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  1. Venus' scales started to prickle, but she didn't notice- Strangely, skinning the rabbit was no longer gross, but rather enjoyable. She smiled slightly, looking at a drop of blood that had fallen onto her scales.

  2. ((Wrap up things with evil crusher? What do you mean by wrap up- Do you mean kill him off? Because if you do... Ideaaaaa!~))


    Amber cringed. Why wont they just stop! You GUYS. Amber thought, sternly. Arguing is getting us NOWHERE. We just need to stay calm. Obviously, Sour isn't a killer. Accidents happen! She said, not aware that the others couldn't sense that Sour wasn't evil.

  3. Amber shook her head, dismissing the negative emotions she sensed from her thoughts. If we can all just stay calm and collected, we can figure out- She paused and inched backwards as some precariously placed rocks began to wobble. Lets just start by figuring out who we're missing. She suggested. She looked around and started to count the dragons.She looked at Stoneza, concered. What's wrong?




    "Okay, I'm ready." Venus replied, sitting up straighter.

  4. ((Sorry about that guys- My sig said I wouldn't be active in any RPs until the release was over. I'm back now!))


    Venus gasped excitedly as Crusher vanished- Although a bit worriedly, too. She was relieved when he came back. "Uhm, sure." She replied- Unable to hide that she was a little bit grossed. Oh well. I'll live.




    Amber, who had previously been curiously staring at the crystals while waiting for Ren's reply, jumped backwards in shock as rocks separated her from Sour and Glower. Wha- What? I thought this tunnel was safe! She panicked, looking at Crusher.