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  1. Kinda hoping this isn't the April Fool's Day thing, not just because it would be a nice feature, but because, well, it's not actually funny. "Here's a totally plausible feature announcement that seems completely normal except the username is weird! Haha, April Fool's!" Just, meh. All the previous April Fool's Day things have been way better.
  2. I'm fine with abbreviations and acronyms if it's clear what they're supposed to stand for, but if it's not in very wide use or if there's more then one thing it could plausibly stand for, I think people should spell it out at least once in each piece of writing before switching to the shorter form.
  3. I do this, too. It was correct when I was taught, and I'm too used to it to change now. Grammar and spelling errors do bother me, but I try not to point them out unless the person actually asks for feedback about it. I do get severely annoyed when I see errors on professionally-made signs, though, because I feel like anyone who makes signs for a living should really know better.
  4. Updated to 34 (man, I feel so far behind... )
  5. I'm not really sure anymore. If you'd asked me a few years ago, I would have said "heterosexual" because I have no sexual interest in girls, but since I've learned about demisexuality, it sounds kind of like me, but not quite. As far as actual people go, I've never felt any desire for sex with anyone other than my husband, and that only started after we'd been dating for quite a while. When I was a teenager, I'd sometimes think about having sex with guys I knew, not as a fantasy, but as a sort of "thought experiment" to see how I'd feel about it, and my response was always negative. And even now, if my friends point out a "hot guy", it's like I consciously recognize that he's attractive, but I don't feel any attraction myself. ...My husband isn't actually the only one I feel attracted to, though. I frequently get "crushes" on fictional characters (characters, not actors - actually a lot of them are from books, and the ones that are from shows or movies, I don't feel the same way towards the person playing them), and feel a definite sexual attraction to them. Obviously I'm not in a relationship with them, so that doesn't seem to really fit with the whole demisexual thing, but otherwise it fits perfectly. So I don't know, maybe I'm demi-demisexual or something?
  6. Churches wouldn't be required to perform same-sex marriages, though. They are allowed to have their own requirements for the marriages they will perform, beyond what's in the law (i.e., they can't marry a couple that can't legally get married, but if there's a couple who can legally get married but they don't fulfill whatever requirements that church sets, the church doesn't have to perform their wedding.) Allowing gay marriage would not be allowing politics into religion. However, not allowing gay marriages does mean politics is meddling in religion, because it means that any churches that do accept gay marriage aren't allowed to do them. You say that it goes against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam like that's a universally agreed-upon fact, but I know Christians and Jews who would disagree with you (and there are probably Muslims, too, I just don't know them personally.) I'm agnostic now, but the church where I used to go was very strongly in favor of gay marriage (the pastor's son, and a significant chunk of the congregation, were gay.) How can you be against them being allowed to perform wedding ceremonies for gay couples if you don't want politics involved in religion? (And this is without even getting into the fact that many people in the US are not Christian, Jewish or Muslim. Seriously, this would make some sort of sense in a country with an official state religion, but in the US, where we supposedly have separation of church and state, it's just ridiculous.)
  7. I don't think it would work for me and my husband; for one thing, we're both decidedly straight and I'd feel uncomfortable in a "V"- or "N"-type relationship whether I was one of the ends or not, and for another, I have social anxiety to the point where sometimes I can barely handle even dealing with one husband, and I don't think adding more people to the household would help with that. That said, as long as everyone is of age and knows what they're getting into, I don't see any reason why other people shouldn't be allowed to do it.
  8. I agree that this would be the ideal solution, but unfortunately I have a feeling the "defense of marriage" folks would make an even bigger fuss about this than about just allowing gay marriage, so as a way to get them to stop standing in the way it probably wouldn't work (and in my experience that group has a lot of overlap with the people who take offense at the idea that any other country could do things a better way than the US, so "it's what they do in Europe" is only going to make them dig their heels in.)
  9. So where does that leave gay Christians? Believe it or not, gay marriage isn't actually something that all Christians have a problem with.
  10. Actually, paying someone to do something is a great way to make them care less about it. It's called the overjustification effect; basically, if you're not getting paid to do something, you'll perceive yourself as doing it because it's fun/something you care about/for a good cause, but if you are getting paid, you'll perceive the money as the reason for doing it. And, yeah, I'm really not sure where you were going with this. Were you expecting a bunch of gay people to pop up and say, "Sure, we'll pay you to support us"? Because that's just... I don't even have words.
  11. I'll give this a try! I'll be adding them to this post; here are the first ones: 1.kOUUU 2.Yv6Qg (Not grown up yet, but I'm putting them here now anyway so I don't forget.) Everyone who's here now is an adult. Update with a whole bunch more: 3.iTqa1 4.qDqdb 5.YdcLG 6.ZGR3b 7.CcAQp 8.FO5v9 9.nkTNp 10.PXm6J 11.GhzAi 12.oiJU2 13.JK6TW 14.eI0AM 15.3sTs2 16.gjfRr 17.BzQNK 18.j64bB 19.YoF3H 20.4s3ES 21.ENAWG 22.hWJgS 23.AQCm3 24.nt1Xe 25.0wLtg 26.vtHCr 27.s2y1Q 28.WnlRP 29.qTqYt 30.2oIba 31.7qnSb 32.xCPnJ 33.YDeJg 34.fhXUe There are half a dozen hatchies and another half a dozen eggs, too, but I'll wait till they're grown up to add them here.
  12. I'm picturing them jostling each other out of the way... "I wanna be in front!" "No, me!" "No, ME!"
  13. I know, but the thing is, he didn't understand that. He assumed that everyone felt like he did, that everyone felt attraction to both sexes and if someone was "straight" that just meant they had decided to only pursue the opposite sex, like he had. And of course, trying to explain to him that that isn't really the case just led to him freaking out that I was "calling him gay" and completely shutting down the conversation.
  14. I used to say that too, but then I had it kind of backfire on me in a debate with someone who, based on his description, was bisexual but only acted on his heterosexual feelings because of his religious beliefs. He was attracted to both men and women, but had chosen to only pursue women, and assumed that everyone else was the same. Asking "When did you choose to be straight?" doesn't work as well when the other guy just says, "When I was 14. What does that have to do with anything?"
  15. So I guess infertile people should just lay down and die, then? Since they aren't going to have children no matter who they marry. Also that whole "be fruitful and multiply" thing made a whole lot more sense back when the world didn't have 7 billion people in it already.
  16. TBH, having something like this to make breeding more of a productive use of time instead of a waste of time would probably encourage me to use the site more, not less. That might just be me, though.
  17. Not sure why, but apparently you need fruit for that one.
  18. ...Which is a great reason for not allowing spoilers here, but really doesn't explain why there shouldn't be a separate thread for it. And yes, patience is great, but as I said before, some of us have very busy schedules outside of DC, especially at this time of year. Personally, after tonight I'm going to be snatching a few minutes here and there until the event's over. It would be nice if having work and a family didn't end up disqualifying me from the raffle just because keeping people from seeing spoilers when they don't want to somehow means they can't even be available for people who are seeking them out.
  19. ...That's an awful lot of options to try. And yes, many members haven't logged on, but many others have had several hours now to gather ingredients, try the combinations that make sense to them and get frustrated if they don't work (and yes, the event is going to be going on for a while, but some of us have too much on our schedules at this time of year to trial-and-error our way through several hundred combinations). If a recipe thread was allowed, those who want to avoid spoilers could just not go to that thread, while those who do want them would be able to get them.
  20. Seconded! I understand wanting to minimize spoilers in the main thread, and I understand wanting to keep discussion on one subject in one place, but trying to do both at once kind of ruins things for those of us who want/need spoilers (I know I would still be stuck with nothing but boiled water without them!)
  21. All I've managed to do so far is boil water, and I haven't even seen a holly, let alone caught one. Oh, well, maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow...
  22. Yeah, I suspect it may be something like with height or (as Awdz Bodkins suggested) type II diabetes, where there's a genetic component and an environmental component, and the two interact to produce the full range of possible sexualities we see. The environmental component probably wouldn't be just a matter of seeing homosexual couples and learning that they're okay, either (that might play a part in whether someone expresses their sexuality, but I don't think it would have much to do with whether someone is gay or straight to begin with). I'm thinking more along the lines of anything that would influence hormone levels during development, or development of the brain structures that are involved, and maybe (for those who would be close to the borderline, with no other strong tendencies either way) having strongly positive or negative experiences with one sex or the other during childhood. Basically, the same sort of stuff that would come into play with other aspects of attraction, which I also don't believe are entirely genetic (though they probably are partially so.)
  23. I recall reading a theory that while being homosexual would be an evolutionary disadvantage to an individual because they wouldn't reproduce, having some members that don't reproduce could be an advantage for groups, especially in primitive societies. Basically, the non-reproducing adults would act as "extra parents", providing resources and care for the group's children and therefore improving the odds that they would survive and thrive. Since, in these early societies, those children would almost certainly be related to the adults, this would mean that the adults' genes would be passed on (including any that may be a factor towards homosexuality), just not directly through them. I don't know if or how that would apply to animals, but it sounds like a reasonable theory for humans. (I do think that there must be some sort of evolutionary advantage to homosexuality, because on the surface of it, it's not just a neutral variation like eye color, it's actually a disadvantage. And yes, humanity as a whole will survive just fine without any individual member reproducing, but traits that prevent reproduction tend to be bred out of populations pretty quick if there isn't some compensating factor somewhere.)
  24. Just one (the holiday releases are always just one kind of egg, at least so far.)
  25. On the one hand, it does feel a little "flat" not having anything new for the actual day of Halloween, but on the other hand, this has been a really good year for me. I've collected all the Aliset and TOT items, finished my collections of Pumpkins and Marrows (and if my Shadow Walker eggs gender right, I'll be finished with those, too) and gave a lot of other eggs away, and had 3 successful Zombie attempts (including 2 hatchlings, which I didn't have any of before.) The new realease day isn't quite as good schedule-wise for me, but overall I really don't think I have anything to complain about.