very finicky for me for some reason. No matter which key set I use, arrow keys or WASD, it's like my keys are sticking or something, but I don't know if it's my keyboard. I'll transition into a new area and my character will start walking or running and be running into something when I look back. Other times, everything's randomly unresponsive and I'm jabbing at my keys to move a little bit and talk to someone. Beyond that, I feel like I'm missing A LOT. I have no idea what people are talking about on here with dogs and dragons playing hide-and-seek, I can't even figure out where I'm taking some firewood. "Here, take this to this place!" doesn't tell me where that place is! A direction from the main area would be super helpful, I'm not going to remember anything from a year ago but it's like this is assuming that I do. What are new players suppose to do? I was thinking that a warmer area was South, but It won't let me go that way. I just did another lap around the map that I have access to and South won't let me go, while North East had a knitting dragon that won't let me pass. I can't go anywhere else and I don't see any green-haired characters. The key sticking thing also makes decorating difficult because I press an arrow key and nothing, nothing, one slot, one slot, ZOOOOOOOOOOM, ZOOOOOOOOM OTHER DIRECTION, one slot, one slot, etc. Am I glitched? Am I missing something? I feel incredibly stupid for missing EVERYTHING from day 1. Today I gathered cats, delivered another package to the Pearl chick, and discovered that I'm trapped and confused. ..........................Alright. Never mind. Just found the teleporter. NOTHING told me that there was a teleporter. I tried to talk to that dragon yesterday and didn't get a response so I assumed that it was something that would open up later. The dragon in the main area doesn't talk to me. There wasn't a teleporter last year. I'm out. It looks nice but I'm sick and I do not want to run around on wild goose chases, bashing on my laptop keys and trying to figure out what does what and where what is. I just found a green-haired character. I have no idea why the game assumes that I know who and where a green-haired character would be when the map was not like this last year.
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    I would greatly appreciate an invitation to the group! I'm not sure how that works, but I'm Keri Jean Fitzlaff on Facebook, Yumichun on UF, I think. Some variation of that, at least, lol. I am extremely upset about all of this. I've been on UC1 for years, not sure how many. I haven't been on UC1 recently because I got bored and needed to do things like training and herding but I'd done everything else and I don't let myself go near the slippery slope of spending money online, lol. While UC2 was a surprise, I really enjoyed it. It was much easier to focus on herding and training and I was proud of what I'd done in the year that it was up. I didn't really find UF until UF6, though. I stumbled upon, what I believe was UF4, but I just messed around in the battling stuff. I missed all of the drama with the owner in UF5, so it really hit me off guard because I saw Brint on the chat answering questions and being really helpful and polite. I had no idea that he was banning people for not agreeing with everything he said or that everyone on UF5 was pissed about how UF6 was released before it was ready. I was actually scared. I've never been on a site where admins can go in and edit user's comments. So now, this will be the fourth site that I enjoyed and loved that has been shut down or abandoned. I was an early user on TinierMe before the people running the site got money hungry and made things extremely difficult on users who didn't spend money. It hit me hard when they were bought by a different person who shut it down. I was newer on Ernya, but still enjoyed the art and avatar items. I had just gotten into the market and started getting nicer items when the site went from fine and dandy to a "hey, sorry we didn't say anything, but we didn't have enough income to keep the site up. Sorry!" screen. I'm big on Sword Quest, a Facebook game, which seems to have been abandoned by the admins. We haven't gotten updates in probably over six months and I'm basically just tying up loose ends and working to gaining the higher powered items and fighting the arena. We got a different thing as the weekly free item on the FB page this past Wednesday, a relic with a different image than usual, so hopefully that means something. And now everything on UF and UC is gone because the owner cares more about his ego than the community he's abandoning. UC2 has been how I keep track of time due to the caretaker hut. I also really loved the art and avatar items, which is a massive pull for me to sites. It's disheartening, but, if the owner of the sites is really that childish, I can honestly say, now with confidence since this is a completely different site where he can't ban me, that I look forward to seeing what the other admins can create without that fear and worry weighing on them. If he would willingly throw away everything that every person on the sites worked for, then he's not a good owner. He didn't even put up any pages to say what happened, so I'm worried about users who were just on UC1 or something.
  5. Ah! Thank you so much for that, as I said, I'm extremely new to the DC forums and know very little about the set-up here. And now I get to be extremely bummed that a site that I'd gotten so much done on [uC1], a site that I was working hard to grow on [uC2], AND a site that I was new to but absolutely loving the art and avatar systems on [uF6] and missed out on a ton of drama on are simply gone. UC2 had become my way of keeping track of the time due to hourly things. I was greatly looking forward to growing on UC2. It will now be the four site/game that I've loved and has been abandoned/shut down by someone. TinierMe, Ernya, Sword Quest [on Facebook] and now UF/UC.
  6. Hello! I'd like to apologize, I'm not at all familiar with the DC forum so I'm not sure if this would be a good place to ask about this, but I've been running around for a number of days trying to find a good forum to ask about this. I would absolutely appreciate being pointed in a direction if there's a better thread. Ahem, anyway, my problem is that a site I'm on regularly has been down for about a week and I'm getting very worried. I don't remember seeing anything about a server change or something else that would bring the site down for this long, but I can't get any part of it to work. The site is Unicreatures/Unifaction. Unicreatures actually has two versions, while Unifaction is on... I believe version 5 or 6, but I can't get anything linked to any of them to load and I don't have any contacts to check with other users to see if it's just on me or if something bad happened. I have Edge and Chrome and neither will load anything. Now, the reason why I'm here is because there's a thread on Unifaction about DC addicts. There are a number of users on there that are also on here but I'm not sure if I can find who they are by searching through my scroll for dragons that they set up to give away over there. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I know I'm missing out on things and I really want to get back to my stuff!
  7. Same black screen issue. Aw, I was really liking having the new quest done before tucking in! Hard refreshing does the same thing for me. I also reset the day and had it happen. I can't bring myself to be naughty and hurt anyone's garden! ;-;
  8. I got explore-y as well and glitched out. I went up North, however, and ended up in a different area. Random spots would load me into other areas and a bakery person wouldn't talk to me. I managed to go South and teleported back into the playable map. -wipes sweat- Cute little thing, even with the scary, map-breaking glitch! I do wish that it were posted somewhere that today would be a tutorial day, I was soooo confused when my companion didn't give me another objective.
  9. Thanks! I'll grab one once I remember which one I won.....-terrible-
  10. I see, that was what I was thinking. Thanks for all of the quick replies! Imma get right on that waiting now! -sits down-
  11. Thanks! Okay, great! I am curious as to what the Specific ID thing meant. I've been on DragonCave for a while but I've never really wandered over here...
  12. Oh! Thanks for the quick reply and link, Angelicdragonpuppy. The link said that I won 3rd place and I picked a random ID. Now I....wait? -totally confused about how this works-
  13. I saw the note to check and make sure that e-mails were current and went to check. I didn't realize that the e-mail I used one here was the one that I no longer have access to. I just changed it to one that I can get to. What's the protocol for when this happens? I probably didn't win anything, but just in case.
  14. I greatly adore the Skywings, Pillows, Horse dragons, Night Glories, and Day Glories. I was wondering if Freezing the dragons would keep them in this dressed-up form. I have yet to freeze any of my dragons and I don't want to take the time to do so only to find them returning to their original form after the event ends. Please and thank you. :3