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  1. ((That's ok! Happens to everyone ^^ Also, what happened to the dragons on the other side of the cave in? Seems like it's just Venus' group and Amber's group >.>)) Venus flew a couple inches above the ground next to Jorack, watching him carefully. She wondered why he chose hot- If it was cold, he could always wrap himself in leaves, or curl up into a tiny pathetic ball, but if it was hot... Well, she could pull his scales off.... ------------------------- Amber was about to question Sky, but decided it might make him more stressed. Instead, she asked So what should we do now? We could go and try and find those tribal ruins Ren was talking about; Maybe there will be food there!
  2. Woot! Passed 1,050 A banner to celebrate: [url=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=149771][img=https://i.imgur.com/ez5m18b.png][/url]
  3. ((I was waiting for Dream Dragon to post. Also, I'm confused, is Jorack a geode or a stone?)) Venus rolled her eyes. "It could be... Special acid. That won't kill you." She decided, before agreeing to get her pet a "place". She whispered to Crusher, "Let's make it a really cold place, so he'll freeze. Oh! Or a really hot place!"
  4. O.o Stone mass breed? Nocturne Lol, I don't even know the difference, mostly because I don't collect either.
  5. Venus spun in the air. "Yes! Yes, let's make him run races and swim through acid and sit through fire and..." She trailed off. She. Tried to be as enthusiastic as she could: Jorack would be to gross to play with if he were a zombie.
  6. Voted, for somebody else :3 I hope I get at least some votes.... Anyways, they're all awesome!
  7. Phew! I made it just in time! Here's my entry: sunset
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    Kiyye's art

    ♪Hello and welcome to Kiyye's Art!♪ Welcome to my art thread :3 Some of you may remember me having one a while ago, before my dreaded hiatus, but since then I have been out of practice spriting, and due to a computer accident lost my photoshop and artsy programs like that, I will no longer be doing sprite orders D: Rules! There aren't many, but please read them: Please, please know the difference between constructive criticism and just plain criticism! Constructive criticism is giving tips and advice so the person can improve their art, and being NICE about it. Regular criticism is being mean and judging someone's art, and saying "it's bad" without being helpful at all. In the pony request forms, under the field marked And? put something that is your favorite color: example: My favorite color is blue, so I write "sky". My favorite color is pink, so I write "rose." PONY REQUESTS ARE FREE. DO NOT ASK WHAT THE FEE WILL BE. THERE IS NO FEE. For pony requests, PLEASE use and completely fill out the request form. I will not take your request if you don't/incorrectly fill out the form! I think the arts I will be doing here are: Photography and possibly drawing ponies? Photography... Anyways I needed a new hobby, since I lost my drawing programs, so I decided to take a stab at photography (not literally!) So in this thread I'll post all my photos, available for: • Your viewing pleasure (if they're not to horrible...) • Constructive criticism! I really need tips and such, to help improve my skills! I guess I'll also be taking requests for drawing ponies (from MLP: FIM, not real ponies!) but I can not promise they'll be any good! I'm out of practice drawing them, plus my drawings weren't very good to begin with, so feel free to not request any if you think they're crappy! I would appreciate constructive criticism on these too! I can draw them with pencil, or digitally using my iPad: Pony request form: [b][FONT=Geneva][SIZE=14][COLOR=gray]I'd like a pony![/COLOR][/SIZE][/font][/b] [u][i]Name:[/i][/u] (optional) The name of the pony. [u][i]Race:[/i][/u] Pegasi, Unicorn, or Earth pony. [u][i]Gender:[/i][/u] Female or Male (Note: I draw females better...) [u][i]Mane:[/i][/u] Quick (or not so quick!) description of the pony's mane! Should include the mane's color(s) and shape. [u][i]Tail:[/i][/u] Quick (or not so quick!) description of the pony's tail! Should include the tail's color(s) and shape. [u][i]Coat color:[/i][/u]The pony's coat color (body color). Also include info if the pony has designs on it's coat (ex. A zebra) [u][i]Eye color:[/i][/u]Pretty simple: The pony's eye color. [u][i]Cutie Mark:[/i][/u] The pony's cutie mark. Reference pictures help! [u][i]Other important info:[/i][/u] Other details about the pony that weren't covered already. (ex. Wears bracelets, Has dragon wings.) [i][u]Reference pictures: [/i][/u](optional) other pictures of the pony. While these are optional, they are EXTREMELY helpful!! [i][u]Style:[/i][/u] I can draw ponies [url=http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Dvaj2roLgBg/UH42Mrd3c2I/AAAAAAAAEqA/UWnNhQRK-E8/s1600/bbbff__s_wallpaper_by_thetidbit-d4xrw1q.png]BBBFF style (click for example)[/url] or regular, show style. (Note: BBBFF style is simpler and sometimes comes out better!) I can do these in pencil, or digital style. Digital takes a lot longer. [u][i]Pose:[/i][/u] The pose the pony is in. The simpler the better! [u][i]And?:[/i][/u] ----- Sorry it's kinda long ^^; Here's an example, using my OC Melody Swirls: (Actual requests I do will be MUCH neater than this!!!!!) And now...... Photography! I'm really, REALLY new to photography and I don't know really anything about it ^^; Also, right now my only camera is an iPad mini, so I apologize if any pictures are low quality. Tips and such are greatly appreciated! Here are some photo examples (click for bigger): You can find a full gallery of all my photos HERE, or by clicking the waving pillow pet gif in my signature! If you have a photobucket account, please leave comments! Almost all of my art will eventually appear on my deviantart page too, HERE! Other art stuff that I might make will be here, not on photobucket, so remember to watch me
  9. "You can be my little toy- I'll play with you, and you can't do a thing about it!" Venus laughed, in reply to his first questions. "Does it matter?" She said, not really asking for his opinion. She was growing a little bit imatient with his questions. Why won't he just fight back already? She wondered, irritated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Amber opened her mouth into what would have been a frightened squeaking sound. The vampire was right outside the hole. She grabbed Sky and pulled him as hard as she can, before freezing up. She wished she wouldn't freeze when she was scared- But he was so evil, and so close. Someone help me pull Sky up!!! She panicked.
  11. Venus eyed him carefully before speaking. "My name is Venus." She tosssed her head, releasing her tail and circling around him in the air. "Don't get any ideas about flying off. If you do, I'll have to set some limits..." She said, running her sharp talons down his wings.
  12. Well I'm not an approver, but I'm pretty sure you have to be a dragon from dragon cave >.>; Correct me if I'm wrong! Also sorry if this is obnoxious. I really like your OC though @u@
  13. Amber slithered back nervously, her feelings a bit hurt. All this danger must really be getting to him. She thought with sympathy. So, what should we do? She asked Crusher. Venus, her eyes shining with excitement, grabbed the helpless hatchling by the collar and dragged him over to a tall rock. She dropped him forcefully onto the precarious tip of the rock. "So what might your name be, my pet." She asked, her voice reflecting her graceful yet menacing movement through the air around the rock. Smiling, she flicked her tail around his throat, tightening it so he could just barely speak. Her paw rested on his back, ready to push him off if he tried anything funny. Well, by funny she meant annoying. Pleading for mercy and signs of defiance would just make everything more fun. (( .... Paw? Dragons have paws, right? ^w^"))
  14. What? What list? Hospital?
  15. What are you so excited about?
  16. Venus jumped with glee. "Oh yay! Can I have him now? Can I?" She asked Crusher. She then looked at the hatchling, who was cringing in agony, and laughed. ------------------------------------------ Amber looked at Sky, wondering why he was mad at her. The Vampire and two other enemies are out there. Sh ewarned. You should come back in.
  17. I'm a collector I guess. I like to have male and females of each dragon, and I like shorter, nicer lineages better. Although tinsels are an exception to this- I LOVE long lineaged tinsels @u@
  18. Another fail >.> Using THIS CB female ice
  19. Not currently, but SOON TPBM has an iPad/phone
  20. Venus glared impatiently at Zenogor. "Get on with it! You're so slow." She complained. "I want him alive." She added, to confirm. "After all, he's no fun if he's dead." Hovering in the air to the right of Jorack, she looked at him quizzically. He was really still sitting there? I thought he would have tried to run by now... She thought, disappointed. While it would still be enjoyable to play with a tired, beat up dragon, it would be even more fun to chase after a healthy and full of fear dragon who thought he stood a chance.
  21. Venus smiled eagerly, staring at Zenogor. "We'll hurry up and decide already!" She said playfully, forgetting her dislike of the zombie. She then looked at the stone dragon, who now seemed to be paralyzed with fear. Brother? She thought. They didn't really look like brothers at all... Who knows what they were going on about. What matters is that she was about to get a new pet to play with. -------------------------------- Amber nodded obediently. She strained to find Sky again- He was moving so fast. Sky.... She called. Sky! The hole is over here. You have to get out of there. She hoped Sky could find the hole- Her transmission wasn't very powerful and he might be mislead. Although it seemed like he wasn't as scared anymore. That's always a good thing. (( Where's that map again? I can show you, but first I have to find the map ))
  22. ((How about Amber can only really faintly sense evil crusher when he's cloaked?)) At first, Amber didn't sense anyone else. Then, she gradually became aware that there was someone else there. SHe couldn't tell who, though. I think so... I can't tell who it is. There is something blocking me... She answered, not sounding confident. Suddenly, the dragon was no longer blocked, and she sensed that it was evil- Almost definitely the vampire from before. Now that they were both there, she realized with horror the evil that lurked within evil Crusher was the same evil that now resided in the unknown hatchling. Amber's eyes widened, startled by the prospect that the vampire could turn others bad. Could he- Could he really? How could.... She thought. She sensed someone else, too- two dragons. Dragons she had definitely never seen before. They were faint, but one of them seemed to also be evil... There are three other dragons now. One of them is definitely the vampire, two I've never seen before. She reported to Crusher. She then sensed Sky slither away in panic. Now Sky's running away. --------------------------- Venus laughed. She could have easily followed the hatchling, but she decided to let him go. Maybe he could even find his friends and tell them they had a new enemy in town- Or, better yet, maybe they would blame him for making a bad impression! She then noticed Crusher and another dragon. It was truly disgusting: It had rotting, sickly colored flesh and gave off a putrid stench. Although this bothered Venus noticeably less than it would have before, she still looked at the creature with distaste. Then, with her keen eyesight, she spotted a grey hatchling hiding in a bush. It seemed to be around the same age as her."Well hello there." She said with a sickly sweet voice. "Why are you hiding in that bush?" She said, pushing away the bush and exposing the dragon for Crusher and the zombie to see. She laughed slyly.
  23. Just missed dino.... I don't even know how. I clicked it, but the next thing I know it's trying to save the image...
  24. Flowers are edible... Right?