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  1. in what biomes are they dropped?
  2. Cleo

    2015-03-28 - March Release

    is it only me or the color schemes of Gems look almost similar to World of Warcraft Cloud Serpents? 0-o green https://i.imgur.com/Rdle9jM.jpg red https://i.imgur.com/6isws0D.jpg blue https://i.imgur.com/rGqSujL.png I like the Gemshards better out of all the three though
  3. well I joined in December 2011 and got my tree only in December of the next year
  4. such a pretty lineage x.x
  5. caught both cb grey and then a cb silver, after 5 hours wanted to abandon the grey, guess what happened of course I abandoned silver instead, screw me -.-
  6. Mine attracted a tangar too I expected a mate with more pastel colors I wonder if anyone actually attracted a bright pink? 0.o
  7. though "Babo" means stupid/silly on korean
  8. hahaha genius idea with the eyes on holly, made me lol hard
  9. why the potential mates appear under cave items -.-
  10. Yea I also noticed that when I looked at my relative's old computer screen and was very surprised they were pink 0.o They are pretty much cherry red colored to me on my laptop
  11. omg this is beautiful! Probably my favorite cave design out of all o.o
  12. Ginger attracted a Grave girl at first, now a fleshcrown lady seems to be interested
  13. No support. Whenever I see a wall of holidays it lasts for only like 2 mins or less, and then its filled with regular eggs which doesnt even change fast bcuz it looks like ppl arent pickin them at all. And as others said, its only a week to wait until the holiday breeding is over, so srsly I dont see all this extra line adding necessary =/
  14. Cleo

    2015-02-01 - Raffle Update

    Do the influence fails even exist unless u influenced an egg then trade it away? 0-o I have never encountered one
  15. Cleo

    2015-02-01 - Raffle Update

    I found 2 as well 0.o they are fogged still, gonna stalk jus to see what kind of prizes they are
  16. Cleo

    2015-02-01 - Raffle Update

    On her place I'd jus wait until the egg is down to 4 days then Incubate it
  17. Cleo

    2015-02-01 - Raffle Update

    Uhhh BOOTY tinsel is indeed epic! My other favorites are ExoSM, KOREA, Fairy, Siren and probably the most creative code ever - XFile
  18. Cleo

    2015-02-01 - Raffle Update

    Its sick now!? but cb prizes are supposed to be protected from sickness, that's strange D:
  19. Cleo

    2015-02-01 - Raffle Update

    This might be silly question but does that mean the winners can add their eggs to as many hatchiers as they want and still not get their eggs sick n dead? 0-o
  20. yea its indeed annoying when someone posts an egg here then fogs it... rubyshoes especially loves to do that ahah
  21. omg!!! that's indeed beautiful O.O im so jealous now