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  1. Wait a second, how exactly was duplicating a cookie possible? I never noticed such option when i was making cookies 0.o did i miss something? I thought everyone just makes same designs manually again and again o.o
  2. @a101401014 sure, I'll send u one, once i'm done =]
  3. aww, thank you ❤️ it's cute!
  4. Made a few more cookies. Let me know whoever wants them
  5. I'm not sure but is that first cookie Joey from Yugioh? xDD i recognize dat face expression
  6. I also made something, if you want any of these - pm me =] The human characters are from Genshin Impact. Also, since I'm having so much fun decorating cookies, u can ask me in pm if u want me to draw some other dragon or GI character on a cookie and send to u ^^
  7. Nope, that doesnt work for me =[ I had to refresh the game to make it work, nevermind.
  8. the plant and the first roots come both from the seed, that would mean the parent is the seed then, which is absent here, if it's not root, then what? it's cant be a leaf, that wouldnt make sense to me at least. And it says "The sun comes directly after its parents". There is no other plant in there for that.
  9. anyone figured the second Cauldron puzzle? the one with root, azure scale ...etc
  10. I'm kinda confused.. Some people here say that you should unfog an egg when it's under 3 days but how do you know if it will hatch blue or purple?
  11. Holy bananas, those are some good looking pygmies! 0.o
  12. Well, I kinda like this one. But yeah, they are hard to pair up with anythin.
  13. When u click all the dragons to get u all the flowers they can, u'll be able to see 'em all in the Send card section.
  14. the decorations i make arent saving whenever i come back to my house =/
  15. same for me! jesus christ finally!
  16. Im the only one who noticed how much the Nexus dragons look like mixed together WoW Cataclysm Stone Drakes? https://i.imgur.com/x07qX6y.png They r one of my favorites so im glad Odeen brought them here too
  17. I agree with MessengerDragon!!!! I'm very disappointed too!!!! I really wanted to see the old actions i did here when I first joined DC -.-
  18. Cleo

    2016-04-01 - April Release

    I feel the World of Warcraft's Celestial Steed or Astral Cloud Serpent reference here love the adults <3 Edit: now that Ashywolf mentioned it, omg really I see the females chin similar to Deathwing's!
  19. Cleo

    2016-04-01 - April Release

    Nobody knows about adults yet, we are talking about hatchlings and ye they become dark again when used the bsa on the frozen ones of them.
  20. Cleo

    2016-04-01 - April Release

    oohhhhh so then this dragon has a limited breeding action then , i thought they will be unbreedable lol
  21. Cleo

    2016-04-01 - April Release

    the description confused me "can anyone explain"?