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  1. My dad has shag carpet that is seaweed coloured. Combine this with a dog that isn't toilet trained - you can't see the doodoos. I walk around in bare feet when I'm inside so I got caught like 5 times D: . Me and dad were having an argument about who had to do the washing up.. a stubborn arguement. I had a tankard of pumpkin soup sitting on the bench for aaages... it had like 4 types of mould growing on it. If you don't like blood, there was this incident once... My dad's an alky, and I got reaaaalllllly mad when he came home obnoxiously loud and drunk late at night... threw a bottle of wine at him and it hit. Blood everywhere, I think he mustve lost at least two cups of it. I reckon I gave him concussion but he kept insisting he was alright. --- Still, that didnt gross me out, it might gross some of yous. (the bottle didnt break, either.) My grandma has no concept of food hygiene. "I've had a turkey in my freezer for 3 years you'll have to come help me eat it" yeuch. I ate something at her place once and got projectile diorrhea. all up the wall. Trying to fillet a chicken makes me squeamish; it's so slimy, it's worse than fish. I eat something, then I go eat something entirely different.. indigestion mixes the flavours and thats really disgusting. Can you beat tuna-chocolate-orangejuice or milk-chocolate-bolognaise-peanutbutter? Not following the intructions on antibiotics once. I threw up blue vomit. And it tasted FOOOUUULL. That was a lesson hard leanred.
  2. Babydient (I just like the idea of an obedient baby haha)
  3. Hmmm. negative time egg. Gossiping old bags >_>
  4. I feel like my earliler post was misunderstood, I was not saying to put red letters over the eggs (that seems worse, red aint fun) but offering a comment that the sprites don't have to be altered that we can put the letters there with html/css. About the letters... all colour suggestions for overlay seem bad because we have an egg in every colour. If the letters were outlined in the opposite colour to the rest of the letter would that help or be too big? Unless there is some sort of detect function to discern whether the egg is light or dark to put black or white letters over it... still seems chunky. The most practical IMO is to put the letters beside, above, or beneath the egg/hatchy. ~ ~ Tl:dr Thuban or Olype's suggestion, though the acronyms will need a good thinky.
  5. I am very pro-choice. And not just on this subject either: on any political issue - euthanasia, sexuality, whatever - I am always pro-choice. And if you make a bad choice you'll know that it was your decision and work through it, but if someone else makes a bad choice for you it isnt fair to have to live with that.
  6. Obviously, everyone is going to find different things attractive. I guess that could be why you are asking but, even if the whole forum answers your question, it still won't be cover how wide the range of what people may find attractive is. There are scientific journals everywhere that speak of certain physical traits that are supposed to make someone more attractive, such as Phi or an 'appearance of healthiness'. Western culture shows a fondness for (mostly unrealistic) slender females and muscular men, but other cultures also share different ideas of beauty, such as asian culture (in general) liking a shallow nasal bridge. But that still won't account for someone's personal choice. Me, I like clean shaven, non-hairy men. I'm not fond of guys with those huge 'roidy muscles. But- it is hard to analyze yourself. Emotions don't conform to labels. So even though there are certain men I like to admire more (bishies, british accents) I relatively frequently find myself lusting after guys who fall far outside of those labels. It is very hard to say what I like if what I think I like doesnt match? Emotionally, I would seek a partner who could make me laugh and would enjoy a cuddle. /longwinded
  7. I tend to go nuts every so often and peel away parts of my toenals. It hurts, it gets infected, it ingrows; I know I shoudn't do it, yet still it seems to happen about once a month.
  8. I had a really rowdy geography class. The classroom had one of those folding walls you can push back to make 2 classrooms into one. So the kids in the other classroom were knocking on the wall so my class' fools went and banged back. It escalated and the brats ended up kicking the wall down. I had a problem with bullies too, so one day I took a kebab skewer to school and when one came up to hassle me I chased him down the hallway with it. A teacher saw and I got detention, plus it didnt even hurt the kid cos the skewer broke. A few months later I heard some year 7s gossiping to each other and one goes 'You see her? I heard she stabbed someone... with a knife!" lol.
  9. Hmm, screenshot.. I hope you mean of the actual page ond not of the source code haha Note how some of the eggs/hatchies have letters over them, but that isnt actually affecting the sprite beneath it - it's a seperate image.
  10. What if, instead of altering the sprites, you use an overlay like the fansite Eggs Around The World does? In it's dragonmarket, you can specify things like CB, but it doesnt alter the sprite and is more like a transparent layer going over the image. See example> <img src="static/trade/random.gif" alt="random dragon" title="random dragon"/> <span class="ln"><img src="static/trade/random.gif" alt="lineaged random dragon" title="lineaged random dragon"></span> <span class="cb"><img src="static/trade/random.gif" alt="caveborn random dragon" title="caveborn random dragon"></span> The css part refuses to copy paste but the gist of it seems to be SPAN.cb:after margin-left : -14px content : url('cb.png') SPAN.ln:after margin-left : -14px content : url('ln.png') The work would be in the html coding on every page is all, which I'd bet would be boring and tedious. Also, since it would have to load two images for every egg, that might chew bandwidth a bit. However, I haven't noticed this sort of option mentioned, so I threw it out there for you to see. Disclaimer: If this post makes me look really stupid somehow, I blame the time - I normally avoid posting this late mainly cos I do end up sounding the fool. ---~ Anyway, a colour-blindness option is a very good idea, since it means reaching out to a group that may find things inaccesable normally. (infact I read an article about this, which I could type on and on about for ages... ) I fully support it no matter how it is implemented.
  11. The AP states, "Once an egg has been touched by a human, the human's scent rubs off onto the egg. The mother dragon then will reject the egg and no longer be able to tell that it is her own" Yet a number of the egg descriptions mention things like weight or temperature or tactile sensation, eg "This egg is heavy and rough" or "This heavy egg feels slightly warm" ...which you probably wouldnt know without touching the egg! Why wouldnt mama reject the egg right away? ...Actually, wasnt it mentioned that the CB eggs are like runts that were going to be ignored by the mother anyway?
  12. Morality, to me, is defined by your society. If your society claims that a god has X set of morals and expects you to follow them (thou shalt not kill, anybody?) - I feel that to be societial as opposed to religious; though ofc both may come into play, someone doesnt have to believe in God to follow 'his' rules if the society inflicts punishments for transgressions against them. I use Dwarf Fortress's system of morality/ethics in my head as a way of recognising different cultural values. Since DF has what TVTropes refers to as 'blue and orange morality' it can help us to realise that some societies, such as those tribes "way out woop-woop" may find things like canabilism (sp?) acceptable. Also comparable to the system in the olden days where things such as torture were sanctioned and thus acceptable, yet it is abhorrent today.
  13. I guess I'm an athiest; I'm too sceptical for much else. Divinities IMO don't perform miracles. Still, while random chance can pull some astounding whammies, until a divinity comes up to me and grants me superpowers I'll continue applied sceptiscism. (I sort of have my own made-up religion based around fictional gods from obscure video games and comics, plus from the old polythiestic religions. I know its totally fake but that's reassuring in its own way. A prayer to Fedhas Madash won't be answered, but it feels nice to phrase it in your head. ) That said, I still like to learn about other religions. I tried reading the Christian Bible and found it toooo tedious. The "Blasphemer's Bible" I found on the internet is working better for me. ~Subject substitution/topic transmutation : So what do you folks think of omniquantism as a religion? It sounds like a clever idea but I can't see it being very practical.
  14. go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts open it in something like notepad and add the line facebook.com (or address of any other site to block) (If they are pc-savvy they might try to open it up and fix it but just don't let thier pc access windows directory) Sorry if I'm not clear with phrasing (tired)
  15. My favourite colour is... iridescent! I can find myself liking any colour as my perception is influenced by the colours around it.
  16. I just picked up one of the most inbred dragons I've seen yet: http://dragcave.net/lineage/7A0Z5 Edit: forgot to mention species, its a daydream. TP: Gone~
  17. BBW: DiaLO = 'DiaLo' Whiptail: krgLr = 'Kruglor' (which is a reference to VGCats) G Stripe: NqgNp = 'NuqNip' Ochre: aQuch = 'Qushin' Nocturne: honou = 'Honourel' I was tempted by the code 'gepat' on an ember but I did my more traditonal naming based roughly on breed. Ps. Here are more: G Stripe: fRton = 'Fruiton' (hey, he's a fruity futon!) B Stripe: h33RI = 'Heeri' Snow Angel: Rcha9 = 'Rachangel' Swallowtail: DEpsq = 'Deepsquire'
  18. Some parts of this were copypasted and modified a bit since I tried to collect a bunch of quotes from previous pages that I agreed with but it wouldve ran off the page so thats why some of it may sound familiar ~~~I gave up at about page 27. What, it's late. -People that don't realise that phobia/neurotic/OCD type things of mine are a real problem and say 'get over it' and suchlike. Maybe its my (medically diagnosed btw) autism or maybe I'm just a freak but this is a part of me and it isnt going away just because you don't like it. Guys wearing too much aftershave/deoderant. The cloud of choking fumes extends over a metre past them, a problem for asthmatics. This can apply to women's perfume but I notice it more on guys. Those dratted advertisements where the guy hold down the spray deoderant for like a minute does not help in any way. It isnt cool to suffocate people..! Recieving form letters back from customer support which clearly shows they didnt bother to read your email. "call centre staff whose indian accents are so strong you can barely make out the script they were given to read to each and every problem brought up by a caller." Mosquitoes and mosquito bites and when you go to slap one but hit yourself and dont catch it. -"When someone doesn't use their turn signal" (in this country, we call them indicators) -people stopping in the halls or pathways to talk with friends, for whatever's sake move to the side or something "Narrow-mindedness. Just because you and I don't agree, doesn't mean you have to assume that: 1. There is something wrong with me, 2. I'm stupid/uneducated/unelightened, or 3. That I'm attacking your beliefs/intelligence/etc. " -People who disobey common logic and have to get their own way. -zealots of any kind. science religion twilight whatever. I have my opinion dont go forcing yours on me. Once I've gone 'no thanks' thats your signal to change subjects or hassle someone else. -It is 10 minutes past midnight and the neighbours dogs are still barking. - Anyone who cannot read a basic FAQ. How hard is it to check if your question has already been answered? - My tendency to drop 'mental dictionaries' and turn into a bumbling fool. - Drunks, specifically when they get to that stage where they won't listen to you. -Bullies. I'm overweight and shy, in other words, a target. I had a bag on wheels beacuse textbooks are so heavy, theyd stick thier foot under it. I have a strong aversion to physical contact, so they'd come up and rub me on the back. Teachers were so totally useless couldnt catch any of them so I chased one down the hall with a kebab skewer. (A few months later, I heard a year 7 say to his pal, 'I heard she stabbed someone with a knife' lawl). So, I don't have it as bad as many other kids. You REAALLLLY think thats going to make me feel better? The fact that people don't really get punished for stuff like murder or animal cruelty or molestation, they get minimum jail sentence. makes you wanna be a Violent Vigilante and painfully castrate them or something.
  19. I saw the new colour scheme and was all wtf, then I noticed it was some activism thing. I didnt even know them yankees were being foolish again, but when I tried to sign the 'not in the US' part of the petition (I disagree with censorship highly) it threw an error. Anyhoo, I just think the new colour scheme is ugly (the layout is fine but the colours are all contrasty and blocky), but it makes me wonder if we will see more special event schemes, like holidays or w/e.