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  1. Did you fill out the raffle page you were directed to in email? Did you save your choices? Did you receive any confirmation of doing so?


    Yes I filled out the raffle I Picked a name I'm not sure if I receive a confirmation tho what should I do also my scroll is empty so I have plenty of room for my prize egg

  2. I have a question I did the carnival games and only ended up with 18 items I can't seem to go back and explore again do I need to start it all over from the beginning to find all 25 items?

  3. so maybe the new eggs will have a longer drop time??? seeing as there now being dropped at a busy time od DC.

    me I don't mind at all that much I got the new eggs when they were dropped at midnight just got them at a normal time the next day so I guess all that really matters is that we get a new eggs & not at which time the new eggs drop

    If there to hard to get I have friends who can help me as well good luck all smile.gif