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kittyt.pngI accept IOUs and breeding requests.Always looking for any Nilia Pygmies, hatchlings and Prizes (tinsel and shimmer).

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    I'm Kitty (as you can see) - you can call me Kit or Kit-Kat. Really, I'm honoured that you're reading this. If you've managed to stumble upon my profile, then you are amazing.

    I love to sketch random objects, as well as shade or colour them in (I don't do it very well, I just like it as a hobby). I'm an artistic girl, but I don't think I'm a talented one. Singing is another one of my hobbies, as well as taking pictures (especially of nature), relaxing, sleeping, reading, and most of all, writing. I keep a private diary and love to write stories of my own (I never post them - they're for my satisfaction).

    My favourite subjects are English and Mathematics. I'm also trying to learn Latin (in what's left of my free time), which I take a great liking to. So many of the words we use today come from Latin and because of this I think Latin is a useful language. The majority of my dragons are named using Latin, so if you want to know what a certain name/word means, message me. As for colour, I love blue - I try to make everything in my life related to blue. It's a calming colour for me. The Hunger Games will always be my favourite movie and my favourite book is probably The Northern Lights. I love strawberries and cherries. My favourite animal is a phoenix, but realistically I adore goldfish. They're so beautiful! I'm lucky to own quite a few in a little "aquarium" (a room all to themselves). Coldplay is my favourite artist of all time and my favourite song is Fix You - Coldplay.

    I'm a shy and timid girl, but once I trust you, (I like to think) I am very loyal. Be warned - I can jump from subject to subject. I'm also a risk-taker and curious about the world - I hope to find out something interesting about the world every day. Because of my personality, I can relate to Nilia Pygmies - which brings me on to the fact that I love these dragons! They are my favourite dragons (not to mention my favourite coloured dragons) and I hope to be able to hoard as many Nilia Pygmies as possible.

    Well, I'm even more honoured that you've managed to read this all (unless you've just skipped to this part). Feel free to send me and email or private message me about anything.

    I'm open to breeding requests (although rares, as usual, can be picky).

    My IP address is the same as cfmtfm. We aren't multiscrolling but we frequently login after each other because we have 'turns' on the computer. She brought me to Dragon Cave and I have her to thank for the interesting stuff I find on the internet!

    I do not know how to make Neglecteds (learning now) and only bite eggs that I've caught (either in the cave or AP). I never kill gifts or trades, although once a dragon is in my possession, I am free to do what I want with it.

    I'm always collecting even-generation hybrid fails - especially from Soulpeace and Hellhorse pairs. One day I may even do a large lineage project with them all. :) After finding many in the Abandoned Pile, I am also collecting even-generation checkered Balloon x Mint eggs.

    As stated earlier, my favourite dragons are Nilia Pygmies. Please do send any spare Nilias to me however I may not have scroll space. In addition to Nilia Pygmies, I will always give a loving home to any low-time eggs or hatchlings - any lineage, any breed.

    I am willing to wait 24 hours for you to pick up an egg or hatchling and request that you do the same for me.