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  1. But maybe it's a cyber-monday release?
  2. Oh no is this dangerous now?
  3. Could it be mine pretty please?
  4. "Brrr. Its kind of chil-" Chase cut himself when he heard what everyone else was saying. He quickly peered out the windows and saw the dark silhouettes beginning to surround the car. "Oh no Not d-d-dementors. Quick everyone lets find a teacher. I don't want to stick around to see what they are planning to do. I've heard awful stories about them. Alia, Bella everyone hurry." Chase put on a courageous face, but he could he could feel his legs shaking from being this close to the dementors. He frantically searched for anyone in the car who could help.
  5. (( Yes i believe so.)) "Oooh Gryffindor. And an auror? So cool. I really wanna get into Hufflepuff. Everyone seems to laugh at me for it but all the people from Hufflepuff, that I know at least, have all been friendly and nice. And since those are good things to be Hufflepuff seems like a fit." Chase seemed to like the new girls. "Two Gryfindors. That means they cant be that mean could they?" Chase thought to himself. As the train chugged on, He could feel the anticipation swelling inside him about Hogwarts. He caught himself drifting off and imagining an extravagant opening ceremony
  6. Banned for owning more ducks than I'll ever see in my life
  7. "Alia and Bella, very pretty names. Lets try to find a seat here. If there are any left." Chase chuckled a bit. He was glad that he found some people who at least seemed to be nice people. It had seemed as if quite a lot of the people he saw rushing on before him were quite snobbish. As if he had always been a part of the group, Chase walked along with to find an empty group of seats amongst the rabble of students. After a little searching, they sat down and Chase started to try to get to know these new people. "So what house do you all want to be in? I've heard all theses people ta
  8. Because you abused your dragons by throwing rocks at them. How do I revive a thread?
  9. Sorry but I'm going to have to decline.
  10. Yes, They prefer a sacrifice of one unsaved, 12 page long essay on the history of the word the. It must be filled out precisely and accurately. Why don't I have a gold yet?
  11. After stowing his luggage, Chase began to make his way to the train. As Chase was shuffling through the crowd of students, He found himself fantasizing about the upcoming year. He had heard so many good things here, especially about the people. Not being Afraid of people he Just walked up to the closest group of people he could find(Bella and Alia). He strolls up next one of the girls and starts to chat with them, flashing a slight smile and poorly hiding his french accent, so not to come off as too strange. "Hi. You two look like pretty nice people. I'm Chase, nice to meet you. I
  12. Phew... Running is tiring. Mind if i join?