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I breed on request~ ^_^ I post for myself & my fiance: Sid7044, since he doesn't like talking in forums much. x3(Unfortunately, due to the chaos that is currently my life, I am currently more of a weekend player.)dy7z8l.png2ryq0s9.gif2r5gjtw.jpgTarnlia.pngtarnlia.png

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    Middle of Nowhere, USA
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    Too many to name... But right now it seems that DC is like "crack" - I'm addicted and probably spend way too much time here. xD (Though I do still think of myself as relatively new since I keep learning lots of new things, so if I say something stupid, I'm sorry!)

    I do my best to be friendly and fair to everyone I meet. I'm also a naturally curious person, so if I bug you too much with questions, just let me know. Also if you have questions, comments, or just wanna chat, feel free to PM me, I don't bite. ^^

    I'm in the process of going through my scroll and naming all my dragons, but it's taking a bit of time because of all the thought I try to put into it. (And I've been fairly busy otherwise as well.) I'm working from the "top" down, unless I get struck by inspiration of a particular name for a specific dragon. (Will probably go more into depth for my naming scheme when I have more of them named.)


    I breed on request~ =3
    If I gift you a baby, please name and breed cleanly! (My scroll is home to a few messy and inbred babies, but I don't breed them.)

    I am also willing to trade and I take IOUs.
    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions, or just want to talk. =D


    I seem to have horrible luck catching anything in the caves that isn't common. As such, if you'd like to trade an uncommon or rare for a handful of commons, I will happily catch and/or breed whatever you'd like. I'll even influence and hatch for you if I can. =D



    I really want to breed an Even Gen line of Tinsels, so if there's any way to get 2nd gen Tinsels and Tinsel-kins, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Also looking for CB:


    DanoThePony: Rosebud dragon (Shoshana Celina)
    RavenWolf1010: Valentine (Charis Celina x Mvf6u), Tinsel (Silver) [GW, Gold & Bronze Tinsel Sent]
    terradi: Tinsel (whenever they produce) [Gold & Bronze Bred]

    Owed Me:
    DanoThePony: Red from scroll
    RavenWolf1010: TBD

    Waiting list:
    esnym: (Any Tinsel) [Silver sent!]