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  1. Wow great news and great tease :/ doesn't he know when you announce something like this you actually release it!!
  2. got at least three dodges and killing off two got one successful turning still have one more try
  3. whole heartily agrees geeez -__- its kinda of scary how people are quick to believe and cast judgment
  4. wow! the site is very clean, lovely neat layout and easy to use! Overall i think you've done a fabulous job
  5. i has 3 prefer the new ones though but i still like these
  6. haha exactly my thoughts i fear i have all this anticipation and nothing happens
  7. 26 so far i really hope something/anything happens when the event ends with the eggs if not it was fun searching for them! i really dig these <= awesome! and first one i got that is just a few but i like all overall
  8. never had a fail yet hope this continues didn't know it could fail >.<
  9. Chickens!! haha they are winning on a dino pole Purple are kinda nice... must get one someday when i run out of things to do