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  1. Trade Offer Form Link to Your Scroll: DeliFox Egg/Hatchling You're Offering: 2x 2nd Gen Copper Lineage Link(s): --PB Copper, 2nd Gen --PB Copper, 2nd Gen Sadly, my coppers are the only CBs who cooperated. My CB Golds will be off cool-down tomorrow. I can also try to breed anything else on my scroll if you want to take a look.
  2. Oh my god I haven't really been active on DC for a few months, just because I got too lazy to play. I came back around Valentine's Day and have been fairly active since, and scroll locked a lot. I remembered I had got on the Thuwed list awhile ago and checked my status when I got back - thank god, the egg had not been put on my scroll while I was inactive. So today I came on, and started adding my eggs to a hatchery. I haven't been on a few days, as I've been busy. Checking, unchecking.. hold on a moment.. Where did I get this Ember egg? I don't remember picking up an Ember.. And I had no reason to breed one for any lineage.. Weird.. let me check it's lineage.. It's my Thuwed <3 Cutie<3 (Also, thank you, TJ! Not sure if he ever browses this thread, but still going to leave a thank you here, just in case. x3)
  3. NFSW is the acronym for the game 'Need for Speed: World', so it still means something? x3
  4. Who's the owner of DC? -> tJdUh IOYA <- "I owe ya", whoever dropped this beauty in the AP.. BUEY LUsIy <- Lucy? MikKY Par88 DugVg mElus 7CbAw 6Jog5 ExANi RaZiR whEsX uggSs BgBlu <- Background blue? Big blue? UZiZo YAY56 m2Kul <- "Am too cool" CAULN AJAAn UMaNS f0UCR jIzUs <- Jesus? 4RpME <- The most meaningful of all. Not only am I an avid RPer, but when I made an offer on this egg, it was declined.. so my lovely traded for it and gave her to me <3 "For RP? ME!" "RP for ME!" A lot of these were AP grabs, and some I tried to trade - so they're probably nowhere near as amazing and interesting as I think they are, but I really love a few of these.
  5. I froze a Winter Magi when they were first released. The following year I ended up releasing the frozen one to get a 2nd gen instead. I was going through a phase of "freeze a hatchie of EVERYTHING " Also apparently the limits were removed on holidays and I didn't know it? Which means I could have gotten multiple Radiant Angels..? Or hoarded up some of.. every Valentine release? Cause pretty much half of my ultimate favorite dragons are Valentine's releases.. I don't even know when this was lifted. Could I have hoarded Christmas dragons too.. And an older stupid thing? Not understanding DC when I first joined and leaving it for a long while. I would've had a few more CB Holidays. Not to mention I never got an original CB Pink.. and only have one CB Frill.. And recently, I took a break. I think I've got most of the new releases now, but I'm still missing a couple, and I sort of wonder if there's any I don't even realize exist yet..
  6. Black Tea: Link Blusang: Link Crypts: Link Fem. Hellfire: Link Male Moonstone: Link Tri-Horn: Link I like them in quite a few pairs (both genders unless otherwise specified). Something about them with the Blusang or male Moonstone seems really lovely to me. I think it's that red and blue compliment each other nicely if the shades are right, blue and purple go quite well, and then in the case of the Blusang, their creamy base is pretty neutral. I really love the Brutes~ I think there's a lot of potential for mixing and matching x3
  7. I just grabbed my first Holly off the AP! And he's gorgeous! 6th Gen Even Thuwed He really seems too good to be true. So I sort of expect to get a PM sooner or later from the breeders asking for him back. I suppose I'll see. His code is adorable, too - IOYA8.. I owe ya eight? Seems pretty accurate! For the time, until I see if I get a PM asking for him back, I've influenced him male (which should fail if he's traded before hatching), with hopes of breeding him with my 6th gen Thuwed Dorkface next season, who luckily isn't related!
  8. Just wanted to pop in and say how adorable the newest piece is (I love Doberman <3). (I also wanted to note that I am now a complete Supernatural addict, done all eight seasons, and have watched all but the last episode of Sherlock. I don't feel I could ever manage to like Doctor Who, because someone definitely ruined the series for me - but regardless, I can now more thoroughly appreciate your Superwholock art! /fangirls inside)
  9. Me and my friends are watching Wolf's Rain. I stream animes/movies/shows/games etc for my three closest friends. Two of us have already seen Wolf's Rain more than once, the other two haven't seen it before at all, so it's pretty fun. It's gotten sidetracked for Supernatural (not anime) for the time being.. but hopefully we'll finish it eventually.
  10. I don't know what to do. I just wanted a dog for myself but she is not working out at all. It's going to be lonely without her, though.. but she does drive me crazy most of the time.. why can't I find the right dog? I know not every dog is bouncing-off-the-walls hyper. We've had ones that weren't. I know since she's not working here I should give her a chance with someone else.. I hope they like her when they come meet her tomorrow.. and she likes them, and has a wonderful life.. I hope they'll send me pictures. I do love her.. I am so lonely anymore. I feel like I'm being abandoned more and more.. and I can't find anything to give myself something else to depend on. Everything just turns out wrong when I try. I need to get out of my depression but I just can't, even at my best.
  11. *Spoiler Alert* I started watching Supernatural just recently - with a lot of interruptions, like my computer going for repairs, and life getting in the way - and I absolutely love the series. When I really get into watching it takes me about two days to finish a season. The characters are /mostly/ lovable, and even the ones that aren't usually have their redeeming factors, if it's only a funny line here or there. I feel like the show has a brilliant mix of humor and reality, that leaves you laughing one moment, hanging on your chair in suspense the next, and before you know if you're on the verge of tears from something else. Honestly, I don't really enjoy TV - when I do watch things they're usually movies, youtube LP's, or at times anime. I haven't watch an actual tv series steadily for well over a year. I find most just.. uninteresting, unemotional or too emotional, etc. So I really wasn't expecting to get so addicted. I've been watching most of it with one of my best friends, which makes it even more enjoyable, and once I'm done livestreaming Wolf's Rain for my little group of friends, we'll be moving onto Supernatural, so that my boyfriend and other best friend can join our obsession, just as they've joined our Wolf's Rain obsession at this point. We're about half way done season 6 and moving steady~ I'm not sure what I will do with my life when I run out of episodes..; 1. Which of the brothers do you think is cooler? Sam or Dean? Definitely Dean. Seasons 1-2 I really liked them both, Season 3-4 I started to really dislike Sam, Season 5.. was sort of a roller coaster. I started to like him again, yet he still kept acting like a jerk. Season 6.. I'm starting to like him again; he's the most likable, in my opinion, he's been since Seasons 1 and 2. Dean? I've adored Dean every step of the way. 2. Which would you rather have? Demon powers or angel powers? Wait, both isn't an option? I really don't know, honestly. Both are pretty awesome in their own way. I'll say angel, simply because when me and my friends finally do a Supernatural-based RP my first planned character is an angel. 3. What do you guys think of the show and the twists of each season finale? So far, I've enjoyed them. But only because I started watching S1 E1 of a show going on it's 9th season. Once I'm all caught up and actually have to wait to find out what happens next? I'm going to hate it. Though, the twists are still quite interesting, even if my patience is lack. 4. Who is your favorite character? Any of them. Bobby, Jo, Ellen, the Prophet Chuck, or even Gordon! This is so difficult. Let's see.. Dean, Castiel, Bobby, Ellen, Bela, Alistair, Crowley, Lucifer.. I really enjoy all of them, and it's hard to pick just one. I suppose Dean, Castiel or Bobby make the top of the list for me. I also started liking Gabrial.. the exact episode he died in..; */Spoiler Alert*
  12. "Daring every week to read boring, ultra ironic jokes helps Garry." gtdrshtg
  13. I'd want to be a famous author or YouTuber (For LPs), personally. Possibly photography.
  14. I hate sitting in this room. She's not even downstairs, so why do I have to sit up here? Why won't she stop blocking me from doing what I need to do? I made a mistake, but it was my decision. I need to fix it now, but I'm old enough to be able to fix it how I feel best. Why does everything have to revolve around her? I hope Marsy comes online soon. I miss him <3. Maybe he'll feel like RP or something. It's going to be so long before Dav gets on.. I really want to play Portal, but I promised him I'd only play when he's online and live stream it for him to watch. ..Watching me play games must be really amusing. I mean, it's not even a horror game, where he can laugh at me as I shriek, panic, and spazz every ten seconds. ..Dear god, that dove is cooing -again-. Why do wild doves sound so pretty, but he sounds like demonic whispering? /Rapidly changing thoughts/
  15. I'm AB+~ I know my mother was AB-, father B+, and all the women on my father's side have been all O for generations. Not sure about anyone else.
  16. I think Coffee is probably my favorite, but it's pretty hard to find around here for some reason. Mint Chocolate Chip, Neapolitan, and Ben & Jerry's Half Baked / Chocolate Fudge Brownie are really close behind.
  17. Hemophobia - I have always had a a severe phobia of blood. Not just the sight - even just a vivid description of it. ..Honestly, not even vivid.. just saying something that made me think or picture it too clearly. I would.. literally faint. I did so 3+ times and generally avoided blood of any sort - I even had to leave class a couple times when it was being discussed. However! I am proud to say.. this phobia is gone! I'm still squeamish about my own blood, as I sort of panic like.. 'omg I'm gonna bleed to death!!!!1111!'.. but I don't mean like.. a little tiny scrape or anything.I really am disturbed about like.. blood under my nail or something though. I basically -forced- myself through this phobia. We got into parrots - and my one parrot is very, very.. well.. stupid. Our other large parrot is much more intelligent. Anyway, Holly, the parrot.. among many other things.. she did not know how to tend her pin feathers properly. She broke the blood feathers -constantly-. I had to learn how to pull a broken blood feather. No one else was going to do it and the larger ones weren't going to stop if I didn't do it - nor did we have a reliable vet around. Apparently I used to be ghost pale and unwell looking when doing so! Luckily she had learned how not to break them and I have not needed to do so for.. probably a year or so. But.. then our Maltese ended up with a broken leg recently, that needed pus and blood drained from the incision several times a day for a few days, according to the vet. Guess who did it without even a bit of sickness or dizziness? x3 The moral of my story: phobias can be conquered! ..Except for all these other phobias I have. Arachnophobia - Why yes, I conquered my Hemophobia! ..Wait.. spiders? Nope! Bye! ..Seriously, I'm terrified of them. I don't even dislike them, I just.. fear them. I blame my father, who was always terrified of them. I've literally known a spider was dead, reassured myself it was dead, and shrieked when I finally looked at it. I do try to be nice to them - I saw a giant one stuck in a dog water dish last summer and stuck a cup over it, carried the dish to the end of the yard, then gently.. nudged it over with my foot and allowed Mr. Spider to be free and not drown. Aquaphobia - Nopenopenope. Water bad. I'm alright with showering, washing my hands, etc. But.. don't make me go near the edge of a pool or other large water source. I can't swim, so there's a fear of drowning of course, but.. overall my fear is pretty irrational I think. I don't know where it came from; I wasn't bothered by water as a child. It's only large things of water. Not puddles and such. ; Nyctophobia - Yes, I'm afraid of the dark, too. More so what's -in- the dark. It's literally an irrational.. monster under the bed sort of fear. Though, considering my house, it may not be as irrational as I feel it is - but that's a topic for a ghost-friendly thread . In darkness I literally.. feel like something is going to get me. I used a nightlight until we got parrots - the parrot cages have birdie nightlights that light my room in a nice blue glow. Turn that off? I need to bury myself under a blanket and cuddle to my dog or stuffed animal. ..Keep in mind.. I'm eighteen. ^^; And yes, I still feel my blanket will protect me if I hide my entire body and head under it. Anthropophobia - ..Fear of people. Yes, I am literally afraid of people. Even people I've known years.. I have difficulty speaking and thinking because I totally panic. Meeting a new person? I might as well be mute. I can't speak, I can't keep eye contact, I can't think, I stutter, I blush.. and I just want away. Online.. I have nearly no fear of people: I've been told I'm mature, charismatic, and very skilled with others. I've even been mods many places. But in person.. I just shut down. Coulrophobia - ..Well come on, clowns are people. With weird makeup. Belonephobia - I literally.. start sobbing hysterically at the sight of a needle, be it injection or taking blood. Actually.. I have to say I've gotten a lot less fearful with this. The last time I have blood drawn I felt like I was going to die, but I don't think I cried at all. I was a wreck.. but I managed. Glossophobia - I almost pass out from speaking in front of people. Especially large numbers. Please see 'Anthropophobia'. ;; Apiphobia - I'm pretty afraid of bees and wasps. Not as bad as spiders.. but.. I just sort of am. ..Yes, I think we can conclude I have a lot of phobias and may just be a paranoid spazz. >><<;
  18. I'm not a fan of any of those series, as I don't actually watch any TV ^^; (Though I have been considering Supernatural or Sherlock, as my friend likes both and I usually end up loving everything she recommends me to watch..) but I have to say that work is gorgeous~ I'd love to see other art of yours for sale, too - especially that dragon. I couldn't buy any, as I don't have a paypal or steady income right now, but I'm quite certain others would. Your style is gorgeous x3 Out of curiosity, did you go to art school or anything like that? Or did you just work at art on your own until you reached this quality? I also just now realized you have a deviantArt I could stalk.. +watch. >> <<
  19. Oh wow, I think you tricked everyone Rosella xP And I was even vigilant for pranks starting the night before. Also wow - that realistic bunny looks so life-like. And I love the little easter eggs in the picture. x3 They add a nice touch~
  20. Those pictures look gorgeous, Rosella~ I love the color in the butterfly one It's so vibrant and contrasts quite well. I also love how you do fire.
  21. Grabbed this as a mate for one of my 4th gen even Stripes <3 Thank you~!
  22. -Swipes your Holly with Frills- >D
  23. Ooh <3 Thank you, it looks lovely~ Everything is quite accurate~ I'll have to find it and fav it on dA, too, so I don't loose track of it~ Thank you <3 And I should be able to breed my dragons again within a couple days to try for your payment.
  24. The charizard looks epic And the weewoo.. I want to cuddle ;; It looks so soft~ I really love your style You could post WIPs in your main thread, too, if you don't want to fill reply posts with them. They'd make nice examples of your art and process x3 and easier to find to view~ Can't wait to see more x3
  25. I'd love to see all your art and WIPs x3 I love seeing how things progress from something simple to something so lovely