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  1. 19 minutes ago, SapphirexD said:


    Scroll Name: Sapphire_Moonlight


    P.S: Where are you all getting the complete lists of flowers? 

    When u click all the dragons to get u all the flowers they can, u'll be able to see 'em all in the Send card section.


    I finally FOUND HIM

    For anyone else still searching and finding nothing behind pillars or buildings, try here!


    user posted image


    Stand there and wait to see if there's any flickers on either side of the tree from his wings animation.




    Y u be so difficult to find for me? Y u be a ninja hiding master???

    same for me! jesus christ finally!

  3. I feel the World of Warcraft's Celestial Steed or Astral Cloud Serpent reference here biggrin.gif

    love the adults <3


    Edit: now that Ashywolf mentioned it, omg really I see the females chin similar to Deathwing's! xd.png

  4. So color of adult of this breed is light blue and became darker when be 'Corporealized'? Then it means they go to other space when grown?

    Nobody knows about adults yet, we are talking about hatchlings and ye they become dark again when used the bsa on the frozen ones of them.

  5. Should I tell you... or should I be as cryptic as Odeen...? Cryptic's far more fun...




    But no, you can't unfreeze it.


    From the actions page:




    oohhhhh so then this dragon has a limited breeding action then , i thought they will be unbreedable lol

  6. Well... for those of you who don't mind the spoiler, highlight below: happy.gif

    Yes, it changed colour when I froze it. The action that appeared is called "Corporealize" with the description:

    Returns the celestial to the material plane, allowing it to interact with physical objects.


    the description confused me "can anyone explain"?

  7. I got stuck after I got the reindeer ;-;

    I also got stuck like that few minutes ago and tried reseting browser, but finally i figured how to reset, its that sentence there, you should click on it to reset haha


    user posted image

  8. guyyys im stuck, my character doesnt move from its place and it moves its legs quickly as if it was on ice. Help me!! I tried refreshing a lot of times in different ways, nothing works T.T


    Edit: nevermind, fixed it lol

  9. You should be able to start it. If you step outside and it starts to snow, stay out there and Adventure 3 will begin.


    Though, if you have yet to see the Bloodscale and Pillow, you likely haven't done Adventure 2 yet.


    Can you list what you have accomplished so far?

    the missions with cat, tree and dragon with supplies. Or all those are actually 3 days? 0.o still i never saw bloodscale and pillow drags

  10. so i must wait till tomorrow for day 3 game or i can start now too? i re-entered my house several times as people said here but nothing happened. Also: where u guys found bloodscale and pillow dragons in game? 0.o i never saw any