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    시크릿 가든 <3<3

    Tinsel List is now in my Signature :) Not keeping this updated, but feel free to browse my scroll.

    Willing to do swaps for my CB Silver Shimmer

    ~*Iou's I need to fill*~
    sheltilover1-2g silver (see spreadsheet) [link sent;did not receive 1 or 2, sent 3 not picked up. Since this person has failed to pick up the silver 3x now, they are on hold until they become active again.]
    Synditrix (see spreadsheet) -

    ~*IOU'-s to me*~
    All IOU's here are 5+years old

    Aurora_e - 2nd gen (thunder x winter magi) (not inactive; doesn't reply; wouldn't advise trading with them)
    Tjekan -check notessynditrix - 10 Olive hatchies(5m/5f) + 4 Blusang hatchies (2m/2f) (5m/3f olive, 1m/1f Blusang still remain) [August 2012]
    evilSpectra - 0/8 hatchies (4 balloon f, 2 balloon m, 2 albino m) [still? no word on this??]
    Coexist - 3 cb STD's [do not accept iou's with again; wont fulfill them]