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  1. This thread is amazing, even though some of the houses look like the decorating kit exploded, many of the houses look epic. Mine is just something structurally sound. It doesn't hold a candle to anything in this thread, but I think you could make it in real life. http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/loudwhitenoise ETA: Kelkelen, love the last one! The loveseat is uber.
  2. I was clearing blockers out of Forest and got a CB Stripe <3 (reaction = omgomgomgsquee)
  3. I don't know if this has been posted in this topic before, so I shall post it again http://cdn.iwastesomuchtime.com/942012005048o7Aaz.jpg ---- I had a not-quite-arguement with my taxi driver yesterday about certain american politicians wanting to outlaw abortion. he says to me "its against my religion, im catholic you see" and I didnt say anything (cos I avoid fights like the plague) but if i had the guts i would have said "im athiest, should i have to follow your religious values too?". (I tend to be not eloquent when put on the spot either; everyone knows that great responses are
  4. Woohoo, these are so easy to catch I got my 5 already <3 Glad that I didnt have the same trouble I've had with the past few releases!
  5. Did the sprite for the sunsong amphitere get rolled out early? Cos im sorry to say but that fire is uuuugggggly. Love the dark skywings and shiny guardians though <3 Edit: also, I luurve the stripes, particularly red. I hope these alts will recur every year.
  6. Cant read anymore. Wanting to cry, rage, and hire people to punch idiot politicians in the face until they open their minds to common sense.
  7. I snagged a CB autumn while i was picking up some blockers. (Shweet, but if only it could have happened during summer. I noticed easier breedng on my seasonals too so i guess the ratios have rebalanced?)
  8. Managed to breed a gold today. I knew I was breeding it to auto-abandon, and it was inbred on both sides of the family tree, but I was still surprised to see a gold eggy and the overburdened message. So congrats to myself for actually breeding a metallic, and congrats to whoever got the eggy off the AP.
  9. Using the custom sort feature as I tend to do. But since the latest updates it doesn't work in IE, and I had to boot up firefox for this session (luckily it works in firefox). I hope this is fixed soon. It's only a minor annoyance but no-one likes bugs. (unless they are shiny shiny beetles but thats a different thing haha)
  10. I just noticed the breeding habits of geodes changed and they can now drop geode eggs with non-stone-type dragons. Blast, their not breeding true was the reason I wanted some in the first place! Oh well.
  11. One day I used EQ 6 times on a group of 6 eggs. The only result was 'unaffected', for all of them every time.
  12. I don't have a preference, but I've been using earbuds simply because that's what comes with every mp3 player or whatnot. Not that it makes much difference now that the socket in my computer is broken.
  13. Quasi-OT, but don't forget that there aren't just western classical elements, there are also the oriental ones that have stuff like wood and metal. (I'd still pick air.)
  14. Gift report: loudwhitenoise -> piggygirl859: Silver Metallic: http://dragcave.net/lineage/N2oNm
  15. PM sent - this egg offered to Mistshadow. Mistshadow responded, "already recived egg". PM sent - the same egg offered to piggygirl859 .
  16. I want to be a digital artist as good as the Voxel Box's Rosedragon - watch one of those youtube timelapses and wait for your jaw to bounce on the ground especially when you realise how short a time it takes her irl. I even bought myself a fancy wacom tablet, but I'm still quite mediocre.
  17. New Wave on a New wave aka Tsunami. But I failed on Lumina Nocturnale for a Lumina, it's on a Neb already. E: Just nabbed Kyria Eleison after I discovered that Kyrie Eleison was taken.
  18. Sounds great. I often miss the password step then have to go back and do it all again.
  19. This is indeed a genuine post and not just plugging something, but this comment is just here in case of tl;dr if someone just sees the seemingly unrelated intro. Jodi Picoult is a decent author and when I went to the library and saw a new book (Sing You Home), I leased it. There are several themes throughout it but its mainly about two women who found themselves in love. Anyway one quote was good enough that I came here just to post it. The character that is speaking is a school counsellor. I'm only partway through the book because that rung such a chord that I had to post it here
  20. I know TJ laughed it off, but add another 1 turpXridgewing refusal and 3 turpXmoonstone refusals to the tally. Obviously something is going on! Edit to add, that the spreadsheet doesn't seem to be updated. Rats, I say, I was hoping to peek at everyone's (mis)fortunes in concise format!
  21. Wet toilet seats. Just ugh. (Empty TP rolls are a close follower).
  22. Gnaaaarr, now you made me itchy. Apparently when I was in primary school I had them around 3 times every two months, head lice treatment was a fact of life. I also have a distinct memory of one class in which they made us lie on the ground with our heads in a circle, which is pretty irresponsible of the school. I also had problems with a pond in the local area which was chockers with pelican lice, and the carpet of dad's house which was chockers with fleas. To the point where I was bathing in aloe vera and using tea tree oil as shampoo. babybluefire, I didn't know the part abou
  23. Traded away some really common hatchlings and got a gold hatchy <3