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  1. Hi I'm not sure what happened. I play on a samsung 8 phone, the menus was working in July but isnt now I have PM t.j.
  2. Done thanks for the information
  3. It's d.c. birthday but we get gifts thank you t.j. and everyone involved
  4. Happy Valentines day everyone thanks t.j.
  5. Thanks tj merry Christmas everyone
  6. Thank you tj I'm egg locked with 7 pretty yellows
  7. Thank you the new eggs/dragons are beautiful
  8. question so depending on which dragon you pick that gives you the different backgrounds? I love the lava caves
  9. So how is this event working? I have seen people with loads of new items and I have nothing new to put into my dragon den?
  10. Did you fill out the raffle page you were directed to in email? Did you save your choices? Did you receive any confirmation of doing so? Yes I filled out the raffle I Picked a name I'm not sure if I receive a confirmation tho what should I do also my scroll is empty so I have plenty of room for my prize egg
  11. I do not see my egg will it be placed on my scroll or is there a link I have to click to receive my egg? Thanks
  12. I have a question I did the carnival games and only ended up with 18 items I can't seem to go back and explore again do I need to start it all over from the beginning to find all 25 items?
  13. happy birthday DC thanks T.J
  14. kathy5

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    Thanks to loving these new eggs/ hatchling
  15. so maybe the new eggs will have a longer drop time??? seeing as there now being dropped at a busy time od DC. me I don't mind at all that much I got the new eggs when they were dropped at midnight just got them at a normal time the next day so I guess all that really matters is that we get a new eggs & not at which time the new eggs drop If there to hard to get I have friends who can help me as well good luck all
  16. hehehe I checked the link..... I did not win but I am happy for those who did congrats