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  1. I don't know if this has been posted in this topic before, so I shall post it again





    I had a not-quite-arguement with my taxi driver yesterday about certain american politicians wanting to outlaw abortion. he says to me "its against my religion, im catholic you see" and I didnt say anything (cos I avoid fights like the plague) but if i had the guts i would have said "im athiest, should i have to follow your religious values too?". (I tend to be not eloquent when put on the spot either; everyone knows that great responses are thought of hours later). Still, it probably wouldn't have done anything to affect his opinions.

  2. Did the sprite for the sunsong amphitere get rolled out early? Cos im sorry to say but that fire is uuuugggggly. Love the dark skywings and shiny guardians though <3

    Edit: also, I luurve the stripes, particularly red. I hope these alts will recur every year.

  3. Managed to breed a gold today. I knew I was breeding it to auto-abandon, and it was inbred on both sides of the family tree, but I was still surprised to see a gold eggy and the overburdened message. So congrats to myself for actually breeding a metallic, and congrats to whoever got the eggy off the AP.

  4. Using the custom sort feature as I tend to do. But since the latest updates it doesn't work in IE, and I had to boot up firefox for this session (luckily it works in firefox). I hope this is fixed soon. It's only a minor annoyance but no-one likes bugs. (unless they are shiny shiny beetles but thats a different thing haha)

  5. This is indeed a genuine post and not just plugging something, but this comment is just here in case of tl;dr if someone just sees the seemingly unrelated intro.

    Jodi Picoult is a decent author and when I went to the library and saw a new book (Sing You Home), I leased it. There are several themes throughout it but its mainly about two women who found themselves in love. Anyway one quote was good enough that I came here just to post it.

    The character that is speaking is a school counsellor.

    I still worry every day that some parent is going to out me, and convince the school board I should lose my job. I listen to the news and hear politicians who know nothing about me making decisions about what I should and shouldn't be allowed to do. I don't understand why the most intriguing thing about my identity is always that I'm gay...

    I'm only partway through the book because that rung such a chord that I had to post it here in GD right away (this is my first time in this topic admittedly but youll see me over in abortion and gay rights topics occassionally).


    I know that I am hetero - the thing is, while I wouldn't mind a bit of 'playing around' if it was offered to me, I know that isn't my mindset - I can make that distinction - as I get that this is a thing that is not a choice. So yes, closed minds annoy me. One part of this book has protesters saying stuff like 'God Abhors Homos' and that intolerance, to me, is one of the worst things about this society.


    Out of curiousity, how is homosexuality/rights treated in non-western countries, do they still have the same bigotry?


    Another curiousity is because this stems from the chemistry of the brain and is in your nature, can people who are brain damaged change their orientation? I have heard of brain damage changing other things all over the place - is there any record of orientation changes happening?

  6. I know TJ laughed it off, but add another 1 turpXridgewing refusal and 3 turpXmoonstone refusals to the tally. Obviously something is going on!

    Edit to add,

    for an updated list of Breeding statistics please click the below link



    that the spreadsheet doesn't seem to be updated. Rats, I say, I was hoping to peek at everyone's (mis)fortunes in concise format!

  7. Gnaaaarr, now you made me itchy.


    Apparently when I was in primary school I had them around 3 times every two months, head lice treatment was a fact of life. I also have a distinct memory of one class in which they made us lie on the ground with our heads in a circle, which is pretty irresponsible of the school.


    I also had problems with a pond in the local area which was chockers with pelican lice, and the carpet of dad's house which was chockers with fleas. To the point where I was bathing in aloe vera and using tea tree oil as shampoo.


    babybluefire, I didn't know the part about blood types, how interesting.