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  1. People are dropping some good stuff in there I got one val '11 but thats it I'm eggs locked and I'm not abandoning a thing.
  2. I just realized the drop started 0.o *scrambles to ap*
  3. I know the word for money but not gold.
  4. GET MORE GOLD!!!! thats what you'll akk scream me included
  5. Is on! x3 there are going to be over 200 people in the alpine for the rest of the week and weekend
  6. I can't choose their both WINS!!!! Thanks TJ and Spriters!
  7. Would SAI work out well, I mean I can draw its just figuring out how to resize the image to a sprite size is the hard part for me. But I found that using the pen tool with the shading and smoking the lines out works well with the shading.
  8. I pick up road kill off the hwy's, freeways, streets, express ways its my current job.
  9. Its always an animal or tire. One time some one hit a black bear and that thing had to have weighed 250 to 300 pounds. Possums are some tricky little guys, the playing dead thing works until you pick them up then theres problem. But the babies are cute you can't hate them x3
  10. I've been attacked by buzzereds on my job multiple times
  11. @ Kes - Yeah I can imagine so, I've seen it happen myself and it ain't pretty. @Mind - You no fool, your stomach just said "Me no wanna!" and pushed it back up. I like my job picken up the body parts, fighting buzzereds for road kill, ticketing people who hit the canadian geese, smelling days out flesh rotting in the sun in the summer. Its just sad when I find dogs which has kept happening lately
  12. @Gramma - Cool job :3 So far no one has said they want a dirty or dangerous job Dx
  13. @Kes - oooo that's a good one :3 @Tif - nope I put it out of it misery instead of letting it suffer any more than it already was. @Stripey - doesn't really sound dirty or dangerous but does sound really cool though
  14. @Gos - Welcome fellow weird one the fun part is when a deer gets hit by a semi and we have to pick up the peices that are every where. I had to fight some buzzereds one time over a dead deer. I know I'm pretty sick so I have heard but hey that's just me things effect each of us in a different way.
  15. Hmmm I never really got into final fantasy, my cousin did but I guess I was the odd one
  16. Yep I saw the old one first, had to see that one before even glancing at the new one my dad said but he was a better driver of the bikes in the old one than the new one.
  17. Yeah I believe you, going in is pretty much dangerous because of how the world is now.