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  1. a space aliean is a person who comes from up there * points at sky * ooh shinys & bullet pierces tree * * veers away from bullets. i scold u. bullets are not for play. bullets are for killing. killing is not play.
  2. i used to be a toy but i ran away because ninjas are aweosme. i am arthur ang i am a dragon pillow pet. fish are those little slimy reptile thingys that swim in water. they also pee in water. we can play stalk space alien argue girl! * continues to stalk water scorplion *
  3. ooh look, the winged human drank fish pee to.
  4. well boo to iaza.com ooh look, the person who likes to argue with the jedi. i shal stalk her now * stalks WaterScorpion * hey looks its gir! hi gir. * continues stalking *
  5. fine mr.iamzeheroandallthisisnonsense guy. your mission is to chat. NINJA!!!!!
  6. i found a dragon called kiyye hertaa and it a nebula! PWnd
  7. ooh water. * drinks from river * bech. fish pee.
  8. ooh candycane! i will take that now. * flies of with candycane * * avoids walls * * easts candycane * * continues to stalk jedi (40) * oooooh what is that long silver buttony thing u are holding, jedi?????????
  9. ooh magic. ima follow you now * stalks jedi40 *
  10. I want to have a Scroll Helper! Forum Name: kiyye Scroll Name: kiyye Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/kiyye Wishlist: i despratley need lots of female cb mints!!! my full wishlist is very long and is on my profile. Preferred dragons (Which do you want first off your wishlist?): needneedneed lots of female cb mints!!!! i want a RED nebula, a pillow dragon, a vine, and a chicken. Certain Helper? (Or a random one): random Anything else?: ummm no.
  11. NINJA!!!!!! * steals muffin * i shall give this to derpy hooves. * flies off * OOF * flies into wall and drops muffin *
  12. Aaahhhh human with wings!!! Fly awa- ooh pretty lights!
  13. NINJA- pause - hmmmmm thats suspicious are you a jedi? hmmmmmmm whatev NINJA!!!
  14. woo hoo, got both of mine!! anyone have an image of what they look like as adults? very curious :3
  15. its supposed to be fast :3 its a dragon pillow pet who is obviously a ninja. hey batman spork maybe we can be friends. batman is kinda ninja like, right??
  16. Why does fate shower me with sickness and infections during holiday seasons? Why fate, WHY!!!!!
  17. Flys above everyone's head and screams ninja
  18. i only have on kinda good one. - TvCeL http://dragcave.net/view/TvCeL like TV sell? i dunno update: and i also have a ochredrake whoose code is con9m. makes me think of con-man. to bad shes a girl! http://dragcave.net/view/con9m and a sunsong ampithere whoose code is OdagT http://dragcave.net/view/OdagT maybe like oh dang or oh dang tree? my mint is ofUNb http://dragcave.net/view/ofUNb it looks like of nub and that sounds funny http://dragcave.net/view/aec3r makes me think of ace-er http://dragcave.net/view/0hiUF sounds kinda like oh i owe you f or oh you f. and i mean the letter f.
  19. Username: kiyye Name: amber sunsett ( amber for short ) Gender: female Type/Breed: sunsong ampithere Power: has a way of getting into trouble, but not getting punished for it. almost like persuading. Personality: very friendly, jumpy, and over reacts. gets into trouble. Appearance: looks like a normal sunsong ampithere, but she's not strong and is very thin Age/Stage: just grew wings History: her parents both died in an ice storm, and she loves adventure, so she just flew of to join fellow hatchlings in this clan. Extra: she is.. random. and immature.
  20. heres mine. in case you cant tell, it says kiyye: