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  1. I see. precog'ed both, so I guess there's no point in trying to swap them for others in hopes they'll turn out female then.
  2. Does this mean these will all be male too?
  3. Agh, I chose the wrong option at the end and took the amulet I was in a hurry and didn't notice >< My poor droopy tree. I wish I could re-do it.
  4. Love the look on these ones. <3
  5. Fingers crossed for a pygmy one of these days. <3
  6. I don't know, I just.. the hybrid hatchlings remind me of baby digimon, at the first or second stage before they evolve to their "normal" form.
  7. These look like digimon! <3
  8. First thing I saw when entering the cave this morning, and my first thought was "this must be a huge april fools joke, and tons of users will be disappointed." Not so much disappointed as amused! Love it!
  9. It would be nice if the eggs in each biome could rotate every couple of minutes, if they end up just sitting there blocking the rest. (And I agree with the gender sorting option people are wanting.)
  10. I just have to say this; as far as scroll goals go, I intended at first to obtain 5 of every gender/colour for each breed (as adults, except unbreedables). As time went by, I found myself having uneven numbers of several breeds (most of which are actually commons), so while I myself am pretty flexible when it comes to scroll goals, most dragons "lose" value to me, once I have obtained what I consider to be my goals. I have a couple trios "over" the limit, but that's because I haven't been able to trade them away before they grew (sure, I could have gifted them, but I was after something specific.) As for biomes? What I would like is to see a separate biome for Pygmies. I like Pygmies, but not everyone does, and they sometimes tend to sit and block for the rest of the eggs in queue. It's not like pygmies are rare, so I don't think putting those in a single biome would throw things too much out of what? It could be "Pygmyland". I'd also love to see unbreedables (dinoes, chickens, cheese, papers etc) in a separate biome, but that would defeat the purpose of those being classified as rare, I understand that. Overall, I am pretty content with how the site is run, and I don't think there has been a single change I've not liked. I'm one of those not too hard to please. Edit: Sure, I'd like to see something extra implemented for each trophy level you achieve, but that wouldn't affect my playstyle (unless it included opening up more egg/hatchling slots. It's mostly the eggslots I fill anyway, not the hatchieslots.)
  11. Eeep! Slippery buggers sliding right out of my hands
  12. Aaaaand - drumroll - nothing! Not even a misclick. It's mighty fun though, I'm enjoying myself quite a lot. ^^
  13. *holds breath* here goes, third attempt at the hourly drop. Good luck everyone. ;D
  14. I doubt a limit of 1-2 per scroll for the first 24 hours would matter a lot.
  15. Even if new eggs are already in the mix - glitch or not (I'm guessing they will be at least Blusang-rare), it should get easier as the day goes by, since no one can hold more than 7 eggs anyway. I still haven't caught any
  16. Yeah, that's correct. I was more thinking along the lines of instead of 1 summon every 14 days, one summon per set of magma/thunder/ice, so say you have three sets, you get three attempts. Or something. Still 14 days cd on summon, but you have several shots at it.
  17. This has probably already been suggested - and shot down - but how about one summon per complete trio? Or per x number complete sets?
  18. I am actually very surprised at how much I like the adults! O.O They're so gorgeous, and look like what I imagine a dragon would look like. I tried googling their name, but all I got was facebook profiles or hot/not hot guys.
  19. I love Lotus flowers. Especially the pink kind. Gorgeous. <3 All the other flowers are also beautiful. ^^
  20. Pink GoNs, I love them. <3 I'm gonna abandon mine and go code hunting later.. I want some cute codes Also, I want orchids.
  21. Afaik. I wouldn't count on being able to hold the egg in a teleport for 24 hours, unless it is stated anew.
  22. If I'm not mistaken entirely, the prize dragons are granted immunity to sickness while growing.
  23. I just came to think of something.. Will the spriter get their own spriters alt version of the new prize dragon? I'm asking this with the penk tinsel in mind. Just curious.
  24. I think I've seen the screenshot in question, though it's not meant as a 2nd gen of a price.. Though it can look like it, IIRC. o.O Don't.. quote me on that though.
  25. Congratulations to the lucky souls who won! I was sadly not one of them, but I must agree that it's the anticipation of not knowing when the raffle winners would be announced, and all the plans and dreams along with the "what if I won", that is the most exciting. A close second is seeing what the new dragon will look like. I can't wait! ^^ I pm'ed someone yesterday, about a possible breeding request, when things had settled down, and I felt so incredibly bad.. Because I wouldn't have wanted that, first things, as I'd breed for my friends and those who have been most kind and helpful, and after that randomly gift people. As much as I'd like to breed and trade to complete my own wish list, I'd feel bad if I prioritized that.