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  1. fgatrioe Farty giraffes almost tripped running into Oscar's ear. fslhlur
  2. blow... in my pants( ouch!) red solo cup ... imp ( what!!!!!! )
  3. beware i will get you with my prettyness
  4. the phantom is almost here p.s. mine says :: i see you drivin roud town with the girl i love and im like " my father will hear about this."
  5. once again i shall say: taste the fricken rainbowwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. nah (plz dont kill me 4 saying this eventhough i know u will) not a big fan of goofy
  7. i am phsycotic from tasting the frickin rainbow
  8. oooooo i got a cane, jealous? or no need to fear cane guy is hear