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  1. Accepted, both added c: And Orca, it means what dragons you can't/won't breed c:
  2. Added~ Updated the thread with everyone and the 3rd post has the forms on it, now. There's 3 new forms, so remember to use them :3 Helpers, also remember to get yourself started with requesting someone~
  3. All accepted, list will be updated c:
  4. FORMS Wants a helper [color=green]I want to have a Scroll Helper! [/color] Forum Name: Scroll Name: Scroll Link: Wishlist: Preferred dragons (Which do you want first off your wishlist?): [i](please list them like: pink, red, magi and not in a vertical list; it makes it look more organized when we paste it into the second post; thanks! Also, limit your wishlist to FIVE dragons. If you list more, we will only post the first five.)[/i] Certain Helper? (Or a random one): Anything else?: Wants to become a helper [color=orange]I want to be a Scroll Helper! [/color] Forum Name: Scroll Name: Scroll Link: Dragons you can't/won't give out: Anything else?: Wants to become a donator: [color=blue]I would like to become a donator! [/color] Forum Name: Scroll Name: Scroll Link: Unavailable Dragons: Anything else?: Helper has given someone an egg: [color=pink]I've given an egg to my helpee![/color] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Who it was gifted to:[/b] [b]Dragon:[/b] (link to lineage) [b]Other:[/b] Donator has given someone an egg: [color=navy]I've donated an egg![/color] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Who it was gifted to:[/b] [b]Dragon:[/b] (link to lineage) [b]Other:[/b] Ask to become someone's Scroll Helper: [color=orange]I'd like to become someone's Scroll Helper![/color] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Who you'd like to help:[/b] [b]How much of their wishlist you can help with:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]
  5. USERS WHO NEED A HELPER: Forum name: SilverSwift Wishlist: Horse Tinselkin from ARMY... not fussy as to gen! Other: n/a Forum name: elsa-breeze Wishlist: Neglected, chicken, cheese, blusang. No requested lineage or mate. Other: n/a -- USERS WHO HAVE A HELPER Forum name: Wishlist: Helper: Other: -- HELPERS: Forum name: Dragongirl10188. Stipulations: I request you do not freeze, bite or kill any eggs I give you. If you need a vampire, ask me, I'll bite one. Forum name: Flame00000 Stipulations: Won't give out Neglected, Gold & Bronze Shimmerscale, Tinsels. Forum name: Shay555031 Stipulations: Won't give out Neglected and CB Metallics. In regards to the Metallics, I am still hunting CB ones, but I do have some I have found in AP with nice lineages I can breed! So please! I don't bite! Don't be afraid to PM me I am more than happy to help! Forum name: Tiga Stipulations: Won't give out any ultra rares or any dragons I don't even have. -- DONATORS: Forum name: LunarMoonlite Stipulation: I'd like it if the ones receiving my eggs will keep the dragons' last name. Forum name: SickThing Stipulations: Forum name: OrcaFreak Stipulations: My rares don't breed very well, so it might take a while before I can donate an egg of those. -- --
  6. SCROLL HELPERS Approved by Z & rubsyhoes See the original thread here Thread made by Dragongirl10188 Everyone has at least one dragon or another that they desire, a wishlist, so what if you could have help to fulfill it? What if that was exactly what this thread did? Well, you're in luck, so step in and enjoy. --- Please read the green if you would like a helper to help with your wishlist. Please read the orange if you'd like to become a helper to help with other's wishlists. Please read the blue if you're not active enough to become a helper, but can still donate a few eggs. --- So, you want a helper? If you're reading this, you probably want a helper. What does a helper do? Well, they can catch/breed dragons for you to help fulfill your wishlist, if you ask nicely, they can also add your scrolls to hatcheries and find pretty lineages for you. However, do not *ever* exchange passwords with your helper. If you'd like a helper, you'll want to see the forms below and post one on the thread. Once that's done, a helper will choose you, unless you request someone, based on their experience and how they can help your wishlist. Donators may also donate to you, but they won't be 'assigned' to you and are free to run wild to gift to however they want. This is not a place to use if you're too lazy to catch dragons and you just want someone else to do it, a helper will help you, not do everything for you. Please respect that and at least attempt to complete your wishlist alongside your helper. Please also respect that CB Rares, the Trio, Neglecteds and etc. are hard to find and not easy to give up. Your helper has a scroll too, so they will also have to maintain their dragons while helping you. Don't constantly bug them or ask them for a million rare dragons. If your list contains only CB rares, or mostly CB rares, expect to wait awhile for a helper to pick up your wishlist. If you have a wishlist, figure out which are your main goals. What do you want the most? If it's a CB silver, but you also need red/pink hatchlings, a CB vine or nebula, and other little things that you need but don't have time to focus on, THOSE are the things you should be asking for here, and those are the wishlists that are most likely to get picked up. The helpers should be here to help you fulfill the items on your wishlist that you want or need but don't have time or room to look for because you're searching for your main goal. Once you post your form, if you didn't request someone, a helper will choose you if they can fulfill your wishlist. If your wishlist contains CB Golds and Silvers, you probably won't find a helper that easily. Obviously, if a helper with not very many rares comes over and tries to help you, they won't do it as well as an experienced breeder. So that's why we let them choose you -- but you can decline their offer. -- So, you want to become a helper? So, you want to become a Helper? To help users of DC? That's great! I think. Anyways, you'll be catching dragons on your scroll and teleporting them to the person you are helping. This dragon will be off their wishlist. If they'd like, you can add their scroll to hatcheries if they don't have time. However, do not exchange passwords with each other. When you become a helper, you will help people fulfill their wishlists and over all be a great person. You can also ask for help with your wishlist as someone who wants a helper, so you can be both! When you choose someone to help, you can't simply change. Once their wishlist is complete, or complete to the most of your ability, you can change, however and move onto the next person. Making sure helpers are paired with people in need assures that someone won't be forgotten and left behind, because you'll stick to them and help them. If you've noticed your helpee is asking too much of you (constantly CB rares, things you don't have, etc,) you can tell me and I'll kindly remind them about their helper actually having to fulfill their own scroll and needs. See the forms below if you'd like to apply! c: -- So, you want to donate? Donators are like helpers, but they either don't have the time or resources to help someone complete their full wishlist. So they'll drop by time by time and donate random eggs to random users when they have it, so they don't have to devote to helping someone if they can't do it. There's no guidelines for donators, really, they aren't assigned to anyone, they just help randomly. If you've donated an egg, please use a form below to tell us so we can update the thread :3 -- REQUIREMENTS -Must have no current dead eggs or hatchies on your scrolls, unless it was caused by a vampire bite. -Must not have a gold trophy. You can have no trophy, a bronze or a silver, though. -Be active in the cave and the forums. -Visible scroll. -Have at least a bronze trophy. (50 dragons) -20 adult dragons or more, all different species. -2 or more rares. -10 or more commons. -5 or more uncommons. -At least one Magi to teleport. -Has had a scroll for at least a week. -Visible scroll. --No requirements as of yet. Rules ● No biting/neglecting/abandoning/trading/gifting/freezing anything a helper gives you without their permission! For Helpers, if the user wants a vampire, sure, but we are not responsible for fail biting. ● We are also not responsible for any egg losses, or eggs that die. ● Please, if your Helper has become inactive, PM us and we'll see that you get a new helper. ● If your user's scroll has been burnt, PM me and you'll get a new user to help. ● You can use teleport or old chat, count down, click like a wild man. As I said, you are responsible for egg losses. ● No spamming, trolling, or fighting here. ● Talk about the actual thread here, not your life. ● If you would like to CHANGE YOUR WISHLIST, post the change in bold. --- (forms have been moved to 3rd post) -- Other jobs: (please ask to be one of these via PM or the thread, preferably PM.) Scroll Scanner - when someone posts a form, they'll review the form for any dead eggs or hatchlings and make sure it meets the requirements. Approver - approves forms. Mod - keeps the thread in control and does both the above jobs. *I will promote people to this, do not ask to be a thread mod.* Co-Owner - the second me. *do not ask to be one of these.* -- BANNERS/ART: n/a --
  7. Wishlists will be updated shortly! However, Elementalia, please limit your wishlist to five dragons like it asks you to in the form. I'll add you after you've edited. Silver~moon, I think geodes have to be bred, so I won't add that to your wishlist unless you let me know if you'd like a lineaged one or not. Also editing my own wishlist since I realized I have more than five things - shadesofchaos
  8. That's fine! You can definitely be a helper! If you see someone you want to help, PM them to see if they'd like to accept your help ^__^
  9. Miro, we can accept your helper application but unfortunately you have a gold trophy, so like it says in the rules, we can't put you on the helpee list sorry! But we appreciate you wanting to help, so we'll put your helper form up shortly.
  10. UPDATED TO HERE. All forms have been approved. AS OF NOW, WE'RE GOING TO ASK THAT EVERYONE LIMITS THEIR WISHLIST TO FIVE DRAGONS AT A TIME. The reason for this is that a huge wishlist looks daunting to our helpers, and your wishlist is less likely to get taken up by someone. It also gives your helper a chance to switch to someone else after they've helped you get your five dragons. A wishlist that is neverending makes it difficult for your helper to feel comfortable asking to switch to someone else and "spread the love", so to speak. Once your helper has helped you get the five dragons on your wishlist, they have the option to stay with you or help someone else, which is nothing against you! They just want to spread the love around so that everyone gets a chance to have someone help them. So from now on, if more than five dragons have been listed, we're only posting the first five. Thank you everyone for helping this become so awesome! Helpers and donators, I think I speak for everyone when I say, "THANK YOU!" This obviously would not work without you guys, and we all appreciate what you're doing. Shadesofchaos
  11. Kursedfire, your wishlist has been updated. Audevious and icecream321, your forms have been accepted and added! Also removed CB stripes and 2G yulebuck from shadesofchaos' wishlist (by request).
  12. sei_chan65, thank you for your donation! TheLastDragon, your form has been approved! amlptj - your wishlist will be updated shortly =) GUYS, WHEN UPDATING YOUR WISHLISTS, PLEASE REMEMBER TO BOLD YOUR POSTS. IT MAKES IT EASIER FOR US TO SPOT THEM.
  13. Sorry about that; fixed! Ferus - wishlist accepted
  14. Kursedfire, HappyAppy, Miraxzee - your wishlists have been updated! Lavender5698, Rhadamantis, Fallenblaze - your wishlists have been added Viar - Ohmygoodness...that is one generous donation...we thank you!
  15. Kecemis, blackice6, feliney21 - your forms have been accepted. Mxtine - thank you for donating! Southern Cross, jaffacakes - your wishlists will be updated shortly.
  16. Falcon2805, southern cross, nynaevesilverwind, and EmmieSage have all been added to the Users with(out) a helper. southern cross and miladyz have been added to Donators. Lyxii has been added to Scroll Helpers. the list has been updated to here, if you weren't added please let us know
  17. @Emmie Accepted :3 I can't add right now, but the others will surely do it for me. Edit; You have been added
  18. Approved, thank you mxtine! Jaffacakes, yes, you get one helper each; though donators may swoop in and donate an egg to you as well. The scroll helpers pick one person to help with their wishlist, and when your wishlist is fulfilled, you may edit it to add more dragons if you'd like. Your helper may stay with you or may move on to someone who has been waiting for a helper, and you will get another helper once someone else decides to claim your wishlist. Congrats on getting a helper! I'll make a note next to your name that shadesofchaos will be helping you. Sei_chan65, thank you!!
  19. This Form Has Been: ACCEPTED Siln, Draas, Xeyla, Miraxzee, and Sei_chan65, thank you very much for gifting!
  20. Update! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Please, be sure to read the rules on the first page before you post a form. We need more donators and helpers! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Miraxzee ~ Your form has been approved! Answer to your question: The donators will contact you if they have any dragon on your wishlist. SapphireRose ~ Your form has been approved! Zombies cannot be gifted, everything else has been added to your wishlist! HappyAppy ~ Nebula has been added to your wishlist! JustJessie94 ~ Your form has been approved! VentusVehos ~ Your wishlist has been changed! raichuluxray ~ Your form has been approved! torres917 ~ Your form has been approved! StormWizard212 ~ Your form has been approved! RoseRedAus ~ Changed your name! Sorry for that! sei_chan65 ~ Your forms has been approved! JaffaCakes ~ Your form has been approved! RainbowChris ~ Your form has been approved! lildragonbabe ~ Your form has been approved! Updated by Ollis46
  21. Added Red to your striped list! Approved!
  22. These Forms Have Been: Approved VentusVehos, shadow walkers cannot be bred again until next Halloween, and sweetlings cannot be bred until Valentine's, and I'm not sure if alt sweetlings were only for the ones that glitched during that valentine's day or if they still occasionally hatch alt (if someone could swoop in with that info, it would be great lol, since I'm curious too); either way, you'll be waiting awhile for that. I'm going to remove alt sweetling from your preferred dragons since you can't get them for a few months. The only one you can get right now is the swallowtail. Are you willing to have a helper who may not be able to help you get a Holiday? Luna_rae, zombies cannot be gifted, just so you know! Once they're created, they're immediately frozen, and frozen dragons cannot be moved from the scroll they're on. I'm removing it from your wishlist. Everything else looks fine though. Xeyla, your gifts have been taken off their respective user's wishlists. Thank you very much!