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  1. Star Fox Adventures. Kicking it old school with my very first Gamecube game.
  2. kudzu


    Love this game! I got it for Wii and beat it in 60 hours (over two months), getting EVERYTHING on my first try. I love the enhanced new file. It's like... DESTROY ALL THE THINGS.
  3. kudzu


    I love Freerice! It's such a fantastic way to donate. c:
  4. It's been FOREVER since I've drawn a dragon, lemme see what I can dig up... Here's a character of mine in his demon/dragon form. A commission done for a user of another site. These two I drew like... 6 years ago: X X
  5. kudzu

    Any Musicians?

    I took 6 years of piano lessons in elementary school. I still play on the piano when I'm bored. c: Ummm, I was percussionist in band throughout junior high and high school. My voice is my greatest instrument, though. Singing is my passion. <3
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    Skrilly isn't dubstep. D: He's grindcore/house. Aghghg. In terms of ACTUAL dubstep, I don't care for it. I'm more of a house, trance, dance, psy, DnB girl.
  7. TA DA! I know I'm excited! EDIT: Oops! Looks like I was beat a few posts up.
  8. kudzu

    Mac or PC?

    I've had my iMac for about 4-5 years and he's in fantastic shape! Same with my iPod! I'm definitely a Mac fan, although I'd rather not have an iPhone. (I like a physical keyboard)
  9. I'm a lesbian, and I'm a fighter for equality, not recognition. So yes, I am 100% for marriage and rights, because, surprise! We are people too and just want to be treated as equals!