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  1. This happens now~ My class and the boys class were in the gym playing dodgeball, and the coaches like to play songs. All of a sudden, oppa gangnam style came on. Some of the kids danced along to it and others were like "what." It was awesome my friends danced to it, too. Because I got the cool friends.
  2. I'm not sure if there's a proper term for this, or if it's a phobia but it scares me, so: I tend to think way too hard about death/end of the world/ ect... and what happens after. It ends up rattling my thoughts and leaves me confused like "how did I just think of that?" it's hard to explain that feeling... also, spiders and sudden movements from bugs. Like if they jump it freaks me out, but I still release them into the backyard (I don't like to kill them.) and do zombie-like creatures count? Like those ants that when the bug lays eggs in it's head or it gets infected and just kind of wanders around without thinking. That kind of nature.
  3. This happened a couple days ago, so I was waiting for my friend to get her stuff out of her locker and showed me how she dented the part that comes in contact with the side of the locker. Now me, being tired and exhausted from a day of school misheard that comment as " I dent my puppy." and I was freaking out saying "You dent puppies?!?!" and we proceeded to tear up from laughing. So now I call her "puppy denter" as a joke. Another thing that happened today with the same friend, this time I was getting my stuff from my locker saying I needed to go to the libary (yes, lie-berry. purposely said wrong.) this got on her nerve (not in a bad way) and she just so happened to find out two minutes ago I have a pressure point in my back. She said everytime I said "libary" she would do that. So I was up against the lockers trying to prevent her from getting to that spot on my back.
  4. Another girl-related pet peeve. So I was in the locker room, getting changed into my P.E. clothes and some girl comes up to her friends locker who happens to be close to mine and says "We're playing hockey,are we dressing today?" (keep in mind they had their clothes in their lockers and were able and supposed to change.) the other one responds "If we don't dress we won't be able to play." "But it's hockey." "No, we're still playing soccer." "Oh!" and she goes off to change. Basically, my pet peeve is girls who think they don't have to do what their supposed to do because they don't like it/ want to. I also don't like how the P.E. teachers punish this behavior, if you're not dressed you can't play and don't get sent back up to change. Which is exactly what they want. Another thing that happened in the locker room. A girl with a terrible, high pitched, annoying voice told her friends how she made a girl cry. She's the kind of half-shirt wearing and i'll-wear-short-shorts-because-I-want-to girl. Conversation went something like this: "So I made this girl cry today because I told her to go die in a hole, your so annoying. Then she started crying so I said 'Fine, i'll dig it for you!'" "HAGNRT FJDV RGFJBV GFCJHVXNC GO DIE IN A HOLE LOL" "HAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHDCHZHAJAJA" "hehehehehehehe LOLOLOLOLOL!!!" I think you can see that pet peeve by the conversation its self.
  5. This. This so much. of the girls in my classes do that. They need to suck it up and learn to realize they have responsibilites. Just because your crush smiled at you doesn't mean you have to spend all the time you have talking about it. Homework takes at least five or ten minutes for one subject if you actually listen in class, take that time and do your homework so you won't get detention if you dislike being "wronged" for not doing what you were told to do by your teachers. Who, for as long as you go to school, are your superiors. That wasn't aimed at anyone by the way. Disrespectful kids, I have a classmate in my history who is the most annoying, immature, wanna-be-rebel I have ever seen. I seriously hate him (In referance to my other post, I just hate that one. But I try to act friendly if he ever happens to cross my path and hasn't done anything to offend me.) We had a sub who had to fill in for our history teacher, because he had jury duty. This sub was strict but as long as you used common sense he wouldn't get mad at you. This kid has a bad reputation with all the subs. During our class period he did none of his work, talked when the teacher told him to do his work, and then expected to be allowed to go to the bathroom. You have to get an agenda signed to leave class and the sub wouldn't sign it because he was being an idiot and wasn't listening, so then he got up and walked right out even when the teacher told him to sit down. He kept repeating "I'm going to the bathroom.". He walked back in and did that arm motion like "What now? I did, what are you gonna do about it?" It got on my nerves to see kids like that :/.
  6. The girls that stand in the middle of the door when people are trying to get out. Just to talk about what happened at Jessicas sleepover. then when someone else has to stop to get a pencil they push you and tell you to "hurry up, we're having an important conversation!" Also the girls who feed off my answers and act like we're friends up until the point where they actually get the answers. Then go back to their pointless chatting. Immature people who can't be friendly to the opposite sex. I'm saying you have to daydream about them, or stare at them wonderously. Just be cool unless they really offend you. There are girls at my school who yell at the boys passing by who didn't do anything. One of them is my friend but a group of boys who are just passing by "GET AWAY FROM US!!!!" or "go away we don't want you here.". I got bullied by two boys when I was little, and I still dislike them even though I live miles away but if they're being friendly or need help with something or just walking by I don't yell at them.
  7. In seventh grade there was a teacher who taught my elective. he taught sixth grade science too, but i got him for an elective. this class was so easy and the teacher was, and still is awesome. while he put on these character building videos we'd sit there doing whatever. he'd also hand out jolly ranchers and starbursts, or "scientific rewards". he had this meter stick that had been broken more than once by slamming it on the kids desks, it wasn't for a strict discipline kind of thing it was either to wake kids up or just scare the crap out of the kids daydreaming. there was one kid in my class who sat in the back and constantly fell asleep. so he got the meterstick, raised it up, and slammed it as hard as he could on the kids desk. you'd think he'd jolt up and scream? nope. he blinked and looked up calm as ever and has a look on his face like "what just happened?". this teacher also told us stories. he told one about showing his science class full of sixth graders and episode of starwars because it realted to lava, like melting. now it got to the part when the jedi held up two light sabers to the other guys neck and the kids are cheering him on and screaming "yeah!!" and he doesn't know why until the head got chopped off. his number one rule was "what happens in D-25 stays in D-25."
  8. i dont know if this classifies as funny, but heres one. so every wensday in P.E we have a mile run. my class always got to start before the seventh grade class, which one of my friends was in during the same period. so me and my eighth grade friend are always halfway done when she just starts. so she has to run to us, no breaks to catch up. meh, like i said not very funny. in the same P.E. class in the beginning of the school year we sat under some trees and talked. (outdoor P.E) we would play tic-tac-toe, me and the girl who always had to catch up to us. she would win every time and i'd get angry because she just cracks up. i kept yelling if the board wasn't made of dirt (we'd draw it out) i'd flip it.
  9. headphones. forever. i like my music to be loud, and with earbuds someone else always manages to hear it >_< . and plus earbuds never stay in place they always fall out. but mabye its just been the brands i've been using. not to mention all the earbuds i've ever used couldn't last longer than a month or two. i've had my current headphones for at least a year now.
  10. when you click a song or something and say "oh i came from X!" and people act like only certain fandoms are allowed to say that. "if you came from MLP:FIM oh that's ok! everyone just loves it! you came from homestuck? NOPE! EVERYONE HATES YOU!" of course all fandoms get annoying but people who aren't a fan of it think that everyone in the fandom is all crazy and obsessive. people think so badly of of fandoms even though there are parts of the fandom who know how to control themselves. yeah i got to of songs from some fandoms, but is it so wrong? thought i'd add, it shouldnt matter to me as much as it does..but i dont understand why people think it's only ok to come from one fandom but if your from an opposing one that they aren't a part of it's wrong. i don't normally get all worked up over this but i see it everywhere :/ also, more fandom related stuff but it isn't against it: if you wear a shirt about, say, vocaloids. you're cool if your just wearing it because it's cute, but you have no real idea of what it is but when your part of the fandom you're a nerd.
  11. dunno why...but i found that to be hilarious
  12. http://twitpic.com/ao6uuw/full linked for one word and...i guess gore? (its not very detailed)
  13. i have to say...that i love meat. i always have...i rarely eat fruits/veggies. nothing against vegetarians though. and it's not killing an innocent animal, i say as long as we use/eat the parts it isn't bad. it's not like hunting for sport where you kill something then just leave it without using any of it. as long it's for survival i don't see the problem. that's how nature wanted it. for the prey/the weak to be eaten by something higher on the foodchain. if i killed anything, i would eat it. or use the parts for something useful rather then go "oh i killed it, lemme just leave it here reminding myself i ended its life for no reason at all!" my family told me that when they hunted, they either ate or used the parts. never just leave it there. because i'm all for animals shouldn't be killed for no reason, but if it's needed for survival then it isn't just taking an innocent animals life...and even though not eating the meat makes you feel better, it doesnt change the fact that they are still killed and people eat them. just thought i'd point that out...please don't take it as offensive
  14. there's to many examples for this one. i keep typing "mabye" instead of "maybe" i almost did the same thing just now...i dunno why i do that. and my friend feels the need to point it out everytime
  15. ^ thats uh..thats actually kinda sad
  16. he really should have. mabye in the future, hopefully, he decides that stereotyping like that and not even listening to peoples suggestions will lead to even more anger..