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  1. I tend to envision both the biomes and the AP as representing multiple locations (with similar climates and whatnot) to account for the sheer size that DC's world would have to be in order to support massive populations of dragons. I pretty much agree with this explanation; most of the eggs we snatch are actually runts who have been discarded further from the nest than their siblings and basically left to die. Humans (or whatever we are) with unwanted eggs/hatchlings subsequently make their own areas like the main caves, for doing as the dragons do and leaving our undesirables for other people or predators to deal with. As these areas become more well-known, they become less like 'I'll just leave you here to die' and more like 'I'll just leave you here for someone else to find'.
  2. That is really quite ingenious. I'll have to remember that if I ever leave the game again.
  3. Thanks to daestarr, who gifted me my only PB 2nd Gen Stripe! And thanks to all of the lovely people who breed beautifully lineaged and rare eggs solely for players to catch off of the AP, so that even those who choose not to engage in the community have a decent shot at getting some really epic dragons for their scroll.
  4. My cave is like the Tardis; bigger on the inside. I imagine the interior to look something like a really nice dwarven city, with passages that lead down towards underground rivers, and chambers full of enchanted sunlight or with holes in the roof, where magical plants grow in veritable forests.
  5. I love the faces on these guys. Very traditionally dragon-ish.
  6. I'm all for having some sort of option on a dragon's Actions page that could be toggled to add/remove them from breeding lists. I don't freeze dragons because I find the whole Peter Pan thing kind of creepy (personal preference, not casting judgement on anyone else who enjoys it; more power to you) and I love to collect Grays. As of right now I've got about eighty of the buggers, and keeping track of who is a messy inbred that I never intend to breed and who is a nice CB/second gen that I might feasibly want to use out of the ever-growing-list is a pain. And that's just one breed. Some dragon breeds I have, only one or two dragons out of dozens are worth breeding on a regular basis. I think something like this might actually encourage people to take more commons onto their scroll, since they wouldn't have to worry about cluttering up their breeding lists (especially if they're like me and don't freeze), and organizing lineage projects would be simplified. Fewer accidental breedings is also a boon, since accidental breedings tend to result in messy eggs that nobody wants and that just end up cluttering the AP anyway. The bigger my scroll gets, the more I really, really want something like this.
  7. That is lovely, Varekis. Congrats!
  8. Nabbed this baby off the AP a few minutes ago: http://dragcave.net/lineage/XjfMo I never would have thought of putting Marrows and Magis together, but I REALLY like it!
  9. Personally, I love: Terrae x Harvest Red x Marrow Tri-Horn x Cavern Lurker (Only have a 2nd Gen right now) Pebble x Yulebuck Male Silver x Shadow Walker (Another I only have a 2nd Gen of) And Ice x Terrae Among many, many others.
  10. Found this beauty a while ago. It even has a neat code!
  11. This girl made me smile when I saw her!
  12. Look at the crooked length of its legs. They're bent almost double. My money is definitely on spider dragon. And I am awesome with that, I love spiders.
  13. Aww, I love the descriptions for the hatchies. <3
  14. So much awesome. I particularly like the social networking buttons can be hidden - I don't use that stuff, so it's jut clutter to me, but it's great that the option will be there for other people. Perfect.
  15. I've got a cute little inbred black hatchling with 'ugh' in its code. Up for grabs to anyone who wants it: Edit: Gone!
  16. If you go on the DC wiki, you can see the eggs/hatchies there (they're gorgeous, btw). The blue ones are dropping in the Coast, the sunny ones are dropping everywhere, and the last ones are purple/spitfire hybrids. 'd
  17. Nice! I don't think it's too strange to like the smell. I've got a brother who likes the smell of gasoline. I imagine that if these guys are actually capable of breeding with others, those dragons they're successful with will be the ones who don't mind it either!
  18. Turpentine is distilled pine resin. It's used in a lot of things, but mostly paints and varnishes and whatnot. It smells really strongly. As for the drops, I caught mine a few hours ago (in the desert - heard they were originally dropping in alpine?) and saw some a minute ago, so they definitely haven't stopped.
  19. So I was gifting a few eggs and setting up trades not too long ago, and I accidentally set up what was meant to be a two-way trade as a one-way teleport. Yup. Never gonna see that 3rd Gen Thunder again. *sigh*
  20. I managed okay when I first joined, mostly because a friend of mine introduced me to the site and gave me a run-down of the basics. But I remember it took me ages to figure out that hatchlings didn't count towards being egg-locked, and that I could grab more eggs after my first four hatched rather than waiting for them all to grow up into adults.
  21. Wurdesh

    2011-01-18 - Blackout

    I fully support your decision, TJ, both in keeping the site politically agnostic thusfar, and in choosing to speak out against this particular issue.
  22. I don't think it's too silly, really, when you stop and consider that part of the fun of the game lies in imagining the dragons are more than just pixels. Of couse that's going to have a downside too. If you develop an attachment to your own dragons, odds are you might start developing an attachment to every other dragon, too. I often feel badly for cave-blockers, and for commons that fill up the AP that nobody seems to want. I tend to pick 'favourite breeds' and just sort of grab them whenever I'm not working on a project or hunting for something specific. Mostly Grays and Guardians in my case. Deciding to gather up dragons like Whiptails or to do breeding projects with commons that you like seems to be the best solution, in my opinion. I mean, there are some very common eggs that I'll never pick up, because I just don't care for the breed. So I make up for it by sort of 'championing' the ones I do like and leaving the rest in someone else's hands.