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I'm happy to breed anything on my scroll - please PM me if you'd like to trade.

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    I love breeding eggs for keen collectors, so feel free to PM me if there's anything on my scroll you'd like me to try to breed. I have CB of all common, rare and holiday dragons, apart from Arcana, and a CB Prize, so I'm glad to help with breeding projects. I just ask that you keep and name any dragons I gift. (ETA: I've noticed some people trading my gifts - not on, people, not on! If you don’t want gifted eggs, please gift them to someone else.)

    As a side note, I have spells of being active on Dragcave, and some long periods of inactivity, so if I don’t respond to a message promptly, it’s likely that I’m just too busy at work to check here.

    I'm currently looking for a few things (for any bred dragons, parents must be nicely named, ie no CB/code in the name):

    *Most important*
    2nd gen Male Bronze or Silver Shimmers, particularly with Xenowyrm or Copper mates
    2nd gen Prizekins from male Silver Shimmers, especially Xenowyrm, Zyu, Copper, Pyralspite or Stratos

    3 Neglected Dragons, ideally CB (my attempts keep failing) (1m, 1f, 1 ungendered)

    2G Silver Tinsel from female Tercorn (not related to Paulin Yinesster)
    2G Silver Shimmer from Floral-Crowned (not related to Grab Mane)
    2G Gold Shimmer from female Aeria Gloris (not related to Gimli)
    2G Bronze Tinsel from female Boreal (not related to Pipi)

    *Wanted for breeding pairs*
    2nd gen Almandine from Arsani mother
    2nd gen Almandine from female Gold
    2nd gen Silver from female Blusang
    2nd gen Holly from female Gold (need 2)
    2nd gen Radiant Angel from Gold mother
    2nd gen Arcana from female Gaia

    *Also want*
    CB Golds (obviously! 😊)
    CB Silvers
    CB, or EG PB Aeons
    CB Mageia
    CB Gaia
    CB June release Xenos and mystery egg
    2G metals from holiday parent

    *Can get easily, but may trade for (especially if hatched)*
    CB Whites
    CB Tercorns
    CB Stratos
    CB Alcedine Wyverns
    CB male Pygmies

    *Can always use more*
    CB Gold Florets
    CB Green/Blue Coppers
    CB Monarchs
    CB Spessartine
    CB Tan Ridgewing
    Purple hatchlings, any lineage
    CB Xenowyrms

    *For friends*
    Any Neglected dragon
    Red or Pink hatchies (any lineage)
    Trio set, any lineage

    I like pretty checkers with nice names, especially if the colour pairing is attractive. I love cuckoo eggs (different breed/colour to either parent, so includes hybrids, non-purebred alts and colour variations).

    I’m not interested in codes, except for Signe (ideally in this form, or all upper or lower case).

    I’m also not particularly interested in Thuwed or Saltkins, except where they form a cuckoo egg (see above for my definition of cuckoos).

    [Last updated 27 June 2020.]