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  1. ((I don't really know what to post for amber ^^wink.gif)


    Venus considered what she should learn. After a brief moment if silence, she answered "I'd like to know how to do fancy fighting moves." She would like to learn how to fight in the air, but she didn't think the zombie could fly. Oh wait. That means she had an opportunity to ask if he could fly and, if he couldn't, make him jealous and annoyed! "I'd like to learn air combat too. That is, if you're capable of teaching it..." She added.

  2. Oh! good idea! Amber thought happily, beginning to scoop the dirt away with her wings. She didn't mind them getting dirty- She could always wash them off. Or maybe if she learned to fly, she could just fly around and the dirt would blow off...




    "Okay!" Venus replied, glancing at Jorack and making sure he wasn't trying to escape. "Well I'm a fast flyer and I have good eyesight." Venus stated, in reply to Zengor asking what she was good at. Of course her answer would have been "everything" but that wouldn't help with her training. Besides, Zengor probably already knew she was good at everything... "No, I haven't been trained before. Venus was born a good flyer, and she didn't know this but her new strength from Crusher's corruption had made her even better.

  3. The Imperials remind me of the Dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park xd.png

    TRUE 0.0


    Also, after looking closer the imperials do seem to be a bit too detailed ^^; but they're great all the same, and I don't know a thing about spriting anyways.


    This is page 42 wink.gif

  4. WOOT!!!!!!!! Lovely adults! We did a decent job predicting Bleeding moon, but nobody saw imperial fleshcrown coming xd.png While I do like all the sprites, dat male fleshcrown is awesome biggrin.gif Although I think I liked the bleeding moon hatchies better.


    Hmmm... Now that I see the adults... I think I may remember seeing those on the completed list. I FEEL OLD NOW.


    ETA: Wait what? .... TJ.... You didn't freeze your hatchies ^^;

  5. Agreeing with the majority of people here, I don't like it at all. Actually, I REALLY don't like it at all. I really really really hope TJ might possibly change it back, but if not... Looks like I'll only be breeding 4th gens for the rest of my time here T.T

  6. I just got pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of time today! I'm starting to regret choosing skitty, but otherwise I'm enjoying it. The battle mechanics took some getting used to, though. For a while I couldn't figurge out how to use attacks and just attacked with A xd.png I think once I finish it I'll get explorers of darkness and chose pikachu.


    As for the ranger series, I played them all and really liked them biggrin.gif Those two are the only spin offs I've played

  7. Personally, my favorite games are HG/SS with platinum as a close second. After platinum I never really got into diamond and pearl ^^; Black and white I didn't really enjoy: I feel like they were trying to hard to make cooler graphics. Personally I liked the simpler look. Also I didn't like a lot of the new pokemon, especially the starters. Strangley I've never played any of the gameboy games.

  8. Venus giggled, her tail swinging. She flew up a little bit and looked down at Jorack- He blended in nicely with the room. Venus turned back and nodded with approval to Crusher, after smiling venomously at Jorack. Venus thought about Crusher's question for a moment before answering. "It should be a perfect balance between warm and cold except just a little bit on the warm side." She stated, without noticing how picky her demands were.




    Okay, good plan. Let's start. Amber said. She slithered forward to help, but then realized... Oh... I don't have any paws, so I guess I can't dig. She hit the wall with her tail, but nothing happened. So she slithered back next to Stoneza looking guilty. Suddenly remembering the dragons she heard earlier, Amber now sensed more dragons. The two from earlier were still there, along with.... Ren? No, it probably wasn't Ren. They were so far away she had probably mistaken Ren for some other dragon. She thought she sensed another dragon a little farther away than the three, but she couldn't really tell. Or maybe it was two dragons. I should just stop trying anyways- They're too far. I'll just get false information.

  9. Venus saw the looks on the dragon's faces, her tail flicking with delight. The zombie was surprised- Maybe that would teach him something about who has the real power here. Jorack looked pretty discouraged, probably thinking he would die here. He was probably right.... But not yet. "It's perfect!" Venus said in reply to Crusher's question.




    I'd vote for digging, because we don't know if there are other ways.Amber said. Then, to Crusher, she added And I think SOMEBODY is hungry... She glanced at Sky. Hunger was probably what was making him grouchy, same with everyone else.

  10. Venus watched, mesmerized as Crusher transformed the cave into a boiling hot cavern. She looked with awe and satisfaction at Jorack's prison, wondering how he would react. "More visitors?" She perked up. I'll go look at them once Jorack comes over here and sees his home.




    Amber paused for a moment to confirm her suspicions- Yes, the dragons were even closer now and they were definitely stronger left of the tunnel. She slithered over where she thought the opening might be. Right over here, I think there's an opening. This wall here is probably really thin- We can dig through it

  11. Alright. Amber replied. She tried to see if there were any nearby dragons. She could use them to see where their signal comes in strongest- This would be an opening. Unless, of course, the other dragon was in the cave... She closed her eyes and concentrated and, to her surprise, faintly sensed 2 dragons. They were definitely pretty far away- and in the air- but she could still sense them. She thought maybe they were arguing. She tried to find a place where she could sense them better, and noticed the hole Sky had come through. No, that won't help.... she thought to herself, frustrated. Trying to block out the hole, she noticed the dragon's signal's were ever so slightly stronger from the left side of the tunnel behind them. I think I may have found something!




    Venus squirmed in anticipation. "Yes! He asked for hot, right? We could fill it with fire along all the edges, and we could put hot coals all along the walls, and steam! We could make steam, too!" She spouted out suggestions like a witch in a broom shop. She flew to the other side of the cave and back again, combing it for anything cool. Coincidentally, she didn't find anything.

  12. ((Telepathic speaking! That's her power wink.gif It's more strong than normal dragon's telepathic.. ness? xd.png I meant to put it in italics but since I was just doing Venus I accidentally did quotes xd.png))