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  1. ((I'm super sorry I've been a bit inactive)) Hestia though about what could happen down their, and she wondered if Mystic would want to go. Hestia was awfully interested. "Mystic, how do you feel about going in their?" Hestia asked.
  2. "What's in there? Is it even safe to go into?" Hestia asked. ((Sorry, I've been busy for some time.))
  3. "That would be lovely," Hestia replied. She thought about the Ensia Forest and exploring all of those places, but she wasn't done asking questions. "Down by the Echo River. Why are all the trees dead?" Hestia was still curious.
  4. Can't wait for that new dragon to come out. That should be interesting.
  5. I love Minecraft! It's my second favorite game! It's pretty epic, and straight forward.
  6. That all sounds really painful. I once, when I was a kid, got a ear infection and lost 30% of my hearing in my left ear.
  7. Anyone get what this is saying? It's a Quarter Horse.
  8. Santa Clawz Inferno Mistletoe NorthernLights Holly Molly ((more to come when I get more eggs))
  9. Seeking RPs Username: xxCatastrophic Preferred Style of RP (ex. 1 on 1, short posts, long posts, ect.): 1 on 1 Preferred Genre: Dragon Related, or Harry Potter. Other: Please be Semi-Lit!
  10. Voted. I love all of them, but I love one better than the rest!
  11. Lagmonster JK. Probably Mint and Pebbles.
  12. USA; Ohio to be exact. ..no, you cannot come to my house at least not until its clean..
  13. EVERYTHING HAS TO BE NEAT. Or I will literally get OCD and sleep in our Guest Room. If that's messy, I go to the basement ((Which is like, never dirty at all)).
  14. Well, I've seen many episodes of NCIS, because it's my favorite. (NCIS, for those who do not know, is like CSI (Crime Scene Investigation), and, if you don't know what CSI is, it's about cases that usually do with murder or homicide. Like mysteries and such.
  15. Oh my. That is quite odd. And yes, it's acceptable; but odd.
  16. I can tie my shoes! ..thing is, I learned when I was 10 Well, I can adjust my eyes to look blurry, and when I close my eyes I see colors. As soon as I bump into something and it's painful, it goes numb, and then it goes un-numb in about 10 seconds, and there isn't any pain.
  17. I don't like pictures taken of me; a bit camera shy; and I'm a nerd. Here.
  18. ((Awesome. Just me and you for a while.)) "Poor egg would have had to live alone if it weren't for you." Hestia added on, with a smile on her face. "Well, I'm going to explore this place a bit. I think I like it here." Hestia informed. Hestia flew off to get a drink of water at the Echo River, when suddenly she heard something from that odd, dead looking forest. She backed up slowly and started to walk off towards the Ensia Forest. It was bushy when she first walked in, but it eventually cleared up. It wasn't anything interesting in that forest. Hestia flew back to Mystic. "I've ret
  19. I have a Dorkface! http://dragcave.net/view/La8pO http://dragcave.net/lineage/La8pO Awesome stuff
  20. Love Portal 2. I haven't beat it yet, and now all of you made me want to. Okay, bye now .
  21. Finally, something useful for DESCRIPTIONS. Thank-you, supported.