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  1. Thank you for the hatchies! May have more metals here in exchange for hatchies once they grow up.
  2. My daughter offered 6 CB metals for a 5th gen Shimmer IOU. Was this unreasonable? The Shimmer-owner thought it was too LITTLE and denied her the spot on the list, but my question is, for Shimmer owners, is 6+ CB metals REALLY the only things you'll take for trades/spots on your IOU lists?
  3. I think it is a sickening slap in the face to the artists who did the "commons" instead of the "rares". The White dragons and the Speckles look nearly as good, if not better, than the gold metals. Just because they drop in the cave changes nothing. It just lets more people enjoy their wonderful art.
  4. If they're hatchies, I would trade a 2nd/3rd gen metal for them. I currently need Whites.
  5. If you were really pagan you would know how to spell the word... But a Yule or Solstice dragon would be perfect. I would love it. I would love to see a silvery dragon to represent the Goddess.
  6. Yeah, right...I can't believe that at all. You have 12 shimmers and no new BSAs on your scroll. Good luck getting anyone to believe that, especially after the comments you made about wanting only CB metals a few pages back. Haha.
  7. I'm pagan and would LOVE to see a Solstice dragon or a Samhain dragon. The more obscure pagan holidays probably wouldn't make it, but those two at least coincide with Halloween and Christmas. Midsummer would be really neat too.
  8. I like this idea. It gives us "have nots" a chance to catch up to the people with a billion Shimmers and CB metals. More alts and more kinds of special COMMON dragons with great abilities would make it so much easier for us to get a shot at the kinds of dragons we can only dream of. This is supposed to be a fun, family friendly game, not eBay where the "rich" people only have a shot at getting the really, really good stuff. My daughter would be happy with inbred Shimmer, as long as she got one. It doesn't have to be gorgeous or 2nd gen like some people insist upon for their shimmers. Eve
  9. No, of course I'm not complaining about THAT. I love seeing them, at last, after years! I just wish trades weren't so inflated right now! That's what this topic is about, trading inflation.
  10. Yep. When trades with 6 CB metals and 4th gen Shimmers can sit for days, you REALLY know its time to just give up! It is pathetic. I know TJ can't control trading, but perhaps something could be done about the amount of rares that drop in the cave? Some rares aren't even rares anymore.
  11. What would be a good offer for a place on a list for a 5th or 6th gen Bronze Shimmer from Lurkers? I am really, REALLY desperate for at least a place on one of these lists, since it would be an amazing gift for my daughter, but I can't find any one willing to accept any type of trade at all. So what should I offer if I find anyone with this lineage willing to trade? Is it worth a ton of CB metals or 4th gen Shimmer IOUs?
  12. There are also insane people who would ignore an offer of several CB metals, 4th gen Shimmers, any commons available, and AN OFFSPRING FROM JEWEL for a place on a list for a 5th gen Bronze Shimmer from Holiday mates...trading inflation THAT insane needs to be worked on. TJ needs to do something if trades are that insane. I know people with Shimmer IOUs expect a lot, but when a lot is actually offered and still refused, then it gets confusing and insane. Does anyone know what a 5th gen IOU for a Bronze Shimmer from Lurker would cost (I assume a non-insane price, ie 6 CB metals, multiple 4t
  13. I hate shows with snobby people who think they're better than everyone because they have so much more. The Kardashians are evil people. I would never watch their show in one million years.
  14. Trading for Shimmers right now is INSANE! I'm trying to trade 3 higher gen Shimmers plus a CB metal for a 3rd gen Gold Shimmer and can't believe I haven't got even one offer. Some of these are REALLY pretty Shimmers too. None above 6th gen. I can't wait til Shimmers are like tinsels. That reminds me, why are trades for tinsels so high lately? People with 4th gen Tinsels are wanting CB metals. Are tinsels in a breeding drought lately? I haven't noticed any at all. My tinsels breed just fine. As for NDs, I have no clue how to get a hold of one of them! I'm at a loss here. I'm thinkin
  15. Another Bilbo egg up for trade. I made an offer. *crosses fingers* Hope it gets accepted! I love the Bronze Shimmer x Lumina lineage so much.
  16. Bilbo's baby was up for trade today, but grew up before the owner could accept a trade. I'm sad! I prolly wouldn't have got it anyway, but still, that is such a lovely lineage! Anyway, Shimmer breeding. Has anyone tried Silver Shimmer x Gold metallic? That would look amazing!
  17. I have a Silver Shimmer x BBW, which is gorgeous, but I would also like to someday get a Silver or Gold Shimmer x Purple. That would look amazing, don't you think?
  18. I took a 3rd gen bred Pink/Arsani checker + 4 CB Magmas for a 4th gen Shimmer egg, so not EVERYONE wants insane trades, even with the massive trade inflation. I am, currently, insanely happy with my Pink/Arsani and can't wait until he hatches. I just have to pray he doesn't refuse his girl!
  19. That....is pretty rude. Are they putting it into click sites?
  20. I really want Silver Shimmer x Red Nebula. I know that would be just gorgeous. Is there a line like that out there yet?
  21. Oh, dear, yes, Limn! I really would ADORE a Purple x Shimmer (any color) lineage! That would be absolutely gorgeous. Female purples/male shimmers preferred. I love female purples in lineages.
  22. I'm really intimidated and worried too, but when she PM'd me back, she was super nice and she didn't outright SAY she was declining my offer, just that she was looking at all offers, and was still looking at some of the really pretty common/rare lineages I offered. Spriters are nice people too!
  23. I offered on Jewel's grandchild too. I hopefully offered some things she wanted. I hope I wasn't rude or anything. I'm trying to be as polite as possible when I make offers on Shimmers. *prays for acceptance*
  24. That IS a pretty big deal, to me anyway. I would be so upset if I lost an egg I owed to someone. I would feel like I failed them. That's just me, though. I really hope the person returns it to you.
  25. I saw Silas's new name...what happened to him!? You lost an eggy? Or got screwed over in a trade? I doubt whoever got it will return it. That must be awful. I hope you get it back!