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  13. Teal pools scanned the wooded expanse of the forest around them. It seemed as if an ethereal quiet blanketed Han during the evening. Only chirps fro cicadas and crickets alike could be heard and even then they would quiet. To an almost piercing silence as the darkness of a moonless night engulfed both fauna and flora. Something that Lopt had taken to enjoy during his years in his realm. Though it never was as silent in Byren Traer as it was in Han. A peaceful quiet, a change in pace, a place to clear his mind of racing thoughts. The blued tip of his tail coiled around his draconic frame as a source of comfort and consolidation. There was days that the Hanian king longed for contact. Though he may rule over a kingdom, not many paid visit to his halls. Mayhaps the reasoning in his enjoyment of the silence took root in his lack of contact. The noise and hustle and bustle of his capital reminded him constantly of those who would pay him no mind while the silence gave him no distraction and no reminder. His left talon rose to scratch an itch behind his horned crown and returned to it's natural position shortly after to allow the wyvern to gaze up at the clear night sky. It seemed the stars shown very clear that night, a good omen. That alone put his heart and mind at ease. "For once, inner turmoil has left me," he uttered softly beneath the hum of cicadas. Though Lopt was one to be known for his intelligence and wit he could never wrap his mind around why he accepted such superstitions. Only a reminder of the pace that once was under the reign of the late Uppsala. Now with the tides of war churning like a torrent, his fear was for his people. Though Torur was a kind soul he could not say the same about the wrath of his generals. Many times their blade is tempered with vengeance and misguided hate which leads to unnecessary slaughter. He sighed and shook his head and his red crest glinted only slightly in the starlight.
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  15. Update: Averian Map has been added. Still looking for a few other characters, if not I will begin on the 16th.
  16. Forum name: InariRoku Date: 2/5/13 Character: Belyy Shleyf Perʹya Species: White Dragon Location: Himmelen during winter, Han (forest) during the warmer seasons. Alliance: Han Character bio: When young her family was ran from their home in Reir in the pass in between. He father, who was one of Lopt's generals, was lost to the war and her mother, a renowned apothecary, to the fire. Since then Belyy had hidden away in Han's wood, closer to the heart of the country. Once when she was of age and adept she began to learn magic but found it was not her skill, at least not entirely. Byren Traer's archives and Lopt's type of mage craft did not suit her and she sought another style. Healing. Something she found herself rather adept at. It was then that she found the cooler months an opportunity to embark to Himmelen to study their libraries and blossom into an acceptable healer. Now she embarks there to watch over the tides of war and further her studying every now and again. Though Belyy still holds alliance with Lopt not just because of her father nor her trials, but the king of Han took her under his wing. Her loyalty to him runs strong. She refuses to draw blade for the king's battles, instead take care of the weak or injured, but she will defend herself if need be. Appearance: She has the typical form of a white dragon though her plumes are a brilliant and immaculate white. Almost pearlescent when the sun hits them right. Belyy is rather modest when it comes to the garb that she chooses, though she tends to be drawn to aquamarines and sapphires that she has string from silver threads down the back of her wings in a loop. The gems are prominent enough to give her feathers a glimmer. This is the only accessory she bears other than the crest that she wears every now again that was made out of ornate swirls of silver bent to give a wispy look. Even that is small. Abilities: Lady Belyy is rather skilled in the art of healing and dabbles in herbal medicines as well. And despite her non aggressive nature she also has craft in the use of the sword, but this is used only when her life is at stake. Personality: She is rather kind and known for her soft nature. Almost a childlike innocence about her that never left. Belyy prefers to avoid fights and settle battles from behind the lines by tending to others. Very much a pacifist, but will fight if need be. Very knowledgeable and well read and seems almost motherly in some aspects. Despite this passive nature, she will not hesitate to scold you if you step out of bounds. Proof You Read The Rules: Between the Bright Breasted Wyvern or the Blusang Lindwurm. (So pretty *w*)
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  19. Ah a good reason to clear up Spitfires. I shall join. :3
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  21. Teal pools scanned the ground for any edible plant life, something she could ingest. She wanted to keep from eating meat for as long as possible for it was only reserved for the mating season. But the pangs of hunger became more insistent as time went on. With a quick swat a decent sized mouse was caught under her front talon. Tempting but no. As fast as it was caught, it was released. Freyja could not help but to sigh at her situation and shake her head. "Remember your values," the Light Pink uttered to herself. Though her stress at that moment was short lived as the sight of a bush of wild mustard fell into her gaze. For a moment the hatchling disregarded it as seeing things, but as time pushed on for minutes that bush remained. The pearlescent membrane on her wings stretched as she flapped them in glee and picked at the plant. (Pardon me. I have little clue on how I may fit her in this at the moment so I am rather vague on my post. If any of you would like her to interact with you the give me the queue. My sincerest apologies.)
  22. I shall gladly take these guys in. :3 Actually my Reds are considerably inbred. If I have a red egg that I have no room for I will definitely post it here.