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  1. I know. Im still waiting for StarSea to whack me with a female CB. And even though you hate this idiot who's arguing back at you like a spoiled brat dont need to make me feel like I dont know a thing.
  2. Guys, seriously, I really need a female CB. Cant leave my male waiting forever.
  3. Daydream dragons, they daydream all the time, and so do I. :3
  4. Me. Welcome to the Candy branch of the Dove family! ^^
  5. WOOT. THANKS! =D Omg. We just hit 1,000 views. ._. EDIT: I just named the little fella Kassus-Jen Dove. How's the name? :3
  6. Okay thanks ;D The CB purple Ponystar gave me is probably gonna gender anytime soon. Cross fingers its the opposite sex of the gender of dragon StarSea's gonna give me XX EDIT: IT JUST GENDERED MALE. <3 So a female purple would be much appreciated StarSea ~
  7. StarSea, I'm perfectly fine with third generation, as long as the dragon isn't any later than fifth generation, I hate overly long lineages, they make my head spin.
  8. I'm proud of everything on my ~Scrollspam Removed~/user/Candiee_xx]scroll[/url]. ^^
  9. My purple egg is cracking nicely, I say it'll be out in another two days if all goes well. ;D StarSea, could I have an egg from your purple pair when it hatches?
  10. CandyRaid

    Sad songs

    Kokoro Servant of Evil ~Kagamine Rin and Len Forever and Always ~
  11. Hishoku no Sora from the epic Shakugan no Shana, although i absolutely loathe season three.
  12. Alternative, electronic, pop. Sometimes hardcore rock but not so often.
  13. Yeah, im terrible at holding back emotions generated from reading. I must have read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ten times over and i still cry over it.
  14. The egg was a runty dinosaur, which then grew to become a runt. It bred and adapted and evolved, formimg the chicken we have today. So the egg came first. Or, if you want to go further back, the bird dinosaur that gave birth to a bunch of runts.
  15. Omg, hey Nova. Your dragon names are ridiculous.
  16. I used to collect toilet rolls to paint over and decorate, but then the new maid came and kept throwing away all the finished toilet rolls, so I gave up. My brother collects bread tags and street directories, which i find a little strange. Nowadays I collect hairbands, jotter books, and draw various animes for collection. Occasionally i collect coins and stamps from around the world.
  17. Sesame oil and cot fish. I get epic rashes and makes me look like some sort of infectious, red-spotted monster.
  18. Holy freaking crap. Thanks loads for the egg, Ponystar.
  19. I don't know if this may be spam, but I know everyone has a different scenario everytime this epically catchy song plays. Firstly, over here it depends where you play it and who you play it to. If you play it to the whole school, everyone starts singing along, whooping and clapping when the song says "Clap!" whether there's teachers or not (actually the teachers have fun watching us sing). Secondly, if you play it to a small group of 13 year olds and above (well up till the age when you can't be bothered with new songs) everyone who can shuffle starts shuffling and everyone who can't
  20. Shakugan no Shana. Maybe Rosario+Vampire. Shakugan no Shana Seasons I and II. I hate III.
  21. "Jing Tian Jiu Lai Chang Ge" by SHE. Uhh... it just randomly pops up. Otherwise.. PARTY ROCK IS IN DAH HOOOOOUSE TONAAAAAAIGHT