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  1. feh, shoes? I don't bother, I'm like a hobbit, I go barefoot across any terrain - even sharp rocks (the worst, though, was when I walked barefoot through snow. owie!). I only wear shoes when the dress code or OHS demands it.
  2. As with anything else, my knowlegde on this subject is incomplete. However, my understanding of it is they use animal tests first and often it shows them that it is too harmful to use on humans, so many of these things never actually get to human testing. In the case of rats which are bred specifically for testing, the rats are very genetically similar to each other which reduces variables - because rodents have litters you can test one thing on siblings and get more consistent results, because where are you going to find identical octuplets or whatever that are all volunteering? And humans have so many more variables like diet and sleep pattern and stress. I get that the animal has no say in it but at least they are looked after, and the industry is regulated heaps so they need to be looked after or else. I disagree with cosmetic testing, because that isn't anything life-saving or w/e like medicines or vaccines. But for medicines, I reckon you should give life-sentence prisoners (particularly multiple-life-sentenced ones) the option to be a test subject. Or even conscript them for it, but then people go on about human rights and stuff. Even with that I doubt you would get anywhere near enough to make up the numbers needed for the vast amounts of testing that happens. tl;dr My overall opinion though is pretty much 'blind eye'. I get more irked about people who are mean to their pets (look up the rspca or spca or w/e it is in your country, its scary and sad what people do).
  3. I only want to download one small file And IT MAKES ME SIT THROUGH THE FULL MINUTE ONLY TO THROW THAT ERROR WHY DOESNT IT JUST TELL ME IN THE FIRST PLACE SO I DONT _WASTE MY TIME!!!_ guess what im not falling for your scam i only want one file there is no way im going to pay you so [ censored ]. i am not downloading anything else there is only that one item and i cant download it. <----- rant about a file downloading site that pretends I'm already downloading and begs me to become premium, even though I'll never use that site again. *alternate between rageface.jpg and headdesk*
  4. comic: An exaggerated portrayal of Santorum/his opinions on birth control. ... Why do I feel compelled to share this sort of stuff? I don't have anything new to say *wanders off muttering* Ed: Some sort of made up slippery slope arguement? idk im just linking it.
  5. Yeah, it's almost getting bad enough that people would need to apply for a license to say that they are competent enough to raise a child D: just the numbers of children being born into situations that are bad for them with uncaring parents... but thats another topic; this isn't the place for me to rant about irresponsible people. So I was having thoughts, see, and I was reminded of the Unicorn Jelly faq page and how it was talking about homosexual ratios as defined by a number, lemme rummage a bit, find what I'm thinking of,, Here we go: "...in the America of the 1950's when Kinsey and Pomeroy did the Kinsey Report, the average Kinsey number was around 2. If I remember it was something like 2.2, 2.3 somewhere in that range. Mostly heterosexual, some repressed bisesexual tendancies. very few people came up as either a 1 or a 6 (1 is absolutely het, 6 is absolutely homo)..." "...The why of it is complex. One factor is environmental stress. Homosexuality is caused not by genes, but by prenatal homones. In a nutshell, in animals, including humans, when stress,either emotional or biochemical, is applied as specific 'windows' in fetal development. In rats, this can be done with as little stres as moving a cage from one room to another. The key is that the stress has to occur at just the right moment in brain development. There are three such windows. One controls internal gender, or gender identity. Another is where the brain develops the function if which sex it will be attracted to directly. The third determines behavoral characteristics such as nurturance behavior...in humans, what we could call core masculine or feminine traits. Any combination is possible. You could end up with a straight man who exhibits feminine behavior, or a gay man who is tough and butch as hell. You could end up with partial results...a bisexual woman who is very feminine, or a straight woman who is very masculine seeming..." The article is a bit longer than that so I just copied the most relevant part. http://www.unicornjelly.com/bestforum1.html#HomoDomo But this fascinated me, what do you guys think?
  6. QFT, because out of all the points out there, this one makes the most sense, it's well thought out (and incidentally caused me to change my own viewpoint from 'ok' to 'nah'. Yay for logic!).
  7. Bunny rabbits are really soft :3
  8. turp x ridge =refuse Another refusal for your stats. Do ridgewings have sensitive noses
  9. Duck - theres a big duck headed right for you!
  10. Turp 1 of 2 x turp 2 of 2 = refuse to go near each other
  11. I drew a cruddy pic to explain how to boobytrap a chest of drawers with a piece of paper, sticky tape and something resembling confetti (torn paper works fine, sequins or glitter are good if you don't have to be the one that cleans it up). When the top drawer is open, confetti goes places. The idea is to stickytape part of the paper to the top draw and part to the 2nd but I couldn't explain how in words. I have no idea where I read this trick. Also -yellow-food-coloured water/yellow cordial on tiles in front of toilet -hide alarm clocks set to different times of night all through the room -guacamole>wasabi substitution -use the hosts file to make their homepage redirect elsewhere -individually wrapped cereal pieces in the box, if you have the patience to set it up. Art of trolling website has some good ones. I saw a whole room covered in gift wrap, the trick with the stock cube in the shower-head, a keyboard with the keys switched to read 'trolololol', replace oreo cream with toothpaste, and the instructions on making moss graffiti, just to mention a few. I also saw an awesome one on a sciene program involving iodine in the toilet bowl and some other chemical in the cistern, when you flush it foams up the whole bathroom, but I forget what the other chemical is.
  12. Hey, I'm a nerd. I was just trying to extend something beyond black and white, and nonexistant space aliens are a decent example. absurdity notwithstanding. I just feel like directing people to tvtropes 'blue and orange morality' article all the time - Things may not always be the way we think of them. Nonexistant space aliens are a decent metaphor for 'what if's. As for the comic, I believe it is meant be a joke. Do many people really think like that, I doubt it. I wasn't actually using it as an argument against anything, that was a new paragraph; sorry if that wasn't clear. It was an insincere comment but I forgot about how such subtleties arent conveyed on the internet (I guess that's how the elkor from mass effect feel all the time?). -Besides, that would be a lame-kipz arguement anyway, as you pointed out. New paragraph clarification point---This is a random comment not targeted at anything said in this topic--- My ideology is this - (dont take offense) but I cbf if anybody's opinions conflict with mine as long as they don't push them on me. Er, it there a politer way of saying that? It doesnt sound nice, but I mean is I don't pick fights. I do my best to phrase with politeness and generic terminology. last comment: I ramble a lot. My thoughts go everywhere. I may not make sense all the time. Taking what I say with a grain of salt may be a decent option. (Actually I think taking whatever anyone anywhere says with a grain of salt is a good option )
  13. ...Whereas suwako just eats them raw, entrails and all.
  14. What about mutations? There are reported incidences of boys with two 'plugs' or women with two uteri. Admittedly, one or both in this situation are often non-functional, but it can happen. Nature loves to throw us surprises. Seen the pictures of two-headed animals? This is something that extends the anti-argument quite far: As for my viewpoint, I'm pro for it even though I am straight and never plan to get married (or at least wait until I'm like 40 or something old). If two sapient beings love each other then why can they not be bonded under law? And what about the future if we meet aliens, or make true sapient AIs? I seriously doubt anyone would manage to procreate in that situation, but a lot of sci-fi stories have situations where a human and a non-human sapient fall in love. ... Consider, also, transsexuals, or hermaphrodites, or aliens that have more than two genders, or ones that use parthenogenisis. To have babies is not the be all and end all. Why should you interfere with anyone elses happiness? And if it doesn't work out in the end, whats that saying? 'better to have loved and lost..."? /ramble
  15. You know what annoys me? How people grab 4 or 5 of these new dragons and I cant even get one. Then they have the nerve to ask for mettalics and trios in exchange! I was happy about a new release but I am angry now because of the 100 people in one biome.
  16. Is it acceptable to use email addresses? I recently grabbed "8Elsa" from the cool codes thread, seeing as my email starts with 'elsa8000'. Would it be okay to call it 'elsa8000-at-website-dot-com' or should I play it safe and just leave it as 'elsa8000'? Also, I don't have anything I want to put it on - this is just for the sake of curiosity - but I was wondering about using obscure pseudonyms; archaic words that only nerds know the meaning of. Example, 'swiving'.
  17. 1. Silvers, if they werent so rare (pretty!) 2. Psion dragon (i cant rem whether i saw it on suggested or completed but it was green with a purple aura) 3. Double-winged dragon
  18. These laws are getting stupider and stupider. I get petitions sent to me online and this one is about Honduras' pollies trying to ban the morning after pill. http://www.avaaz.org/en/no_prison_for_cont...9697726&v=13637 00n0b0dy- Ow that is expensive. the Pill variety that I'm on is listed at around 25$ AU on the box and I get it for pensioner's rate of around $6. That's a 4-cycle supply. ETA: I am actually celibate, I need it for medical reasons. I've been on it since around 14. And about the sex-ed stuff, I don't think anyone bothered to teach me much, the PDHPE classes in school were mainly 'dont take drugs' and repeated the same content every year. I learned stuff through the internet, biology textbooks, and from sneaking out one of my stepdad's porn mags from his 'secret' stash. It is ridiculous how the most natural thing is so taboo. In fact, there was even a comic about it somewhere... lemme rummage and edit this when I find it. Found it:
  19. Gift Report: Kursedfire -> loudwhitenoise: Silver Metallic received: http://dragcave.net/lineage/kuviL That was dang fast and you all deserve to be on ARK. *hugs* ed:typo
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  21. Egg, so many cool names to choose from I pick 'Never Eat Yellow Snow'