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  1. Venus eyed the hatchling, her eyes now with a more menacing glare. "I don't think you're doing a very good job of representing your friends...." She chastised. Her playful tone of voice contradicted her expression. She advanced on the hatchlings, spreading her wings out a little bit more. ----------------------------------------- Someone else is there, with Sky. Amber said, wincing as the other dragon frightened Sky. It's the one I heard earlier, the one that was really self-absorbed? She explained. Well....... Remember how I said it was okay, because it wasn't evil? I'm afraid that's no longer the case. Now, she could even sense the dragon through the tunnel, although she couldn't sense Sky anymore. She assumed he was afraid, though, because the dragon seemed to be having fun.
  2. Hmm... 1? 1. My favorite tea is oolong tea combined with white tea. 2. My favorite food is rice. 3. My cat's name is Nefertiti.
  3. Venus mentally snickered at the hatchling's question. "I don't think I've decided yet." She said. Of course, she HAD already decided- She just didn't know the hatchling's perspective on her decision. She definitely wasn't a friend, but she wanted to play. So technically she wasn't an enemy... Enemies don't play, do they? It's not like it matters whether she's an enemy or not- It just matters what the hatchling THOUGHT she was. She silently looked the hatchling over, making him feel as much pressure as possible- After all, her disposition towards him and his friends depended on him.... Or so he thought.
  4. Hello! I decided to pop in and say that I love that new banner Also, we passed 1,042 oath takers! 42~ as usual, great job managing the thread, cfmtfm!
  5. ((Na, she's not evil enough to kill a hatchie on the spot... Yet )) Venus looked at the hatchling with a sly smile. What a pathetic creature. She gracefully jumped down from the tree and landed in front of the hatchling, slowly circling it. "Hello." She said in a falsely sweet voice. "Are you lost?" She asked. ---------------- Amber nodded, determinedly. She wasn't really that nervous- She would have noticed if sky had gotten hurt.... Right? She slithered down partially into the hole as Artemis held her tail. It's a narrow tunnel- It isn't a very long fall. Over here there's a steep slope leading upwards... I bet it leads out of here! I wouldn't be able to climb it, though. So- She stopped and blinked. She she suddenly sensed Sky- He was pretty far away, but the opening made her just able to sense him. However, she also sensed a much stronger presence. It was the same dragon that she had sensed earlier, the pretentious one, but this time the evilness she knew it lacked before... It was definitely present. Guys, we may have a problem... She waited to be pulled back up.
  6. ((I'm gonna have Venus go meet sky and the others)) Amber concentrated hard trying to find Sky. She had been so interested watching Artemis' healing abilities that she didn't notice him slip away. She looked at the small hole the others found, and said I could fit through the.. ------------------- Venus nodded, seemingly in agreement. She suddenly decided she wanted to explore. "I'm going to go have a look around." Venus said absentmindedly, flying off without waiting for a reply. As she flew, she saw a small blue hatchling- It seemed to be trying to fly. She landed atop a tree and looked at it curiously. Her instincts told her it would be fun to mess around with the helpless little creature. She slowly flew lower and waited for the dragon to notice her.
  7. I think a black tea x valentine lineage would look really nice Sadly I don't think I could pull that off.... Maybe a tea x GW lineage?
  8. I saw one in the volcano yesterday. I think it was around 6:00.... I didn't catch it though, because I already have 2 brown coppers and figured somebody else might need it more than me.
  9. My friend has this really badly: So bad that she isn't going on our end of the year trip to an amusement park, because she's afraid somebody will get sick on a ride She also constantly thinks she's sick and is always asking me if she looks pale.
  10. Just was gifted a 2nd gen PB blusang My third blusang, and by far my lowest gen. Thank you
  11. This is literally the lowest my inbox has ever been. Ever.
  12. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I didn't influence this beautiful 2nd gen hellhorse T_T WHYYYYYYYYYYY
  13. Voted They're all really nice, though!
  14. kiyye


    If anyone likes parkour, go to the server c.minecraft.io and type /warp kiyyeparkour to see a parkour I built Also go to kiyyeparkour2
  15. ((Partnership it is!)) Venus thought for a moment, then replied. "I don't understand- Them, I mean. Why are they so stupid?" She asked. Things die- It's not a big deal! There are plenty of things in the world, and they will die too. Why does it matter when, and how? She felt the urge to punish these dragons, and give them a taste of their own medicine. Amber watched as Glower lifted her wing. She hoped that she didn't hold grudges.... ((Oh by the way, Amber doesn't know that she's the only one who can sense emotions))
  16. Venus understood now. She looked at the meat and took a large bite out of it. Her eyes lit up as the flavor pervaded her mouth. She took another large bite and before she new it, she had eaten it all. Unsatisfied, she grabbed the other rabbit and ate it too- But this time, she was slower. She now noticed the black wisps, but thought nothing of them. What could black wisps possibly do to her? She laughed, mentally.
  17. Venus nodded. And they're just animals. Their life isn't important. She thought, not noticing the black smoke hovering around her and slowly seeping through her scales. She inched towards the rabbit, inspecting it carefully- Not for anything, just to see how it looked. It smelled delicious.
  18. Venus jumped up and hovered next to him, her eyes gleaming eagerly for a taste of this so called "meat". meat- The word itself seemed to have a taste. She wondered why she had never had it before- It now seemed like it would be so easy to get. All I would have to ddo is kill something. She thought, laughing at her previous stupidity. Besides! Blood wasn't dirty. It was just like water, but red.
  19. This is the lowest it's been in FOREVER O.O
  20. Venus thought for a moment. "They were poor and had no power. They gave me wood to lay on, disgusting bugs to eat, and claimed it was the best they had. Maybe it was- I don't really care. It just wasn't good enough." She tossed her head back in annoyance, remembering. Now that she thought of it.... Why didn't she just take what she wanted? It would have been so much easier than seeking out a new caretaker... She deserved it after all- They didn't even work hard. That was why they were so poor. But she worked hard- Being beautiful. Therefore, it would have been fine to take things. Actually, even if she wasn't pretty, she still could have stolen things! What did it matter that they starved? They weren't important, but she was.
  21. Well technically I couldn't have known this, but when getting copper eggs when they first were released, I just stayed in the coast biome and only got green eggs >.> I didn't even know that different colors were in different biomes....
  22. Awesome! I'm on my iPad right now, and I think I can already tell the difference! Or maybe that's just me Anyways, thanks!
  23. Venus looked at how Crusher positioned the fur, and copied him. She then examined the blood on her paw. "Hmmm, I guess it doesn't really make a difference." She said- Although, she didn't wipe the blood off.
  24. "I can fly myself, thank you very much." Venus replied. She didn't mean to sound sarcastic, but did a little bit anyways. She rose upwards, following Crusher.