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  1. Lagie invented the 'hot chilli tazer' that Aquenee used.
  2. I got Tawdry Pink on a Pink with the code TAWDS (capscramb'd) Seriously? I figured it would be already on a valentine or something.
  3. kijamu is actually not a brony, he hates them, he is just jumping on the bandwagon.
  4. Feel free to mess with the list? Good, now we can all try to figure out which ones work best https://sites.google.com/site/lwnsdragcavel...-blindness-idea <- is my take on it. At the bottom of the table I say "Re seasonals: do we really need to put S before it? why no just make them be eg. Autumn instead of Seasonal Autumn?" This is why I have the 2nd column. Note that it is thrown together in a hurry and may have dozens of typos. I couldnt figure out the spotted greenwing unless the stripes eg white stripe instead of stripe white. (I liked saying stripe white it seems cleaner, oh well.) ps. if you cant figure out any of it talk to me or leave a comment
  5. Maybe, but not everyone realises that 'K'eyplate is black. This is obviously one thats a bit hard. Maybe we could look to symonyms? Such as Dark instead of Black. Or look to more arcane ones such as latin Viola or Umbra (this last sentence is a joke btw). Those letters are too large IMO, You can barely see what is beneath But, maybe that could be an option also? With the html edit (I mentioned earlier) rather than sprite edit, you could have an option for small or large text. Clicking size isnt different either because the sprite is the same size as before; the text doesnt affect it. > colourised because I feel ignored QQ
  6. Well, on the damaged subject, if it isn't something that chronically affects their health, such as a deformity, then it depends on the parents. Consider the Thalidomide babies. While many of the deformed children grew up happy and well-adjusted, just as many didnt grow up at all, or grew up with parents who couldn't bear to look at them (I dont have stats here just anecdotes mind). Would you like it if your parents hated you? Some parents are just not emotionally prepared for an abnormal baby, and if it is going to hurt that baby then it isnt good. Also them medical bills. Even a not-rare cleft palate can have surgical costs that may exceed the parents' means if they are poor. If it is something that chronically affects their health, such as weak lungs, not only are there ongoing medical costs, but the child growing up with hospital and needles etc, they can grow afraid and/or depressed (however, not always; the chance is there but children have certainly cope through it). I'm not neccessarily saying to kill it (maybe not bring it to term if it is detected early enough) but, is anyone really willing to adopt a deformed baby? Good souls might want to help it but there is a great strength of heart required. >yet, Euthanasia may be an option but the baby cannot speak to defend itself and still has the chance to become a good person. tl;dr: deformed babies are fine in good families but may not be fine if the family is poor or if the family can't deal with it emotionally.
  7. "showdown" ...in my pants "walking in circles" ...in my pants "infiltration" ...in my pants (meh.)
  8. Not that any of it's JUNK.... I have cords, pens, about 5 horribly scrawled on notes, and enough discs that were I to attempt to remove one the whole stack should surely land on my head. O, and a trivia game that I'm cheating at by trying to memorise the cards
  9. ^ is wearing a polka-dot muumuu with bright pink galoshes and a clown wig while doing the shopping.
  10. My PB EG Albino lineage uses the prefix Withr- directly conjoined so it isnt a seperate word it is part of the one-word name, if that makes sense? I'm using the whole alphabet and then some, so Withra x Withrb = Withrab, Withrc x Withrd = Withrcd, Withrab x Withrcd = Withrabcd etc. With 32 CB dragons planned the name of the 5th gen will get quite long haha.
  11. Yeah, if you think of a shorter word for each word, it becomes more like 'The lengthy use of long words has a bad effect on the clarity of what you said, making the whole thing hard to understand'. so.. next word. Neglected
  12. No, it's too creepy. (this from the girl with the zombie storm pic but still...)
  13. Secretion OffTopic-PS: This topic reminds me of the quote, "The prolongated application of a polysyllabic vocabulary has a deleterious effect on the fecundity of expression, rendering the ultimate tendency apocryphal". heheh