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  1. Are you guys seriously planning on staying up past midnight for an entire week in a row? Catching them the morning after is easier and less stressful, and works just as well even if it is delayed a few hours from everyone else.

    Yes biggrin.gif For the thrill! Plus I like to get the first post in the news threads wink.gif


    (30 minutes!)

  2. Nope! 1! Teal is a close second.


    Well obviously it's 1 for CMW. For DragonPortal: 2?


    1. I like to garden

    2. I like to make my lip bleed

    3. I'm going to Anime Boston this weekend


    (One of those is already ruled out xd.png)

  3. Nope! 3 xd.png The warm foods really becomes a problem at lunch, since I can't pack myself warm foods xd.png




    1. My favorite color is teal

    2. My favorite planet is Venus

    3. My favorite movie is Star Wars

  4. Nope! It was 1. I wub my brother wub.gif Even though he's 9 now and hates me thinking he's adorable xd.png


    Hm, 3? I just got my first one filled last week ._.


    1. I like to ski

    2. I like mostly warm foods

    3. I like pie