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  1. Guardians, for me. I thought that they protect all my eggs from evil or something, I don't know. Actually, a guardian was my first dragon!
  2. Why didn't I go on dragon cave on black friday.... I missed a whole release because I was playing Skyrim... Well, I'll just stalk the desert them.
  3. Once I had a dream that I went to my brother's baseball game. (He doesn't play baseball at all.) Then, he had a home run, so my dad told him he needs to get something special. So my brother and I went in this crazy underground cave system that we apparently live in. So we got this really special bracelet and my brother left. And decided to explore, but a flood started. Then the cave got attacked by Alduin(from Skyrim) attacked. O__O I have no idea if there's a point to this dream or not.
  4. Ohh... I wanna try! Any Dino(Success): You stab_____, as it's life fade away, an angry italien plumper comes and jumps on your head. Any Dino(Failure): You attempt to stab _____, but it runs to an italien plumper and tell what you tried to do to it.
  5. when is my dragon going to apaeer on the list?
  6. Purplewing flew around in the sky. He started making purple stars out of his wing and threw them all over the place. "Woo! hoo! this is fun!" he yelled loudly.
  7. Grab your dragon and give it to someone else How does your scroll get burned?
  8. Purplewing woke up from his nap. He stretched his wings and decided to have something to eat.
  9. Goo of notes why can't I breed my pygmys with other dragons?
  10. Username: dragonwestie64 Name: Purplewing Gender: male Type/Breed: nebula (purple) Power: Can make purple star that hurt his enemy Personality: He is shy and silly Appearance: He looks like the average purple nebula but marking on his wing are shaped like stars Age/Stage: 40 years old History: He was abandon by his parents when he didn't become a gold dragon. Extra: none
  11. Dragons took your topic How do I get new releaesed dragons
  12. Username: Dragonwestie64 Character's Name: Bluestripe Gender: female Species: Blue Striped Clan: waterclan Rank: hunter Personality: shy, but is real silly Other: Blue, turquoise, and teal
  13. You have surrender your dragons to the data monster first, then you can get rares How do I trade?
  14. By painting an egg gold Why are some dragons rare?
  15. killing dragons Why are chickens on dragon cave?
  16. yes you can, just PM TJ09 with $100 is there a form of money in dragon cave?
  17. obisdian dragons are super rare, so keep trying why do people abandon there eggs?
  18. Gift Report: psykotika> dragonwestie64 (silver) Metallic received: http://dragcave.net/lineage/7aY9c
  19. if cakes around "Can I have some cake?" If fell/jumped off a cliff "we! this is a great place to sky dive!"
  20. I don't if this counts but,"al, pickle sauce" and my brand new one "don't kill the world"