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  1. Oh, wow. I have not been here for a while. At least the cobwebs that must have grown in my lair are fitting for Halloween. In any case, this event has really gotten me excited about Dragon Cave again! I've finally managed to get all 24 items from the spooky forest, collected the 49 ToT items (which all are gorgeous), and somehow managed to grab a CB Omen. I couldn't be happier. I'm still missing three years worth of Halloween dragons, but I have all of my favorites, so any others I don't get this year can wait.
  2. Nabbed another Holly off the AP and got this. I love the snow theme. Thank you, SerasVahe!
  3. This pairing is gorgeous. Thank you, Gooster. Another pretty one thanks to Ravenstar. And a Thuwed Holly from Flamesong. Thank you, breeders! I'm very happy with my holiday finds thus far.
  4. Ugh! Egg-locked and the AP is already full of shiny holiday eggs. I have to say, I was disappointed at first to hear the event wouldn't start till Christmas, but I'm getting used to the idea. Sometimes the days after the 25th can be so dreary and kind of a let-down since all of the celebration and events end, so it will be nice to have something to keep the excitement up. Plus, technically Christmas doesn't end till the 6th of January.
  5. I'm so glad to see this is still a thing! I remember it from when I was on a while back and would love to get involved once again. Scroll Name: Zephyrgirl Forum Name: Zephyrgirl http://dragcave.net/lineage/8H2jD http://dragcave.net/lineage/QeNrs http://dragcave.net/lineage/0LcQ4 http://dragcave.net/lineage/eGWRp These are pretty old, so I'm not sure if they count, but there will be some new ones coming along once I'm no longer egg-locked.
  6. Are registration windows open monthly? I'm kicking myself because I missed the June one by just a day. Now I'm obsessively checking the site news everyday because I really want to join!
  7. I was just accepted! I'm loving this site already and can't wait to watch it grow.
  8. Sun Callisto Family High Gen--High Priority Eggs Hatchling
  9. Edit: updated 6/2/16 Sun Callisto Family Hippocampi to Adult To hatchling:
  10. All clicks very much appreciated
  11. Cinspawn, they do need view clicks to grow, but there are no time limits like in DC and the eggs/hatchlings won't get sick.
  12. Wuvs Coffee, I ran into the same problem. I would love to know if anyone knows what is going on and if this game will be playable for new-comers in the near future.
  13. Forum Name: Zephyrgirl Desired Allegiance: All Quest: Quest for Camelot I enrolled earlier and recieved the eggs for Kingship and Valour, but I lost my dragon names due to a period of inactivity , so I'm kind of trying to get back on track and find where I left off.
  14. COUNT ME IN! Forum name:Zephyrgirl Scroll name and link: http://dragcave.net/user/Zephyrgirl Favorite aquatic breed, and why: Waverunner
  15. Andryll: The nebula spread her wings out and began to flap them, rising into the air. How long had it been since she had flown? She was still a bit unstable, not having taken to the air a whole lot, but the sensation was a hard one to replace. There was nothing like shooting headlong towards the stars. The wind whistled past Andryll as she gathered speed and then dipped into a dive, pulling up just in time to miss hitting a tree. Laughter bubbled from her throat as she repeated the stunt and then did a series of spins.
  16. (Yay! Thanks ) Andryll: Andryll wandered the unknown tunnel and spotted a faint gleaming up ahead. As she stumbled out into the open air, the fresh wind filled her nostrils and she gave a contented sigh. Looking up, a sight that she had thought she would never see again filled her vision. Stars! She felt as though she could stare up at them forever! Emotions were still battling within Andryll. She had not been in the cave for long, but she had been around when the death and killings had ended ironically with a tragedy. It was good in a way, but Andryll found it hard to turn from her old habits; the adrenaline rush that came with facing another hatchling as well as the feeling of revenge that flooded her when she saw the beautiful sunsong lying on the hard ground, lifeless and bleeding. That is what her mother had done to her! Perhaps she was still physically alive, but Andryll knew that emotionally she would never recover from her anger and that one unforgettable day. Tessel: Tessel felt the sensation of freedom sink in. Even after this much time, the Royal Blue couldn't get over the fact that his slavery had ended. No more killing and no more cruelty! How could he actually finally be seperated from the chains of abuse and hurt that had chased him for far too long? It was something he dared not question too hard. Instead he found himself a corner away from the others and curled up into it. Just to have complete silence with no one yelling at him was something he was going to have to get used to.
  17. Whoops! Sorry, I forgot about that rule. I guess I should've read the post above me. Unfortunately I wasn't able to send a message because her PM box is full.
  18. Yay! love the Hunger Game and I'm re-reading them for the third time. Username: Zephyrgirl Character Name: Breena Rankine Gender: Female Age (12-17): 17 Skills (Archery, hand to hand, making traps, ect.): Archery Weaknesses (At least two): Hand to hand combat, strength, setting traps. Personality (A good description): She is fiery and tough, but gentle at the same time. She is rather shy and prefers to do things on her own. Her largest fear is betrayal so she has a tough time trusting people. Looks (A descriptive paragraph or a picture): She is sort of short, thin, has long auburn hair and large green eyes. District: 10 Other: None
  19. Is it too late to join? Name: Andryll Egg hatchling elder: Mature Hatchling Gender: Female Breed: Nebula Crush/Mate: Open History: Andryll's father died defending her and her mother before she had even hatched. Andryll's mother was a silver and renowned as one of the most beautiful dragons one could ever lay eyes on. Unfortunately she was incredibly stuck-up as well and saw Andryll as unfit to carry on her lineage. Shortly after the nebula hatched, the silver took her and abandoned her in a thicket of trees only to be found again and captured. Other: Andryll is tough and a rebel. She's had to be just to survive. She's not a friendly dragon, not really wanting to get close to anyone and then betrayed again, she's done that way too many times. In the end, Andryll has one skill she falls back on: fighting. It is where her security lies; in the fact that she can defend herself and triumph over another. In some respects, she longs to have revenge on her mother, she just doesn't know how to go about it and often takes it out on innocent bystanders. Though Andryll is practical, no-nonsense and realistic, there is a soft side to her that she'd rather not show. She still longs to be loved and appreciated. Her weakness is for the night sky. She loves stars and could spend forever staring at them. She has no idea where the connection to the constellations comes from, but decides it must be something to do with her breed. Even with her rocky exterior, underneath Andryll just longs to be a hatchling, to be full of life and enjoy long flights in the wind. Unfortunately, she usually shoots down her dreams with her pessimism before they have chance to take wing. Name: Tessel (Tess) Egg hatchling elder: Mature Hatchling Gender: Male Breed: Royal Blue Crush/Mate: not required: Open History: Tessel's lineage is unknown. He was abandoned as an egg ouside a cave where several dragons found him. None of them really wanted him, but kept him alive anyway as a sort of servant. They would abuse him both verbally and physically and Tessel resented this. The one nice thing about it, though, was that it sharpened both his whit and his defense skills. He escaped at long last, only to be found again and sold to a bunch of other dragons and so began his bondage as a fighter. Other: Tessel hates fighting with every fiber of his being, but he also has a very strong sense of justice. He knows when to stand up for someone or something and can't stand cruelty in any form. He is unselfish, almost to the point of sacrificing himself for another's good and, though reserved and seemingly hardened, his gentle and protective side shows itself every once in a while.
  20. Yep, I've heard trying to get published is a nightmare these days. It's even harder to reach the bestseller list, but if you're dream is to be published, than I say go for it no matter what others say or how many rejections you get! Most of the best writers are the ones that had to go through the most trouble just to get their books in print. Some died long before their books were ever published. Btw, the saying, "we can be our own worst critics" is true. Writers have a tough life, it's not easy to write and edit and polish a manuscript for years only to have it rejected over and over and over again. Aside from the fact that writing just doesn't bring in a whole lot of money. I guess people just have to write because they love it, not to get rich and famous. That being said, I'm attempting to write a novel, though I can't seem to ever get past the first few pages (too much of a perfectionist ). I don't know what genre it is, though I'm thinking maybe historical fantasy? It's set in the dark ages in a fictional land with a culture similar to medieval England. However, I don't have any magic or fantastical creatures in it, so I don't know...