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  1. My 2 gendered right and got matching names Be expecting some 2nd gens in gifting threads when all this madness is over!
  2. 5 minutes!! Bring me luck, plush enderman head ._.
  3. 7 minutes!! I only have 1 hybrid....
  4. Welp, I'm staying up. 30 mins! I'm once again watching the forest...
  5. They grew up! Yay for Black Capped Teimarrs!
  6. The dragons don't really show much interest in each other? You have GOT to be KIDDING me...
  7. Yay! Hellfire x Horse! .. I JUST BRED MY HELLFIRES. UGHHHH.
  8. Yay! They're pretty So... We have to figure out how to breed them? O.O
  9. I hope sunsongs and skywings I love amphipteres but we only have 2 T.T ETA: 5 mins O-O
  10. Everybody wants orangey browney gold. SO PROMISING... 8 minutes
  11. EXACTLY. Around 15 minutes left! I'm so scared my parents will catch me and not let me go to anime Boston tomorrow
  12. The one I'm hoping for is orange.
  13. I'm hoping for a forest dragon. The poor forest seems to be getting less and less attention Or the jungle, because there's a certain dragon off the completed list I'm crossing my fingers for
  14. Yes For the thrill! Plus I like to get the first post in the news threads (30 minutes!)
  15. Yay! Mine hatched Can't wait for TJ's to grow up, so I can read the descriptions and start thinking of some good names!
  16. Grabbed my second! Going to bed now
  17. Nope! 1! Teal is a close second. Well obviously it's 1 for CMW. For DragonPortal: 2? 1. I like to garden 2. I like to make my lip bleed 3. I'm going to Anime Boston this weekend (One of those is already ruled out )
  18. Nope! 3 The warm foods really becomes a problem at lunch, since I can't pack myself warm foods 1? 1. My favorite color is teal 2. My favorite planet is Venus 3. My favorite movie is Star Wars
  19. Nope! It was 1. I wub my brother Even though he's 9 now and hates me thinking he's adorable Hm, 3? I just got my first one filled last week ._. 1. I like to ski 2. I like mostly warm foods 3. I like pie
  20. Right 1? 1. My socks have Pokemon on them 2. My hair gets knotty really easily 3. My little brother is the cutest thing in the world
  21. Nope! 1 > Tomatoes are icky. Hmmm, 3? 1. I have a cat named after an Egyptian pharaoh 2. I was born in Alabama 3. I like spinach
  22. Nope! it was 3 Spanish is my best class, LA second best. Was.. uhm, 1 your lie? Awawa *_* 1. I like pizza 2. I get cold easily 3. I like rice