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  1. http://dragcave.net/lineage/3D7Sd Someone named my dragons' spitfire baby after it's mama~ I'm so happy...
  2. I have no idea how many of my dragons have either a messy inbred lineage or a really good looking lineage. (Actually, I do, but I'm not going to bore you with the number. ) I take in all dragons. Sure, some people may find lineages fun, and they are interesting to look at, but hey, even those of you who love lineages should be a little more accepting of the poor little inbred babies.
  3. Because that's also the amount needed to screw in a lightbulb. Why do my boy and girl dragons look different?
  4. Banned for not having gone to AMC theaters, where I first heard that quote
  5. Does it matter what kind of animal I am? I'm still awesome~
  6. Who cares about the thing creeping up behind me?
  7. Banned for wanting to continue the silence
  8. Banned for being the same person I banned before
  9. Because it's not Easter. How do I get a Vampire dragon?
  10. The song gives me chills, especially his "Help... Somebody... Somebody help me..."
  11. Name: Dante From: Fullmetal Alchemist Cause of Death: Eaten by Gluttony Why I Feel This Villain is Unitelligent: She's the one who made Gluttony into an eating machine in the first place, therefore causing her own death. She threw a baby in the air, although she needed the baby to open the Gate. And despite her many many years, she still acts overly childish, spinning around in a circle at one point.
  12. I love Hetalia to the point that technically all my dragons belong to the characters~ But I mostly love reading historically based fanfics and such Oh yes~ Did anyone else hear that Season Five of the anime is coming soon~?
  13. Banned for banning other people who are banning people.
  14. Yum~ (Never tried it, but it sounds good~) Eggs with salsa, cheese, and seasoning salt~
  15. What are you looking at, idiota?
  16. Go in Stephano's juggling kitten cookie from Kingdom Hearts till we eat. I love this one~ jfeifksnfb
  17. Banned for having bunnies in your signature.