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  1. I LOVE the different colors of the Pyropellis Wyverns!! I went to see if they had grown up already and only the orange and light blue colored dragons were there and I was so confused as to why there were still so many hatchies hahaha oops, I've never been on the forum as they were growing up!
  2. Ooohh excited to see what the adults are going to look like!
  3. Completely missed this release but I love both drakes! I love sabertooth cats so I'm happy to see a sabertooth dragon, even though it looks more like a pitbull...
  4. The new Floret sprites are so pretty!
  5. Oh wow so much new stuff! It's going to take me a while to figure this all out haha
  6. I completely missed this release but OMG I ADORE the Sawtooths! They're so cool :D
  7. A full week! That's awesome, thanks
  8. Said nothing so the other person could get a special egg but they did the same so now we both have a normal egg xD Had the same thing happen to me last year lmao
  9. Wow the Hydros are so cool! And I was already expecting the Blazebacks to be called something like that hehe
  10. Oh new eggies! Curious to see what the 'surprise' is going to be hehe
  11. The adults are very pretty! They don't give me the biggest 'valentine' vibe, but I do like that they're different from what we've seen before.
  12. Ooh a deep purple dragon for Valentine this year! Love it already ❤️
  13. Oooh I love the colorful hatchies! And the addition of another hybrid is nice
  14. Ooohh they're really pretty!
  15. Ooohhh crystal snow dragon (based on the egg)? We haven't had any of those for the holiday event dragons! I'm still absolutely in love with the Wintertides, so I'm curious to see if these will surpass them 😜
  16. WOW those other forms look so cool! Even though I like the adults, their design is just a little too basic for a Halloween release for me, so this is a really nice surprise! Thank you spriters
  17. The adults are badass! Really liking the pose of the male
  18. Managed to finish the game and now I have the cute badge woohoo!
  19. Woah they changed colors? I do prefer the orange for Halloween but I wouldn't mind blue if it fits the design! Wasn't really happy with the colors for the Halloween dragons last year, so I hope I like it this year hehe
  20. Managed to catch 2 eggs! Now to finishing the event game hehe
  21. Woohoo excited for this! And being able to get treats from past years is pretty neat too!
  22. Really like the new dragons! Especially the Equinox Dragons ❤️
  23. Wasn't expecting a release! The hatchies look really cute and I managed to catch one of both breeds already
  24. Oh pretty Taurus Star Dragons! So cool And I love the spike-ness of the Skystriders, especially the male!
  25. The night sky hatchies look really pretty!