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  1. The sprites look amazing hahahaha and it's the first time I got a normal egg!
  2. Wow, the adults are stunning! Especially the Stratos Dragons, oh my ❤️ Haven't seen the color variants yet, though!
  3. Ohh, new dragons! Love the sparkly egg~
  4. Oh my god the adults are amazing! They're very unique and a great contribution to the Valentine dragons ❤️
  5. Love the colors! Can't wait to see what they'll look like ❤️
  6. Oh WOW, the adults are absolutely gorgeous! Definitely in my top three Christmas dragons! ❤️
  7. Merry Christmas! ^^ The hatchies look gorgeous already, loving the colors ❤️
  8. LOVING these new dragons, especially the Sandwaste Dragons! They are something we haven't really seen yet ^^
  9. Oh, wasn't expecting a new release! Love aquatic dragons and really curious to see what the boar-like dragons are going to look like
  10. Wow, the adults look absolutely STUNNING! They don't really look like the typical Halloween dragon, but they do give off a creepy vibe and the lore is scary, so that definitely makes up for it! Would have loved them even more if they had been a bit more... I don't know, swamp-y? Murkier? The art that was shared surely helps with the creepy vibe they have, though ^^ The Arcana's from last year are still my favorite Halloween dragon, but these might be in my top 3! Thank you spriters!
  11. Aww I never got to see what level I ended on with the mini game, wish we could have seen that if you clicked on the badge like with some other events... Really enjoyed it though, and really curious to see what the adult dragons are going to look like
  12. Happy Halloween The egg and hatchie look mysterious! They give me decay kind off vibes, so maybe zombie-like dragons? Would fit perfectly with the event game hehe~
  13. The previous and next buttons are really nice to have! Sometimes I had no idea what had happened for many rounds haha
  14. Found the jack-o-lantern snake treat and that has to be my favorite treat I have found so far!
  15. Really enjoying the game so far! Finally managed to get to round 50
  16. Yes, my favorite event of the year! Looking forward to try out the game and can't wait to see what the new halloween dragon will look like!
  17. Love the adults! Usually not a fan of pink things, but I really like them ^^
  18. The adults look amazing! Love the colors of the Glowback Pygmies and the Luminox Wyverns look really cool! Not surprised they're repurposed Halloween dragons because that's the first thing I thought of when I saw them ^^ I'm especially in love with the female Luminox, she's lovely ❤️
  19. Yay, another release! Both the hatchies look interesting
  20. The Avea Pygmies are really pretty, but I LOVE the Rift Wyrms! They're SO cool and unique!