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  1. Very much loving the new backgrounds but any chance you can have a 'dark' theme version of them? Where instead of the paper/scroll section its more like the Dark Portal theme but with the new backgrounds? The dark theme is a lot easier on the eyes for some of us in that area of the screen as the parchment section is just too bright for people like me who have sensitive eyes.
  2. Game isn't bad, first and primary thought on it was Pokemon in how it starts off but I think thats about the only part thats like that. Rest of the game (for today's task) was kinda fun. Wish it was more.
  3. Why are hybrids not allowed? Some of us limit the number of each breed we collect and some do lifemates with their dragons as well. How are those of us with such self restrictions are to get certain hybrids if we cannot trade for them? I got my Soulpeace dragons through trade, restricting adult hybrid trades is unfair as hatchlings aren't restricted
  4. I will say this. BBWs and Neos will not produce avatars, they are neutral.
  5. Guess its just the black sweetlings that are scroll coded then
  6. There are reasons why we don't want adults to be traded. Yes a lot of the reasons are RP based but TJ has this lovely world pictured it doesn't make sense to keep some RP elements. How would you like it if your parents suddenly decide to trade you for some other kid? I sure as heck wouldn't tolerate it! I doubt adult dragons would feel the same. To my knowledge, its the scroll that's coded for the spriter alts, not the dragons themselves.
  7. The site is about raising dragons, not trading adults. Adults are much more set in their ways and are prone to resist changes while hatchlings adapt easily to new surroundings/owners. Also, what if your scroll gets hit by a rare hack attack and the thief goes and steals your hard earned dragons?
  8. Do note, we do effect how common/uncommon something is cave wise by which ones we breed a lot verses which ones don't get bred as much. Those bred a lot will be less likely seen in the main cave as cave drops while those not bred as often will be seen more in the cave. Over time they always change, one that was showing as super common is suddenly uncommon months later. Also right now, its impossible to get true numbers of how many of each breed there is. Some scrolls are hidden so you cannot even count what dragons are there
  9. drag the spares away and delete them, that's what I did to fic the overlap, had 5 overlapping the same spot
  10. It was your decision to freeze them as hatchlings instead of having two adults on your scroll. It even gives a warning. There is no undoing a freezing spell, no 'OPPS' button you can press to undo something you accepted.
  11. Its something fun to o for most of us and when you hit the max level your entered into a raffle with chance o obtaining a prize dragon
  12. The wing colors we ended up with are a 'gift' something to make it where its not the same for EVERY SINGLE SCROLL like it normally is. It gives that breed a bit of 'spice' in that its not the same exact sprite across all the scrolls. I rather keep it that way.
  13. I've doubts there will be a release till after the new years due to upcoming Christmas release
  14. I feel the tallest tail feather on the adult is too straight, it needs to curve more
  15. What it is, the dragon is still its orginal breed, but is tagged with the zombie code. That is why it looks like it does but still sorts with its orginal breed
  16. I don't think such a bsa should be done. When people breed, they know what they will get based on the parents. I don't want to breed a gold that has common ansesters with a cb holiday and end up with a pink egg. I would be furious. Most would use such a bsa to try getting prize an/or metals from failed breedings. Leave ultraviolets as the only breed that can do throwbacks naturally and no BSA that does it.
  17. The two best ways to encourage people to pick up commons are the following. 1. BSAs that are wanted. Pinks, purples, greens, these all used to be really bad blockers. After they got BSAs they became harder to find. 2. Hybrids also help with blockers, more so if both parents are current blocker breeds.
  18. Bit hard trying to read everything when you've a fussy baby in your arms I WANT TO REQUEST ART! Username: - Dolphinsong Requesting what?: - Adult white with Alt Silver Rosebud, and a pair of hatchlings (one white one alt rosebud) Background?: - None Special wishes: - Nope I am: - Fluffy candy
  19. I WANT TO REQUEST ART! Username: - Dolphinsong Requesting what?: - Adult white with Alt Silver Rosebud, and a pair of hatchlings (one white one alt rosebud) Background?: - None Special wishes: - Nope I am: - Owner of the silver rosebud =)
  20. We do try to keep to the orginal the best we can with only minor changes =) Was fun criting the possible updates for the whiptail
  21. The easiest solution I find with this is simple. Replace the one that refused the CB Holiday (you shouldn't be breeding holiday/holiday except during their season anyways). My CB Rosebud refused TWO CB males before I got one she would breed with. With lineaged ones, just ask for a replacement offspring of that lineage to try with your CB holiday, again this is possible.
  22. TJ mentioned somewhere that he does plan to make Dino Cave into an actual site seeing as so many show a clear intrest in it Forgot where he said that.