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  1. ...oops, guilty. If, you got all the easter eggs on the first day.
  2. mostly on placeholders Enter Name Problem Sleuth themed: Quickly retrieve arms from safe Retrieve your gun There are dames to be rescued Break through glass with fist To open door Retrieve arms from desk Abscond with the pie
  3. Eaiting too much easter chocolate will make you sick.
  4. You shouldn't mimic what you see on TV programs like Mythbusters.
  5. Got them all. They are each and all epic but I like the one which sits still for ages then opens up and breathes fire. " *doubletake* that egg wasnt moving before " and the nyan cat egg is cool so is the beach one but best of all is the snowglobe type one.
  6. Polticians these days *facepalm 2x combo* I'm reminded of the last panel in this comic http://www.gynostar.com/archives/1624 if only common sense wasn't so un-common.
  7. Animated signatures and/or avatars are popular.
  8. thegreenrobby likes to waltz with cows while crossdressing.
  9. Catlover was slaughtered by religious fanatics for her percieved evil deeds.
  10. I also agree with above post. Something that spins my head is my own illogic here is that I don't condone killing sapient beings but in infancy humans aren't sapient. They don't develop their sense of self immediately upon exiting the womb. Using pure heartless logic and no emotion, I can't figure it out. Knowing instictively something is wrong but I can't find the why - Obviously I dont call for killing babies but I say fine to kill embryo if there's a good reason (I say 'don't want it' IS a good reason) and this logical fallacy of mine confuses me. Offer your thought on this thought.
  11. dskC0 got Disco Stu. What, no simpsons fans here?
  12. Catlover died from crushing under a massive cat glomp pile
  13. This is something completely unrelated, but it made me think: warning for language http://www.viruscomix.com/page433.html (<---viewpoint:athiest)
  14. Duck (of course not! thats why its fun!)
  15. Catlover died from giving away all his limbs for a 2ndG TinFail RB. The person he sold them to never closed the wounds leaving limbless catlover to bleed and get infected.
  16. I did avoid using 'different caps same letters' duplicates, though. All the acronyms I thought up can have the case changed willy-nilly, no probs. I must've missed the seawyrm as I was scrolling down the list. The exclamation point rankled with me, though if you were to do it with all the differents: splits, pygmies, chickens, cheeses and papers, it wouldnt be such a sore thumb. However, my personal preference still leans toward letter├Ęd acronyms. --- I'd advise against exclamation points though because of the connotation, Re. that I'd stay away from brackets, ! @ $ ^ ? also because of the 'sense' that comes across with the symbol. A whole lot of fuss over nothing? Perhaps, but would you like to imply that $P pygmy is $valuable$ , or that ?P pygmy is ?something unknown? # % & * ~ = seem fine though. The seasonals issue was pointed out; There are already tonnes of acronyms that start with S. Take a look at the spreadsheet stogucheme Coronaviridae *facepalm* posted, scroll down to S and you may see why my second column 'alternates' seemed less cumbersome to me. The one on my site is a bit more out of date, this^ one is updated heaps and you can compare other people's ideas at the same time. I think I covered all response there? Unless you'd rather mark the seasonals with a sun, maple leaf, snowflake, flower