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  1. Here here! I'm telling yah between that one, XFILE and the LOTR themed ones I'm in nerd girl heaven at the moment. Just the Smaug one as a Cumberbatch fan makes me squee!


    Can you imagine how many amazing lineages we could do with swaps? xd.png


    Sorry random comment but I feel it's needed to break up le tension ^^

    I definitely need an xfiles/lotr fanfic pairing or something.



    As for BOOTY, I really hope the owner was also able to get the name POPPING to make the most fabulous offspring in existence!

  2. I will also unlurk I guess jus to share my happiness with everyone biggrin.gif

    I won this bronze Shimmer http://dragcave.net/lineage/ExoSM :3

    His code is a reference to the famous South Korean Pop boy band Exo formed by SM Entertainment which I'm a huge fan of biggrin.gif

    Dont pm me about his offspring plz though, my sister here will be offering trades for his future offspring bcuz I mainly not really active on Dragon cave anymore bcuz of in real life issues smile.gif

    Congratulations =)