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  1. @julesjag1 I hit the wrong button on our clean penk lines please re ask
  2. Ii’m looking for a member in d.c. who goes by Julesjag1 I want to trade for clean pink lines I hit wrong button sorry
  3. Thank you all to all involved with this release Happy birthday D.C.
  4. Hello I'm looking for ladychimeria I set up my trade in dc wrong please go check again I would love to trade with you Kathy
  5. Thanks been needing something to do in dc
  6. Seeking purple & yellow dinosaurs A neglected Thanks for looking my scroll link is in my signature
  7. H. 3 prize winning dragons one of each color Gold, silver, & bronze. W. Purple or yellow dinosaurs egg or hatchlings This is a 3 for 1 or 2 trade Thanks for looking
  8. I have one of each gold silver & bronze eggs from the prize dragons I will give my 3 for either of the dino eggs please pm me thanks or please let me know what I might need to do this trade thanks
  9. Hi I'm not sure what happened. I play on a samsung 8 phone, the menus was working in July but isnt now I have PM t.j.
  10. Done thanks for the information
  11. It's d.c. birthday but we get gifts thank you t.j. and everyone involved
  12. Happy Valentines day everyone thanks t.j.
  13. Thanks tj merry Christmas everyone
  14. Thank you tj I'm egg locked with 7 pretty yellows
  15. Thank you the new eggs/dragons are beautiful