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  1. Most of my dragons are seriously named, but I still have quite a few at the moment. Poof Friend, Drink Holder, and Sleep Number Bed (all Pillows) Very Large Flower (Carmine Wyvern) Ice Machine Fairy (Seawyrm Pygmy; I know they aren't that icy, but they look like they are) rOlox the Uncreative (Sunsong; named after her code) Missygeorge (Turpentine) Smitty Werbenmanjensen (Heartseeker)
  2. Haven't had it just yet, but a lot of chocolate. Balancing out all them potatoes.
  3. Aaand late again. I'm really bad at this.
  4. I don't really know anything about Harry Potter, but I took a quiz and got Ravenclaw.
  5. Happy Birthday Dragon Cave! YAY! Say: Peter Piper picked pink periwinkles and pickled pepper with a Purple.
  6. Fascinating creatures, aren't they?
  7. goNB2 I was looking at the second scroll page (namely my vampire) and found out one of my Rosebuds thinks she's a GoN. uPfaT In more recent news, I got yet another Ember out of Illusion Dancer. I might keep this one; they both had pretty codes. QvQMM 'QvQ' looks like an emoticon. A very creepy emoticon. 2KHmO Two thousand HMOs!
  8. Ultraviolets look like they have buttwings, male Sunrise Dragons are biting their nails, and lady Pillows look like they're cackling about something.
  9. Dragon Encyclopedia, you say?
  10. uHHcD: Uhhhh... OICuT: A Howler Drake that is going to stab you. spaBO: Spa, anyone? BUEI0: So close to 'blue'. So close.
  11. "Dinosaurs belong to a group of animals called reptiles." Really old dinosaur book I dug out of storage.
  12. Fished a bunch of cool dragons out of the cave; got this one: B3yuo I also realized that one of my Two-headed Dragons has the code pLORA. Looks kind of like plural.
  13. I had a recurring nightmare when I was 7-8. Me and a bunch of people I don't know were in a skyscraper. The walls were filled with little shelf-windows, and all I could see out of them was an endless, featureless plain. There was also a huge pile of laptops. Evidently, there was a monster approaching. The only sight of its arrival was the ringing of bells, which got louder the closer it was. If it got past the skyscraper it would destroy the world, and the only way to stop it was to get as many laptops as we could and put them in the window-shelves. They had to be running and open, with