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-- Trading 2nd gen Bronze Tinsel x mate of your choice for 2nd gen Gold Shimmer (F) x Gaia Xeno (M) and 2nd gen Silver Tinsel (F) x Black Marrow (M)

-- 2G Bronze Tinsel breeding info in profile, please read before PMing! ---- I consider IOUs from established players on a case by case basis --

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    I won a CB Bronze Tinsel!


    *`*`*`* - PLEASE NOTE - *`*`*`*

    ***I am having terrible luck breeding tinsels and do not feel comfortable having an IOU list at this time. I will possibly make an exception for an amazing offer if you are willing to wait but for now I'm going to be trading tinsels as I breed them. Thanks!***


    I will be keeping a breeding list with 2 slots. I am interested in trading offspring from seren for 2nd gen tinsels and shimmers and 2nd gens from spriter's alts :3

    I am -only- looking for the above stated trades for 2nd gen tinsels right now. Outlandish requests and harassment will be laughed at, ignored and deleted.

    Breeding list for seren:

    1. bluesonic1 - PRIZEFAIL 8/7/2018 - 2G Bronze Tinsel x Anagallis
    2. on hold unless you can offer things in signature, PM me!

    Breeding status: First tinsel ever! 10/18/2015 YAY!

    Completed IOUs:

    - tikigurl91


    CB Gold
    CB Gaia Xeno - male

    Tinsel signature banner by Blueeyes713