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  1. runs to go rebuild...... thanks.....
  2. finished 550 hp PLEASE DO NOT THROW SNOW THANKS
  3. How do u delete items from your fort on a Mobil phone thanjs
  4. thank you for the new dragons <3
  5. oh good so I should be able to get all 5 new eggs thanks so far got 3
  6. how many dragons do you need for the extra slot?
  7. happy b day DC was hoping for some new eggs just not soooo many ho well
  8. just gave my first 10 some took all of the ornaments and made a tree within the tree good job
  9. me i like the look of a nice clean tree I also look under the tree to see how it was used I do not like trees that have everything throwen onto them & I know some of you did not mean for some of the stuff to be on the outside of the tree but the ones that have this are getting a low grade from me so far I have not given out a 10 but a few 7,8 & 9 good luck everyone
  10. where is the link to see thoe others's trees?
  11. all done looking foward to all of the entries
  12. got mine tonight glad that is over whew took forever!
  13. are these today eggs only cause I am not having any luck catching em either got a few goodies tho
  14. kathy5

    10 on 10-10-10

    just logged on tonight & gor 2 of each thanks TJ
  15. thanks for letting me know aboutvthr refresh.... will try on my next splash congrats to all who have gotten there badges
  16. hello can anyone who had done the splashing and got a badge explain how it works? i have been splashing for 3 days now and the count does not seem to change just resets back to 00\40???? and what is the pp for thanks
  17. ok so I just found out about this splash option does it still work I have been splashing also I notice that some people have a bade for the 2 new dragon realease how do I get 1 of theos badges?
  18. kathy5

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    i love the female ridgwings not to crazy about the other dragon or the male ridge but it is great to have new dragons
  19. kathy5

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    ok let me see if i got this right 2 new eggs out but each one could be different colors? very cool thanks tj
  20. I now have 1 of each of the new eggs happy
  21. kathy5

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    I have three greens one yellow and one red