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  1. False! But I really want one! TPBM hates radishs!
  2. I love dogs! They're like loyal subordinates... But they don't complain! WIN!
  3. RvB quotes, because it is the awesomist show ever! Chruch: Okay look guys, I don't mean to be rude, but I've got a missing girlfriend, a guy who's pregnant, an idiot who thinks his pet just died, and out worst enemy is hanging out unsupervised at our base right now. So I really, really, really don't have time for this horses*** right now. Grif: What was that about the pregnant guy? --- Sarge: Shotgun to the face can be applied to a variety of tough situations! For instance, watch how quickly it cures insubordination. --- Grif: Let me get this straight: We're gonna
  4. Somebody like you... In my pants... That almost makes me giggle, and I don't giggle. Don't hold your breath... In my pants... My internet is so slow that I got to listen to both of them before the Reply page loaded... So you got two!
  5. Wishing my Dragon Eggs would just hatch already, I just started and my first four are literally taking forever...
  6. Name: 8/10, I like it personally. Avatar: 9/10, Really like the picture, I love Pluto. Signature: 8/10, Love the image of the anime person, and it's colorful!
  7. Flying is easy, just throw yourself at the ground and miss. I collect quotes...
  8. Rainstar13 died by beint mauled by a herd of rabid monkey weasles were released from a secret high security labratory.
  9. Sit in my corner and listen to Linkin Park and Nickleback...
  10. Everlasting Friend ~Blue October
  11. Granted, but now your ear infection gets so bad it progresses into your brain. I wish I had faster internet connection then dial-up.
  12. No actually, I haven't thrown up in about five years actually... I dont' get sick often. Only colds. TPBM wants to take over the world.
  13. Ardrea likes to use her hidden superpowers to save cats from trees while no one is looking.
  14. You always mash a jumping illiterate idiot. gfhyu
  15. Broodmother from Dragon Age: Origins. Not only is she creepy looking with her tenticles and variously swollen body parts, they way it's made is creepy, where women are raped and tourtured by Darkspawn. .(Which are very discusting creatures anyway but add rape and it's just worst) It takes days of torture and mutation but eventually a broodmother is made. It makes my skin crawl when I have to battle that abomination. I actually dread that part of the game because it means I have to go near it... Ew.
  16. The first Sonic Riders for the Gamecube will always be one of my favorite. I just like it. The original games were awesome... Not so hot about the newer ones. Unleashed was... eh. The Black Knight, I still can't think about that game without wanting to hurt something, stupid battle with the main boss! The Sega collection I liked because I didn't have to go and buy all them seperately. I invested many hours in that game. But my all time favorite game is Sonic Adventure Battle 2 for the Gamecube. I love the game and the choas... Nuff said.
  17. Salazar from Resident Evil 4, not only is he a midget in a blue victorian outfit... He's annoying. He's not really all that scary looking either, he really should retire. But he's not as bad as Alfred, a blond who goes crazy and dresses up like his twin sister and actually thinks he is his sister and talks to himself... It is creepy.